Murtisol Paddle Board Review

Looking for the best affordable, inflatable paddle board? We wanted one for a long time, and after a lot of research, we bought one. I’m happy to give this Murtisol Paddle Board review to help guide your SUP purchase without breaking the bank!

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Basically, this is one of the best budget paddle boards. It comes with all the SUP accessories you need, it’s one of the easiest paddle boards to inflate, and it’s one of the more comfortable back packs, which is so important for transporting this huge, affordable inflatable stand up paddle board.

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Note that the links in here lead to the exact paddle board we have. If you change colors/styles, the following info may not apply (ie accessories included, colors, etc.)

In a nutshell

What’s the best budget paddle board?

Definitely, this Murtisol inflatable paddle board.

Murtisol Paddle Board Cost

If you’re looking for cheap inflatable paddle boards, this is a great option. The Murtisol Paddle board is only a couple hundred dollars. While the popular Isle paddle boards sell for around $500, the Murtisol Inflatable Paddle Board is currently around $200 (plus some hefty shipping, but still keeps it at half the price of Isle boards.) *It’s currently even cheaper, at $120 with only $30 shipping (2023).

It’s hard to find a paddle board of great quality and with all the extra accessories for such a great price. This is definitely one of the most affordable inflatable paddle boards.

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About the Murtisol Paddle Board

Here are some quick specs on the Murtisol paddle board:

  • Made from PVC
  • 10.5 feet long
  • 33″ wide
  • 6″ thick
  • Holds up to 350 pounds
  • about 35 pounds to carry

Why the Murtisol Paddle Board is so Great

Here’s the best part of the Murtisol Paddle board review: what makes it great.

For one, it looks great. The colors are pleasing, relaxing, and very water/beach toned.

The top has a non-slip surface. We have an easy time going from standing to kneeling, back to standing (well, once we got our balance under control!)

It has cords to hold your bag or sandals so they don’t go overboard.

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Easiest Paddle Board to Inflate

But the best part about the Murtisol Paddle Board is that it is one of the easier inflatable paddle boards to inflate.

How do I know this?

Every time we have taken our paddle board out to the water, we have been in good company of others who are out of the water with their paddle boards.

We’ve noticed (multiple times) how we will begin to inflate our paddle board after someone else starts.

And we will finish before them.

It takes us around 10 minutes to inflate the Murtisol Paddle Board.

The technology on the pump has different settings. It’ll pump full air at first when there is no counter pressure inside. As the paddle board starts to get fuller, you can switch the gauge to do tiny bursts of air.

Think about a bike with gears. You can start in one gear, and as things get harder going up a hill, you switch gears to make pedaling easier.

Same idea.

Our kids even love taking turns pumping up the paddle board.

Now, some paddle boards come with electric pumps that can pump up the board. This obviously would be a little easier. I wouldn’t say it was a ton quicker. But it was a ton louder.

Check out the Paddle Board

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Murtisol Paddle Board is Easy to Deflate, too!

Do you ever go camping with those inflatable camping pads? They self inflate, but then you spend forever sitting and rolling down the pad to try and get the air out when you’re done?

With the Murtisol Paddle board, the pump actually has a reverse feature.

So when you are done, you can use the deflation setting to pump out the air. It works really well, too.

Our Pick
looking down a paddle board with the oar across the front, floating on a lake

Murtisol Paddle Board

  • Wide Base for better balance, smoother ride
  • Comes with dry bag, phone case, extra accessories
  • AFFORDABLE! (But still great quality!)
  • Quick manual inflation
Our Pick
little girl standing at edge of lake, murtisol paddle board at the side, she is wearing a blue life jacket

O’Neill Life Jacket

  • Comes in Various Adult Sizes (Or see Youth Options)
  • Comfy
  • Coast Guard approved (USCG)

What Accessories Come with the Murtisol Paddle Board?

This is one of the best SUP boards, and it comes with everything you need to get on the water.

So many accessories come with the Murtisol Paddle board, making it an even greater value.

With the Murtisol Inflatable Paddle Board, you’ll get:

  • The Paddle Board
  • Fins for the board
  • Ankle Leash
  • A Waterproof bag (for your belongings)
  • Dual Chamber Pump
  • Phone Pouch
  • Paddle (adjustable, and breaks down for easy storage)
  • Patche Kit
  • High Quality Backpack
  • 2 Year Warranty

The Back Pack that Stores Everything

One reason we especially like this affordable paddle board is because of the backpack.

Big deal?

Yes, it is.

Paddle Boards are so heavy. Whether you park near or far from the water, you’ll have to carry the paddle board and all the accessories, so the quality of the backpack makes a big difference.

Other backpacks have thinner straps that seem like they would really cut into your shoulders with all that weight in them.

The Murtisol paddle board backpack comes with thicker, cushier straps. They really protect your shoulder from getting cut into.

Plus, the backpack can easily store everything (including the paddle). You kinda learn how to puzzle it all in, but once you do it’s not too bad to get in.

two kids sitting on a Murtisol paddle board on a lake

Can Kids use the Murtisol Paddle Board?

Yes, kids can use the Murtisol Paddle Board! Our kids have used it many times and have a blast out on the water.

You need to have some balance to stand (as with any board), but kids can even just kneel or even sit on the board.

Of course, always wear a life jacket. These are the life jackets our kids wear.

(And here are the life jackets us adults wear).

Where Can You Paddle Board?

You can bring your stand up paddle board to any water area that allows it!

We have taken ours to a bunch of lakes, including the most gorgeous lake in Steamboat Springs, CO.

We’ve taken it to the most scenic, relaxing lake in Crested Butte.

Among other fun places.

If where you are going allows paddle boards (most do, but some places like Rocky Mountain National Park have leeches in certain lakes, so you might not want to), then you should take it!

Murtisol Pros

  • One of Easiest to Inflate
  • Comes with lots of Accessories
  • Reverse / deflate feature on pump
  • Wide

Product Cons

  • Heavy, (though all SUP are)
  • Big to pack in trunk/car (again, all SUP are)

Is the Murtisol SUP heavy?

Overall, yes. It’s kind of a beast to carry. I have taken it out by myself (well, with the kids) and I can carry it with a little discomfort. My husband has less discomfort.

But the short walk from the parking lot to the sand usually isn’t anything that sets me back.

But in all honesty, it’s large and heavy.

If you’re worried about the weight (it’s listed at 35 pounds), then consider getting a collapsible wagon to pull it in. This will relieve you from having to carry it around and make it much easier to get to the water.

Make sure to get a wagon with wheels that can roll over the sand so you don’t give yourself more work once you’re on the beach.

Check out This Wagon for easy transport

Murtisol Paddle Board Review

If you’re in the market for cheap inflatable paddle boards, Murtisol is the best choice out there. Not only is it one of the more affordable paddle boards, but it’s actually a great, high-quality paddle board.

If you’re wondering are cheap paddle boards any good? Some of them may not be. But this one is! We’ve used it many times and really enjoy the design, durability, and memories it has given us.

Hopefully this Murtisol Paddle Board Review has been helpful!

Purchase the Murtisol Paddle Board

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