51 Awesome Kids Camping Gifts

Camping is a great way to take a family vacation on a budget. If that’s your plan, then get the kids excited with some fun kids camping gifts!

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These gifts are great at both preparing kids for a camping trip and giving them some fun camping toys at home. Read on for the best camping gifts for kids!

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What to get Kids for a Camping Trip

Heading out on a family camp out? You’ll want to pack all the typical camp stuff: sleeping bags, a tent, warm clothes, food, something to cook on, some garbage bags, food storage containers to keep food away from wildlife…

You get the picture.

But for the kids, you’ll want to bring items that not just create a comfortable experience, but items that create a fun and memorable experience.

I’ve put together a list of FUN and EXCITING camping gifts for kids.

Even if it’s just playtime at home, there are so many fun camping toys for kids that feature characters or just plain fun.

But I also have some great camping toys for kids for during the camping trip (and adults will like a lot of them too!)

So check out all these super FUN (not just practical, though some of them are that, too) kids camping gifts that they will actually love and be excited about!

Camping Toys for Kids – home toys

Great camping gifts for kids for when it’s not quite camping season. Enjoy imaginary play with these camping-themed toys and get lost in the woods in the safety of your home all year long!

Two girls inside sitting on the floor roasting toy marshmallows over a toy fire with a play tent in the back

This kids camping set has everything you need for a make believe camping trip. This was one of our little ones’ favorite Christmas gifts that continues to get played with!

Eating Smores is the best part of camping. This cute pretend set is high quality. The marshmallows are “uncooked” on one side and as you rotate them, they take on that golden, cooked color.

Join Mickey and friends on a camping adventure with this fun kids camping toy! Mickey brings along Minnie and Pluto with his camper and smores set.

This Melissa and Doug Camping backpack includes a back pack, sunscreen, canteen, and more fun pretend items that kids can use on their imaginary camping trip.

Toy Binoculars are a blast for exploring at home. We always toy binoculars for going of pretend safaris around the house or looking at bugs and animals we had hidden along the walls.

Fisher Price’s Little People camper is a fun kids camping gift! You’ll get the camper, campfire, a man and his dog, table and a kayak that both figures can fit in. This is the perfect gift for young campers.

This Melissa and Doug Camp stove is the cutest. Your little ones can practice their camp cooking without risk of getting burned. Use the felt foods or hard eggs and included utensils to cook up a camp meal.

Take Barbie Camping with her own tent, friend, telescope, and more in this 20-piece Barbie Camping set. After cooking up some smores on the fire, up to 4 Barbie Dolls can head in for the night in the tent.

This small Barbie Camper comes with the Chelsea doll and everything you need for Chelsea to have a fun camping adventure.

It comes with a puppy, guitar, smores, the Chelsea doll, and of course the camper.

My kids love Roblox. So why not get them off the screen and playing Roblox in real life, camping-style! This Roblox Camping Crew playset has six figures with a tent and campfire, plus accessories for the characters to use.

The Manhattan Toy Store has created this adorable set of camping gear for baby dolls! You child can give their favorite doll a magical camping trip with their own sleeping bag, kayak, smores set, and more. The sizing is flexible so smaller dolls or larger 15″ dolls can play. Manhattan Toy store is a long-standing and trusted store devoted to safety.

Gone Fishing! If you fish on your camping trips, then get the little one ready with this cute Magnetic Fishing Game. This makes a great camping gift for toddlers as it is colorful, and if you flip the fish over, they can practice numbers and counting.

Turn your child’s room into a camping wilderness with this adorable camping wall-hanging. We love using wall hangings to transform our spaces to different themes (like on our Italy-themed day). This cute one has a river, canoe, and tent in the woods to really create imaginary play.

Grab this magical camping toy for kids for a fun night. This toy lantern will light up the room, but it will also light up the night sky on the ceiling! This great STEM toy will let your child experience imaginary play, or allow them to fall asleep gazing at the stars.

Kids Camping Gifts for AT The Campsite

While there is so much to explore while camping, these fun camping toys for kids will help enhance the experience! For those campfire nights or mornings lounging around with breakfast, these activities and toys will give endless entertainment all day long.

(Make sure to check out the zipline…something kids and kids at heart can both really appreciate!)

Kids can take a little scavenger in the nature around them with this fun Scavenger Hunt Card Game. Deal the cards out and kids race to find something that matches the description on their card (for example, something soft or spotted or red). This is the perfect camping gifts for kids to get them out running around in the great outdoors.

This kids camping gift is easy to transport and fun to play! A Scavenger Hunt Dice gave will keep the kids moving and exploring while hanging out at the campsite. Roll it, and then go find what’s pictured on this 12-sided dice. And at 4″ tall, it’s a lot harder to lose than a standard dice.

A blast-from-the-past, this Cat’s Cradle kit comes with instructions on how to play different games and make different designs with just a loop of string! Create the Witch’s Broom or Cup and Saucer if you’re playing solo. Or grab a camp friend and play the Cat’s Cradle game which can go on a while. My daughter loves these games and still plays!

The original Pop n Catch game is a fun camping toy to take on a camping trip! Kids will love the fun while they build coordination and run around in the dirt.

Find a friend and play catch with the hand-held baskets and small ball. Pull the trigger and the ball will go flying out of the basket and over to your partner.

This Toss n Catch game is a classic! Kids will love using the velcro paddles to play catch with a tennis ball. And 6 come in this set, so the whole family can play while they are out camping!

This kids camping Exploration Kit comes with everything to get the kids curiosity spiking on a camping trip. Get out the binoculars and magnifying glass to take an up-close look at your findings. Use the whistle and compass for safety and finding your way back. There’s even a hand-crank operated torch with LED lights for further fun. It all comes in a handy back so you have everything you need while exploring!

Multiple colors offered.

Do some great investigative work with this Bug Catching Kit. Bug containers, a butterfly net, binoculars for birdwatching, and lots more are provided in this fun camping toy for kids. It’s the perfect camping gift for kids who like to get dirty and up close with nature.

This Zipline might be the coolest kids camping gift on the list! Work on those adventure skills by setting this slackline up between two trees. Then jump on and Tarzan your way across the forest! The line includes the slackline, sturdy pulley, tree protectors for best protection, and a monkey bar to hold on to to zipline from one end to the other. This will definitely be the most popular toy you take camping.

When you have some downtime at the campsite, the kids can play with the fun Everything Kids Games and Puzzles book. They’ll be challenged with riddles, puzzles, hidden pictures, and more. The perfect way to pass the time in the morning when they wake up!


Camping Gear for Kids

These kids camping gifts are both fun (and some very practical!) From communication and safety to cute style on the trip, there is something for every kid.

Walkie Talkies are always so much fun for kids to play with. Grab a friend and communicate up to 3 miles apart with these ones. Plus, as fun as walkie talkies are, they are a great way to keep your child safe if they wander around.

Just make sure the batteries are fresh, just in case the kids played with them at home a little too much before your trip.

Whether you are doing some night exploring or taking a bathroom break at night time, it’s essential to have a headlamp so you can stay hands free while you, uh, take care of business. These headlamps are perfect for kids and they come in lots of different colors. Your camping gifts for kids can be practical and fun!

Another great fun and practical camping gift for kids is this kid-sized hammock. It can be easily set up between two trees quickly, giving your child a nice place to relax (or, more accurately, swing back and forth). This hammock is made of strong nylon and triple stitching, making it sturdy and rip-resistant. Simply put up the straps on the trees and attach the hammock with the caribiner clips.

Melissa and Doug offers a lot of different styles of cute kid’s camping chairs. From the cute bug (pictured) to Paw Patrol or an octopus, there will be a style your child will be excited about.

My kids love having their own chair when they are little. It’s just the right size!

Real Binoculars, but made for kids. These binoculars can magnify up to 8x, more than a typical “toy” binocular. They have been designed with kids in mind as they are shaped and sized with smaller dimensions. Plus, there is soft rubber around the eyepieces so no one ends up with a black eye while they are trying to explore.

As a long-time trusted brand in camping, Coleman offers a great Kids Sleeping Bag for camping. Made for warmer summer nights, this bag will keep kids warm down to 50 degrees (F). Bonus: it glows in the dark.

Heading to cooler temperatures? This bag will keep them warm down to 41 degrees (F).

Camping is usually one of the best ways to see the night sky since you are typically away from the city lights.

This beginner telescope is perfect for stargazing and affordably priced to make it a great kids camping gift.

Plus, you can attach your phone with the phone adapter and have an easier view from behind the telescope (or let multiple people view at once!) You’ll even get a wireless remote control for your phone.

Even the baby can dress in style with these cute camp-themed onesies. These soft onesies are made of organic cotton and are unisex for any baby to wear!

Every kid’s favorite part of camping is making smores. Do it safely with these fun Roasting Sticks!

These telescopic stainless steel rods have PVC grips and can be stored at 10″, but extend to 34″ to keep your child safely from the fire.

Bonus: You can also roast hot dogs on these.

Giftable Camping Books for Kids

So many of my kid’s favorite characters have kid camping-themed books. It’s a great way to get kids excited for a camping trip or to remind them of fun they’ve had in the past.

Here are a few books with great characters or with great facts about camping. Plus, a few great notebooks to make sure those camp memories last.

Camping Books for Young Kids

Llama Llama Loves Camping has your favorite llama character who is going camping for the first time. He is hesitant and nervous at first, but it turns out camping is fun and something he loves!

Bluey: Camping has one of my favorite Disney Jr characters who going on a family camping trip and makes a new friend. Even though they don’t speak the same language, they find plenty of activities to do together and still have fun.

Pete the Cat Goes Camping is an easy reader book for younger kids. Pete can’t wait to go camping and do all the typical camping activities. But the idea of Big Foot makes him a little nervous when he hears about the mythical creature.

Curious George Goes Camping is a story of your favorite monkey who is, of course, trying to be helpful, but ends up making a bit of chaos.

I Spy Camping Book is perfect for younger kids. Seek out fun camping images and then color them in.

Fred and Ted Go Camping is a classic Cat in the Hat book by Peter Eastman (P.D. Eastman’s son). Younger readers will learn about opposites as these friends prepare for the camping trip.

This Camping Activity Book has hands on learning experiences for kids. Create a treasure hunt, learn to identify plants, and make a sundial.

Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping is great for beginner readers to follow Amelia Bedelia as she attempts camping and all that goes with it!

Camping Books for Older Kids

Would You Rather: Campfire Edition makes a perfect kids camping gift. Try not to laugh as you ask these camp-themed questions putting you in different scenarios.

Spy Camp is part of the Spy School series by Stuart Gibb. My son loves these stories about a middle schooler who is actually a spy but can’t tell anyone. In Spy Camp, he gets sent to the wilderness to take down SPYDER, the enemy spy organization.

The National Park Mystery Series are fun for older kids as well. Jake and his crew are constantly solving clues and mysteries as they travel the National Parks.

The Wilderness Survival Guide For Kids is a fun non-fiction guide to learning how to start a fire, find water, build shelter, or other necessary wilderness activities that you may need (and many which you hopefully won’t need, but are still fun to learn about).

Camp Themed Journals and Notebooks

This Buffalo Plaid Camp Journal is a great way to record your camp memories. This is perfect for the planner and navigator child who wants to keep track of what you’ve done and what to do next time.

The Family Camping Journal is great for reminiscing around the campfire and starting those family conversations. The kids can participate and fill in the journal with drawings and descriptions.

Camp Themed Crafts for kids

Crafts are fun, so why not incorporate them into your camping gifts for the kids?

From simple coloring to building a bird house, there are lots of camping crafts inspired by nature and fun!

Have a budding artist? They’ll love this camping coloring book, filled with 30 pages of hand-drawn camping scenes and critters.

This box of camping crafts can be done all year long indoors. Make 12 different projects with all the included materials to remind you of the great outdoors. Journey Sticks, bracelets, pinch pots, and more! This camp craft kit will keep the kids busy and happy.

Your craftsy child will love these cute camp critters. The kit includes the precut templates, a plastic sewing needle, stuffing, scissors, and all the accessories that you can just stick on to give it a final touch.

My daughter always loved sewing these types of little animals, and often gifted them to siblings.

Little ones will love these simple Woodland Paper Plate crafts. Make various animals with all the supplied materials you need.

Every kid loves building a Birdhouse. This kit has high-quality supplies so you can build and decorate a retreat for the birds near your home. There’s even a chain to hang it in you tree.

Great Kids Camping Gifts

There are SO many fun camping toys for kids to use at home and camping gifts for kids to use while out on an adventure! From fun playtime toys to great camping toys for kids while on a camping trip, these are seriously fun camping toy ideas.

And hopefully you’ve found some great, fun books with familiar characters as well to inspire and excite your child about the idea of camping.

Hopefully you’ve found plenty of perfect ideas for that perfect present for the young camper in your life. Happy trails!


Kids Camping Gifts pinterest image, blue circle center with text, sky at dusk and campfire on bottom right

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