10 Comparisons: Denver Airport Parking Rates (2024)

Trying to decide which lot to park in? Here is a recent rundown of parking rates at the Denver Airport and a little about each parking area so you can decide which lot is best for you.

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Here is the quick guide to Denver Airport Parking Rates in 2024.

The first few sections are for parking at the airport lots or airport-owned lots that are just a short shuttle away.

Keep in mind that many companies have a airport access fee and additional taxes.

Read on to compare DIA parking rates for nearby lots. Whether you need to park nearby or you are able to park a little farther and ride the shuttle, there are plenty of options. Here you can compare both services and Denver airport parking prices of various lots around the airport.

To access the Covered and Economy lots first listed, simply follow the signs once you arrive at the airport. These first few lots are run by DIA, so signage is available.

Covered Parking

East/West Garage

$30/day or $7/hour

EV Charging spots? Yes. 31 total. Level 1, rows E, F, R in East Garage; levels 1 and 2 rows E, F, and G in West Garage

To park the closest possible to the airport, you’ll have to park in this covered parking lot which is right at the Jeppesen (main) terminal.

There are 5 levels in the parking garage. All are within a few minutes walking distance to the doors to the airport.

Note that there are also uncovered areas as well.

Economy Airport Parking

East/West Lots

$18/day or $6/hour

Ev Charging Spots? No

Park close to the airport door without paying quite as much. Economy parking is still walkable to the airport (within 10 minutes).

You can also wait and take a shuttle to the doors which rotates through every 10 minutes around the clock.

Pikes Peak and Longs Peak Lot


EV Charging Spots? No

You’ll find over 17,000 spots, making these economy lots a great option. They are especially great because they are much more affordable and provide a shuttle to the airport.

What some people don’t realize is that these lots come with FREE assistance. So if you forgot where you parked, come back to a flat tire, or your battery died in the cold while you were gone, you can receive free vehicle assistance so you can get back on the road and get home. (303) 342-4645 around the clock.

61st and Peña


EV Charging Spots? Yes. 11 spots along the south and west sides.

61st and Peña is an airport lot, but doesn’t provide a shuttle to transfer. Instead, you’ll have to jump on the A Line rail ($) to the airport.

While it may seem this is a ways away, it offers some protection from weather. Of the 800 spots, over 600 are covered by solar panel canopies.

Vehicle Assistance is also offered at this lot (see the phone # in the above section).

Note: This is a prepaid lot. PARK FIRST to ensure you have a spot, then use the PayByPhone app (paybyphone.com) to prepay your parking.

If you need to extend the amount of time, you can do so in the app.

This makes a great option as the cheapest Denver airport parking rates while still being just a quick shuttle ride away.

bobcat on rear fin of airplane with Denver airport white tents in background

Third Party Economy Lots

Addresses are listed for the remaining lots, as they are not run by DIA. They are just a short shuttle ride away.

Canopy Airport Parking

8100 Tower Rd

Starting at $15/day (open) or $26/day (covered)

EV Charing Station? Yes. Available to Valet and covered parking. If the charging station isn’t available upon arrival, let the valet know and they will get it charged for you before you return.

Choose your tier of parking and then hop on the shuttle to the airport. While it’s around a 10 minute ride, you should plan about 30 minutes extra in case it’s crowded. It’s always great to be earlier than later anyway to leave time to grab snacks and have a stress free experience inside.

Reservations are not required to park here. However, busy season can make it harder to find parking, therefore reservations are recommended during holidays and peak travel times.

Valet Parking also available.

More Canopy Airport Parking Info

Park DIA

25200 E 68th Ave

$12/day (uncovered) and $18/day (covered)

EV Charging Station? Yes. There are 14 EV charging spots in the covered parking area.

Enjoy economical parking options with extra safety in mind. Protect your car from the elements with covered parking.

Though even if you choose uncovered, your car will be fenced in with 24/7 security cameras.

Shuttles run very frequently and the ride is about 10 minutes to the airport. Plan extra time during peak travel times.

Reservations are not required, but recommended during high travel times.

More info on Park DIA

The Parking Spot

19901 E 56th Avenue

Starting around $8.50/day

EV Charging Station? Not Yet

The Parking Spot takes a little more effort to park at, and it’s a little less up front about pricing.

Pricing changes depending on the time you travel. You need to make a reservation first, so head to the website and download the app. There is a reservation fee, and you can get it waived by joining The Spot Club.

Rather than just a solid, constant per-day fee, you have to enter your travel to see the rates. Not a big deal, but a bit less convenient.

Once you scan your reservation upon entry, a shuttle will come to you to pick you up.

Parking at The Spot is uncovered.

close up of hands pouring motor oil into a car under the hood. Some Denver airport parking rates can be added to for additional services

USAirport Parking

18000 E 81st Ave

$12/day (uncovered) or $17/day (covered)

EV Charging Stations? No

USAirport Parking is similar to others in that you can request a jumpstart or tire inflation, but unique in that you can also request an oil change and inspection ($). So if you’ve been having trouble getting that simple maintenance scheduled, have it done while you’re gone.

Shuttles run all day to and from the airport.

Make your free reservation.

FINE Airport Parking

5950 N Jackson Gap Way

Around $12/day (uncovered) $19/day (covered) $22/day (valet) PRICES CAN VARY

EV Charging Stations? Yes, 40 EV Stations

FINE Airport Parking is a way to keep your car happy and even a little pampered.

You can choose the economical uncovered parking for a bargain. But if you choose the covered parking, it’s not just some little cover over the car along the side of the lot. It’s a huge, 16 acre covered parking area, allowing for full coverage from the elements for 1,600 cars.

They offer charging areas and oversized spots for large vehicles.

If you’d like to spoil your car, then book the valet service. This tier of parking allows you to purchase auto detailing packages so your car is pampered while you travel.

Wally Park

24200 East 78th Ave

Starting at $11.60/day

EV Charing Stations? No

Prices vary depending on time of travel, though if you join the Wally Club, you’ll get a discount on your rates.

Wally Park is the closest non-airport owned lot there is. The rates are affordable, but there is only uncovered parking and no charging stations.

Wally Park often has discount codes, giving you an even better rate.

Make a reservation ahead of time for convenience and contactless entry.


Pro Tips for Saving at Airport Parking Lots

To save money, making a reservations will sometimes give you a better rate. Further, joining the rewards clubs will sometimes adjust the rate and/or earn you rewards to earn free parking.

In addition, if you have those blue envelope ValPak Coupons that get mailed to your house and you usually throw them straight in the trash, open them up next time. We’ve often found parking coupons in there to use for our next trip.

Quick Guide to Denver Airport Parking Rates

Here’s a quick view of rates at the airport lots. A “(v)” denotes the price may vary depending on dates.

Where to ParkRate/dayEV ChargingCovered Option?
DIA East/West Garage$30YESYES
DIA East/West Lot$18NONO
DIA Pikes Peak / Longs Peak$8NONO
DIA 61st and Peña$7YESYES
Canopy Airport Parking$15YESYES
The Parking Spot$8.50(v)NONO
USAirport Parking$12NOYES
FINE Airport Parking$12 (v)YESYES
Wally Park$11.60 (v)NONO

Denver Airport Parking Rate Guide

If you’re looking for options of great parking at the Denver airport, this is a great list of all the main lots. It’s helpful to know the rates, locations, as well as the additional assistance and services some of these lots offer.

Next time you travel, you can compare Denver Airport Parking Rates quickly to choose which is best for you!

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