About Us

Hi, I’m the Travel Girl, and my family and I have a travel bug. We love exploring places both close to home and far away. We enjoy everything from hiking, biking, playing at the beach, and exploring historical places.

Let’s Jet, Kids! uses affiliate links.  As an Amazon (and other networks) Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  It is no extra cost to you.  

This site is meant to inspire other families with kids to travel or just spend quality time together at home! Yes, traveling with kids takes a little more preparation and work, but it creates the best memories. And there are always great family activities and ways to connect and at home!

We seek out new places, pack our bags, and go find adventure where ever it’s calling. From traveling to family destinations, to having fun family time at home, we hope you can gain some inspiration for great memory-making and travel!

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