The Best Sleepaway Summer Camps in Colorado

Summer is coming and it makes the best time for adventure! Perhaps you’re able to find an affordable family vacation, or tropical escape to Mexico. But for those in Colorado, there is plenty of adventure to be had this summer even if you aren’t heading on vacation with sleepaway summer camps in Colorado.

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I’ve researched some of the best, most fun sleepaway summer camps in Colorado. Find fun, friends, and adventure at these cool summer camps for your kids this year!

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Don’t forget these essentials for summer camp!

A Water bottle– Colorado is at high elevation, so it’s even more important to stay hydrated!

Bug Spray– This less-toxic spray works great for us

Hat- the sun is intense in Colorado. Make sure you bring a hat for protection. And of course Sun Screen.

A journal– to make sure you keep these memories forever

Sweatshirt– Even when it’s hot, it cools down at night in Colorado.

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7 Best Overnight Summer Camps in Colorado

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Camp Granite Lake– Sleepaway Summer Camps in Colorado

  • Located West of Boulder
  • 5 star rating on Google (12 reviews)
  • 3 Week or 5 Day camps offered

Camp Granite Lake is located about 30 minutes from Boulder, CO, where the activities are endless! This seems like a great, fun sleepaway camp for kids in Colorado.

Kids can choose from plenty of land activities like climbing, ecology, circus tricks, geocaching, hiking, and more. Or they can cool of at the lake with stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, and sailing.

While outdoor adventure is always popular, if your child is more into the arts there is plenty of opportunity there as well. Camp Granite Lake offers music, theater, ceramics, and more! There is always something fun to choose from.

Kids will really grow in their social skills and friendships as they build confidence. They’ll get to sleep in cabins with new friends as they challenge themselves to new adventures. It’s the best of everything at this summer camp in Colorado.

*Mini-camps (5 days) are for those who have completed 1st grade and through 4th grade

Check Camp Granite Lake’s website for more info and pricing.

*3-week sessions are for kids who have finishes 2nd grade and through 10th grade.

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Photo by Kyle Smith on Unsplash

Cheley Colorado Camps – Sleepaway Camps in Colorado

  • Located in Estes Park
  • Rated 4.9 stars on Facebook (207 Reviews)
  • Camps vary from 5 nights to 3+ weeks

Cheley Colorado Camps are all about building character, resiliency, and having great experiences. It’s easy to create great experiences when you wake up each day to the background of a national forest and national park.

There are 3 different Cheley camps in Estes Park, covering over 1400 acres of Cheley owned property.

That plenty of space to ride nearly 150 horses, try a challenge or ropes course, play basketball, archery, soccer, or participate in arts and crafts. There’s even a pond to fish in! And that is nowhere near exhaustive of the list of activities you’ll find at Cheley!

Cheley offers shorter sessions to younger campers ages 7-10 (5 nights).

Term options are around 27 days of camp.

If you need an all summer long camp in Colorado, you can sign up for a full-season, which runs mid-June into August.

Check out this beautiful summer camp in Colorado at their website for more info and pricing.

Colvig Silver Camps– Sleepaway Camps in Colorado

  • Located in Durango
  • Rated 4.7 Stars on Google (15 Reviews)
  • Camps are just about 2 weeks

Colvig Silver Camp is a fun summer camp in Durango, Colorado at the foot of the beautiful San Juan mountains. They offer day camps as well, but the sleepaway camps run just short of 2 weeks each.

The camps are co-ed, with the exception of 5th thru 7th graders, as they feel it is important for that age to really focus on improving their own self worth (and we know that age can get distracted, right?)

The mission of Colvig Silver Camp is to really build caring, thoughtful, and responsible people. While the camp is full of fun activities, the focus is on building relational skills.

What I love about this Colorado sleepaway camp as a parent is that the ratio of staff-to-camper is 1:3, making sure your child is well cared for!

Activities include (but are very much not limited to) sports, lake activities, horses, climbing, biking, campfires, star gazing, and more. (Some activities are age-specific, of course.)

Check out Colvig Silver Camp’s website for more info and pricing.

Specific Interest Sleepaway Camps in Colorado

dance camp in Colorado, bottom half of ballerina on one foot, black and white

Image by lika777 from Pixabay

Camp Telaphiba– Sleepaway Dance Camps in Colorado

  • Located in Copper (in the mountains)
  • Rated 5 Stars on Google (28 reviews)
  • Camps vary from 5-12 nights

Are you looking for a summer dance camp in Colorado? It doesn’t get better than Camp Telaphiba.

Camp Telaphiba has plenty of the typical camp activities: hiking, campfires, swimming, etc.

But your child will also get plenty of dance classes in many dance genres. They’ll participate in 4-6 dance classes a day and have classes in each genre, from ballet to musical theater. That’s a well-rounded dance education!

They’ll have opportunities to perform, and families can attend in-person or online to watch the performance.

This camp focuses on fun and connection, to make sure your child has a great experience and creates memories that last a lifetime.

You can choose from camps that last 5 nights or 12 nights.

Check out Camp Telaphiba’s Website for more info on this cool summer sleepaway camp in Colorado!

Colorado Lion’s Camp- Summer Camps for Special Needs in Colorado

  • Located in Woodland Park
  • Rated 4.7 Stars on Google (48 reviews)
  • Camps are 5 nights, Sunday-Friday

Lion’s Camp began with just 5 campers, each visually impaired, back in 1964. They soon expanded, secured land in Pike National Forest, and grew to a camp that hosts over 400 campers each year. The campers have various abilities, but are all welcome and find enjoyment at Lion’s Camp.

Lion’s Camp is open to kids age 8 and up to adults.

This sleepaway camp near Colorado Springs is accredited by the American Camp Association. They really focus on inclusion and make sure that no matter your ability or development, they’ll have great activities for you.

From the Lion’s Camp Website: “Our campers are individuals age 8 to a senior adult who have the following: Down syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorders, Developmental Delays, Intellectual Challenges, Blind or Visual Impairments, Deaf or Hearing Impairments, Physical Disabilities, and Mental Disorders.”

Fun activities at this summer camp near Colorado Springs include cooking, arts & crafts, studying nature, music, dance, hiking, drama, games, and more.

Check out the website for Lion’s Camp for more info on this summer camp in Colorado.

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Photo courtesy of Eagle Lake Camps

Eagle Lake Camps– Sleepaway Christian Summer Camp in Colorado Springs

  • Located off Rampart Range Rd in Colorado Springs.
  • 4.2 Star Rating on Google (49 Reviews)
  • Most Camps are 5 nights: Sunday – Friday. Some excursion camps are longer.

(You can actually choose whether you’d rather attend a day camp or overnight camps at Eagle Lake Camps. Here’s some info on the overnight camps.)

Eagle Lake Camp is a Christian camp, which offers plenty of activities all day long, as well as Bible studies and discussions. Eagle Lake focuses on discipleship, where their highly qualified staff go through intensive training to meet kids where they are at spiritually and give them personalized attention through intentional spiritual conversations.

The official goal at Eagle Lake Camp is to inspire “Christ-centered love and commitment through counselor relationships in the midst of exciting outdoor experiences.”

Kids aged 8-17 can find the right fit at Eagle Lake Camp with kids of their own age in each camp.

REZident Camp Option

The first option “(REZ)ident Camp” accepts kids ages 8-14 and focuses on fun and activities. Rezident camps have new themes each year.

Campers move through large team games like Capture the Flag, Campfire Nights, and a relay Maximus, through small team activities like Archery Tag and Tie Dye, and through free time activities like beach time with our Blob and other large water inflatables, Ziplining across our lake, playing Gaga ball, and more.

Excursions Camp

The second, “Excursions Camp” is open to kids 12-17 and really takes in the outdoors through kayaking, backpacking, and other wilderness fun.

Excursions programs are scaffolded and build on each other, becoming increasingly difficult as campers progress. They also offerrock climbing, mountain biking, and white water rafting. Additionally, they have a Dad/Teen program to foster relationships between dads and their teens.

Crew Camp

The final option, “Crew” is for the older kids 15-17. Their emphasis is on service and building bonds through working together.

Crew is a 5-week intensive discipleship and service program, where campers work shifts thatallow camp to run and participate in Bible studies and spiritual growth programs.

Overview of Eagle Lake Camps

This 5-night program offers kayaking, arts & crafts, campfires, swimming, capture the flag, ziplining, and so many more activities for your child to connect, grow, and have FUN!

To ease your mind, a full-time registered nurse in always on staff, as well as student nurses when needed. Staff go through multiple interviews, screenings, and background checks, and receive an intensive two week training before camp and ongoing trainings during the summer.

Check Eagle Lake Camp’s website for more info and pricing.

IdRaHaJe- Christian Summer Camps in Colorado

  • Located in Bailey
  • Rated 4.4 Stars on Google (73 reviews)
  • Camps are 3 to 6 nights

IdRaHaJe is a Christian sleepaway camp in Colorado. There are many selections to choose from for camp, and they are divided by age group.

The youngest of campers (ages 6-8) will take fun hayrides, go on hikes, swim, make pottery, and more, all while being led by excited and thoroughly trained leaders.

As you get to the older camper selections, you’ll find activities like rock climbing and whitewater rafting.

While prices vary depending on which camp you select, it does seem to be one of the more affordable camps.

See IdRaHaJe’s Website for more info and pricing.

Sleepaway Summer Camps in Colorado

There are a lot of sleepaway summer camps in Colorado to choose from. If you want a traditional, adventerous summer camp for your child, one of the first three are perfect! If you’d like something more specific to meet your child’s needs (like dance, abilities, or Christian camps), there are great choices for that too.

I hope this has helped you in your search to find the best overnight summer camp in Colorado for your child this year.

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