Full Review of The Steamboat Grand Hotel

If you are planning a trip to Steamboat Springs and don’t know where to stay, be sure to check out the Steamboat Grand Hotel for your lodging. We have stayed here quite a few times, and it’s become a sort of home-away-from-home, so I’ve decided to write a Steamboat Grand review so you have everything you need to know about staying here.

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So is the Steamboat Grand a good hotel for families? My answer: Yes! Here is everything you need to know about the Steamboat Grand Hotel when traveling with your family in Steamboat Springs.

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Arriving at The Steamboat Grand Hotel

The beautiful entrance at the Steamboat Grand is enough to relax you after a long day of traveling. Pull your car up to the check-in drive. Then take a few steps into the hotel, where a gorgeous lobby and a beautiful fountain welcome you. Up the small staircase and to the right is the check-in counter.

When you come back to the car, bellmen will be ready with carts to assist you in bringing your luggage to your room. (Free service, tips appreciated).

Steamboat Grand lobby

Is The Steamboat Grand in a Good Location?

Yes, is the short answer. Here’s why:

When deciding where to stay in Steamboat Springs, location is a big factor.

The Steamboat Grand is located on Mt. Werner Circle, and is right across the street from Steamboat Ski Resort. Accessing Steamboat Ski Resort is really easy, and you don’t have to fight to find parking when it’s walkable. In the winter, this saves a lot of stress when dealing with skis.

Ski Concierge Service

In fact, Steamboat Grand will store your skis and bring them to the slopes for you. And that’s a big deal, because who honestly likes carrying skis over their shoulders walking around? Not me.

The complimentary (yep! Free! Tipping is always a good idea though) service will have your skis waiting for you at Gondola Square the next morning. Just hand them off to the bellman when you check in and let them know your plans.

Is Steamboat Grand a Good Location in Summer?

Again, yes.

When Steamboat Resort (right across the street) isn’t covered in snow, it’s full of opportunity for mountain biking, hiking, gondola rides, and more adventure. There’s a big activity area ($) with tons of mountain thrills like mini golf or a mountain coaster.

You can also take the little kids to Burgess Creek at the bottom of the mountain, a nicely landscaped creek that runs down the bottom of the mountain. There’s a small, cute beach area. You can just walk up and down the creek and cool off and splash.

kids playing in the creek near Steamboat Grand
Burgess Creek is an easy walk across the street from The Steamboat Grand

Shopping and Dining Near the Steamboat Grand

Dining At The Hotel

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from near the Steamboat Grand. Inside a few steps from the lobby is The Cabin, a sit-down dining experience serving a large breakfast selection, lunch, and dinner.

For a lighter fare, you can stop at The Grand Market for salads, snacks, and coffee or other grab-and go items and groceries.

One of our favorites is the poolside bistro. Just order from one of the servers walking around (or go up to the bistro to order) and enjoy a nice, tasty lunch while soaking up the sun.

Dining Near the Hotel

Outside, but just at the base of the hotel, are a few options for dining. Enjoy some Thai Food or hit the bar.

A short drive away, in the ski resort village are a large selection of restaurants as well. Of course, you can always drive into downtown Steamboat Springs and have your choice at different cuisines. Within just a few miles, you’ll have over 100 restaurants.

Shopping near The Steamboat Grand

The Steamboat Grand has it’s own gift shop on the main floor. It’s not your typical gas-station souvenir shop though. This cute shop has boutique-like items, practical items, and Steamboat wear. If you are in town strictly to ski, you can find a fun souvenir without going far.

However, if you’d like a bigger shopping experience, just a few miles away sits the heart of Steamboat Springs. This perfect downtown area hosts plenty of shops for whatever you’re seeking. Visit small bookstores, candy shops, western stores, shoes, sunglasses, clothing, home products, and so much more.

Does Steamboat Grand Hotel Have a Good Pool?

The pool at The Steamboat Grand is large. It’s outdoor, but heated and open year-round. The pool is filled with a salt-water mix, making it much gentler on skin than fully-chlorinated pools. Saltwater is also much easier on the eyes.

The pool at The Steamboat Grand is the main highlight of the trip for my kids. The vast size allows for many people to enjoy the pool without feeling over-crowded. One end is shallow enough for kids (not toddlers though. I believe it was about 3-1/2 feet deep). The rest of the pool area is 4-5 feet deep. 85,000 gallons leaves plenty to play in!

large pool at Steamboat Grand
pool at Steamboat Grand

The Hot Tubs

Right next to the pool (a quick jump over the side is acceptable if you need to warm up quickly!) are two hot tubs; one on each side. One hot tub is for adults only and the other welcomes all ages.

Good to Know: Pool and Hot Tubs

Twice per year, the pools and hot tubs are closed for maintenance and any needed repairs. This has always happened during off-season, either right after the slopes close or right before they re-open. While this might be a little inconvenient if you happen to be checked-in at that time, it’s all for a good reason. This is a very clean and incredibly well-maintained pool area. Everything always looks perfect and inviting. You can easily check to see which days the pool has scheduled closures for the year (typically in April and October).


Fitness Center at The Steamboat Grand

The Steamboat Grand has a pretty nice fitness area. Upon arriving, you can grab a workout towel to stay more comfortable. A few TVs in the area will help those miles go faster. The treadmills, bikes, and elliptical machines all face the window overlooking the pool area. Behind those are plenty of weight machines to train on. There is also a room beside the machine area where you can use free-weights or yoga mats for your own structured routine.

Through a small hall from the fitness center is a locker area with well-maintained bathrooms. You’ll also find both a steam room and a dry sauna. It’s a pretty full, self-service area! *Fitness center is also subject to closures for maintenance.

The Rooms at the Steamboat Grand- Family Friendly!

There are numerous options to choose from as far as rooms. Depending on your needs (and perhaps budget), you can choose a simple, hotel-style room. If you are a smaller family and plan on being out most of the time and eating out for your meals, this is a great option.

A Studio room is more for a couple’s getaway. It has a bed, small kitchen area, table, and bathroom.

Condo-Style Accommodations: Best for Families!

A condo-style accommodation is what we have used most. We always stay with extended family, and the condo choice allows everyone space. The condo has different options.

You can choose just the parlor room. This will give you a full kitchen, bathroom, and living area with a pull out bed (and window-seat beds for the kids).

kitchen at Steamboat Grand

You can also choose the parlor with attached rooms. You can choose anywhere from 1-4 bedrooms. The bigger units will have stairs to a second level with the additional bedrooms. We’ve stayed in quite a few of these units. Each unit is laid out a little different in regards to what the upstairs bedrooms look like or are arranged. One things has been consistent though: the upstairs bedrooms are always pretty large! I mention that because if you are bringing a pack-and-play or something similar, there will be plenty of space.

**Tip for traveling with babies**

The Steamboat Grand has small cribs that you can borrow! No need to lug a pack-and-play on your trip. Their cribs are actual cribs with mattresses. Just make sure to bring baby’s favorite blanket 🙂

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Bonus for Kids- Outdoor Track at The Steamboat Grand

After a long day of traveling, we always know we can count on letting the kids run around once we check-in to The Steamboat Grand. Behind the hotel, just to the side of the pool area is a nice little blacktop track. It’s big enough that the kids can do some great running! It’s small enough so that the kids are never too far away from me, no matter how far and fast they run away.

The outdoor track area is perfect for when the kids need to get some energy out, but you don’t want to venture too far. We use this outdoor track area a lot, and I really think every hotel needs one of these!

outdoor track at Steamboat Grand

The outdoor track is beautiful any time of year, but fall in Steamboat is especially cozy.

Other Amenities at The Steamboat Grand

While these aren’t necessarily for kids, here are a few more bonuses that come with the Steamboat Grand.

The Grand Spa

The Steamboat Grand has a large spa on the main floor of the hotel. It’s rather large, and very nice. You can choose from a variety of massages, wraps, scrubs, facials, waxing, and everything else you can imagine a spa to offer.

Conference Rooms

I’ve never used the conference rooms, as we always check-in to The Steamboat Grand as a leisure, family trip. But there are rooms that can accommodate conferences and even weddings for a beautiful destination wedding at The Steamboat Grand.

Getting Around From The Steamboat Grand

Driving your own car (or renting a car) is the easiest way to get around Steamboat. However, The Steamboat Grand has its own shuttle that runs service in the evenings. It is free to use, and stops at three different locations in downtown Steamboat Springs. Make sure to bring the shuttle phone number, as you will need it to be picked up.

The shuttle also has a special route to City Market, the local grocery store. This runs in the afternoons and is also free to use. Again, bring the shuttle phone number with you to make sure they are aware you need a lift! Going to the grocery store can be really handy, especially if you choose a room/unit that has a kitchen.

Shuttle pick-up phone #- (970) 871-5499

Is the Steamboat Grand Hotel Good for Families?

We love the Steamboat Grand, especially for family trips. The accommodations are very convenient and spacious. There are plenty of kid-friendly things to do near the Steamboat Grand, plenty of dining, shopping, playing. Plus, it has an incredible pool area, which is always a big deal with kids!

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Click for More info and Prices on The Steamboat Grand.

What do you think? Does the Steamboat Grand look like a great place for your family, too? Hopefully you’re not wondering anymore where to stay in Steamboat Springs.

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    1. Isn’t it such a great town?? Summer is really fun if you can ever make it out!

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  8. Thanks for the review, it looks like a great place for families to stay! We are a family of five and the condo options look wonderful. It can cost a small fortune to get two rooms on trips, but without enough beds people often don’t get a good sleep. This looks like the best of home rentals and hotel stays combined. The amenities look great too!

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