About Us

Hi, I’m Megan. Welcome to Let’s Jet, Kids! a family travel blog.

My husband, 4 kids, and I love to travel.

Let’s Jet, Kids will bring you experiences, activities, and tips for Family Travel.

While we don’t travel for free, we always travel as affordably as we can.

So any places you see that we’ve been or stayed are within a mid-range to affordable budget range!

(Because we’d rather go more places and explore more than stay somewhere fancy).


As a mom of 4, I know how daunting planning and going on a trip can be. And Expensive.

But it doesn’t have to be!

Use our planning guides to prep your trip before you go, that way you can find activities everyone will love!

As part of many public travel groups, sometimes I’m in awe of how high people’s budgets are (and more power to them!)

But when I see what their budget is for a 5 day trip to Mexico for their family of 4, I often think “that’s what we spent for 3 weeks in Costa Rica for our family of 6!”

You need to know that traveling on a budget can happen.

You don’t have to spend it all on one trip.

(And if you do, that’s fine and is going to be amazing! But those aren’t the kind of tips you’ll get here.)

If you want more trips and to explore more places, you can change the way you travel to explore more and spend less.

It’s all about how you plan your family travel.

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