Complete Review of Tribesman Resort at Table Rock Lake

If you need an affordable, great place to stay in Branson, check out The Tribesman Resort. It’s definitely more than meets the eye, all for an affordable price.

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We recently did a family vacation to Branson, Missouri. It was a bit of a last minute trip, as we had big plans to go elsewhere that got canceled a week before. We decided to stay domestic and, last minute, decided to visit Branson. T

rying to find a hotel a week before, in a popular destination, for a holiday weekend was a bit slim-pickens. We saw Tribesman Resort at Table Rock Lake and loved the idea of multiple bedrooms and the location and decided to give it a try.

We worried a little bit, and it was a little rougher-looking than many hotels. We were surprised by what we found when we got there. Is Tribesman Resort good for families? Here is a full, complete review of the Tribesman Resort in Branson, Missouri at Table Rock Lake.

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Where is Tribesman Resort Located?

We were hoping to stay in town in Branson when we took our trip, but it ended up being one of those trips where you’re really happy things didn’t end up like you hoped.

Tribesman Resort it located in the Indian Point area of Table Rock Lake in Branson. The whole area is filled with large campgrounds, lodges, and small hotels. It’s actually a really cool area.

Tribesman Resort has a few units around a small area, all a short walk from each other. Overall, the resort is located right on Table Rock Lake.

As far as getting to the main hub of Branson, it’s just a few miles down the highway and really an easy drive into town.

What is Near the Tribesman Resort?

Food and Restaurants near the Tribesman Resort

Located in Indian Point with lots of other campgrounds, there are actually a few convenient places near the Tribesman. There is a small grocery market within walking distance of the resort. There is also a Deer Run Groceries market north that you can stop at on the way down to the resort.

Along the road into Indian Point you’ll also find a couple restaurants (including a Billy Gale’s restaurant, who serves breakfast thru lunch and is famous for “Billion Dollar Bacon”), a taco truck towards the Still Waters Resort, a pizza joint, Nectar Juice Bar, and a couple others.

Popular Attractions Near the Tribesman Resort

There really are fun attractions all over the area, whether you head to town or all around Table Rock Lake. Here are a few distances for some major attractions near Tribesman Resort.

The popular area of Branson is only a few miles away, with endless attractions on its streets. The Theatre District is only 8.5 miles away, and Branson Landing (filled with shops, restaurants, and the boardwalk along Lake Taneycomo) is about 12 miles.

Nearby is the famous Silver Dollar City, an amusement park for all ages. In fact, on the way to the Tribesman Resort you will pass a few overflow parking lots for Silver Dollar City that a shuttle can pick you up from. The amusement park is roughly 2.5 miles away, making Indian Point a very convenient location if you’re planning a trip to Silver Dollar City.

The Tribesman Resort sits right on Marci Cove of Table Rock Lake. You can enjoy an afternoon here, or keep driving to the end of Indian Point for a public dock.

Talking Rocks Cavern is another fun attraction, and is only about 8 miles from the Tribesman Resort.

The Showboat Branson Belle is a fun evening out with the family, and is located on Table Rock Lake about 11 miles away.

Check out the huge list of family-friendly things to do in Branson, Missouri!

The Runaway Mountain Coaster is about 10 miles away (and the best mountain coaster in the area, in our opinion.)

Table Rock State Park is a beautiful area with trails, water activities, and beach areas. It’s about 10.5 miles away from the Tribesman.

While not as nearby as the other attractions, we highly recommend Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, which is about 26 miles away in Lampe, MO.

Dogwood Canyon waterfall

What Are The Property Amenities at Tribesman Resort?

Surprisingly, there were actually quite a few amenities at the resort. What felt like a step up from a campground was full of fun things to do and conveniences to make the trip a little easier.

First, the property had 5 pools. Four were outdoor pools and one was an indoor pool. All 5 were well maintained and clean. In fact, I talked to the new property manager who informed me that the outdoor pools were going through maintenance of being emptied and re-painted to keep them up to date and fresh. (He also let me know there would be a lot of improvements and upgrades to the landscaping soon. So, a well kept property!)

Pool at Tribesman Resort
This zero-entry pool was in the middle of being cleaned when we walked by
Pool at Tribesman Resort at Table Rock Lake

There are also 3 or 4 hot tubs around the resort (next to 3 of the pools) that you can enjoy when you need a relaxing moment or two.

If you’re clothes aren’t staying as fresh as you hoped, there are three different laundry facilities to use on the property.

The Tribesman includes 2 miles of nature trails that are great for kids to explore on. There is plenty of wildlife in the area you may come across.

There are 2 docks at the Tribesman Resort. At Dock 2, there is a nice deck area with chairs where you can relax and enjoy the view. You can also get in and swim at Dock 2, but make sure to get a floating device if you are not a strong swimmer, as it is a bit deep.

Dock at Tribesman Resort in Branson
Yellow Kayak at Tribesman Resort at Table Rock Lake

You can use kayaks and paddle boats at the docks. Rent them for just a couple dollars an hour.

If you are bringing a boat on your trip, you can rent a boat slip for $20/day.

If you are not bringing a boat, you can rent one hourly with rates starting at $15/hour.

Kids will love fishing off the main dock and can purchase/rent supplies including bait, tackle, and fishing poles.

Near the office are a few rooms for entertainment. First is a game room the kids will love. There is also a meeting room if you need space for a group.

These are conveniently located right next to a large outdoor open space, filled with a bonfire area, pavilion, yard games (tetherball, anyone?), and BBQ area.

Take a Video Tour of the Tribesman Resort Property

Tribesman Resort Tour - Table Rock Lake, Branson, MO


What Are The Rooms Like At The Tribesman Resort?

There are a few different areas of Tribesman Resort, each featuring units that are different. Each unit is like a small apartment, having many conveniences inside. The units come with kitchens, some big and some small depending on the unit chosen. You can choose a unit from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms, making it oh-so-convenient when traveling with a family.

The Tribesman Resort is not a 5-star resort. You’ll find that the rates are very affordable and actually seems to be full of value when you take advantage of all the great amenities. While it wasn’t 5-star, is was more comfortable and convenient than camping. Keep in mind that you are staying and sleeping in a huge, beautiful, outdoor area filled with campgrounds. Things in the Indian Point area stay blended in with the atmosphere, nothing flashy.

I don’t mean all that as a negative thing. I only mention it so you know what to expect. As I mentioned, we booked the Tribesman because there wasn’t a lot of selection a week before when we planned. But our first impression when we walked in was “wow, this is kinda cool.”

Honestly, we found it more comfortable than a hotel simply because we had so much more space than a hotel room.

It was so convenient having a full kitchen to use (note: some units are mini-kitchens). And a pull-out sofa. And a table to eat at, and multiple bedrooms.

exterior of a room at Tribesman Resort in Branson
living area and kitchen inside Tribesman Resort in Branson

Tribesman Resort Room Details

Here is a rundown of what our unit included. We stayed in the Timber Ridge section. Please be aware that each unit is different.

Bedrooms- we had 2 bedrooms in our unit. One was the “master”, with a queen-size bed and a bathroom inside. We found it comfortable. The decor felt very camping style, which we thought was cool considering we were sleeping in the woods.

The second bedroom had two beds: one twin and one double. That made it easy to sleep 3 kids inside!

Main Area- In the common area was a full kitchen. It had a nice sized refrigerator/freezer, stovetop, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and cabinets filled with dishes and other kitchen items. This was so convenient, as we were able to stay on a budget by eating breakfasts and some lunches in.

Bathroom- Off the common area was a second bathroom. This was a full bathroom that all the kids used with ease.

Misc– The unit had cable, wifi, A/C (and it worked well!) an ironing board, and a vacuum. We definitely used the vacuum after the kids ate a few meals.

Refreshing Supplies- The towels and sheets all smelled so clean. There is not daily housekeeping, however…

You use your towels as many days as you want. If you’d like a refresh, set them in the laundry basket and then put the basket at the front door, outside. You can also use the checklist provided to ask for refills of any other materials you need. Someone will come around during the day and refill your basket with clean towels and new items.

Was this review helpful? Please consider using this link to book Tribesman Resort in Branson, MO

Staying at the Tribesman Resort at Table Rock Lake

I’d say “you get what you pay for,” but at the end of our trip, we felt we had gotten a great value for what we paid. With affordable rates for a unit that could house our whole family, we were really impressed with the Tribesman Resort. There were so many extra amenities that we didn’t even get a chance to try everything. Plus, the location made it easy whether we were wanting to go into Branson or play at Table Rock Lake area.

Would I recommend the Tribesman Resort for families? Yes, absolutely. It’s not the Hilton. You may see a spider in the bathroom (you are in the middle of the woods…by a lake after all). But it is a great place to all be together in the same place and make some memories.

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  1. Looks you made the best of a bad situation! It’s stressful when plans change last minute but this looks like a pretty fun place to visit! I prefer staying in apartments too rather than single rooms. So much more comfortable!

    1. Fortunately (or maybe not!) I always have a long list of places I want to go, so it was a very quick decision! Lol! We love having the extra space too, so this was perfect!

  2. I love your honest review – and this is so much my travel style. I never look for 5 stars hotels anyways. I think we always learn and experience so much more of the places we visit when we allow ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and explore, especially places like this, where you have so many outdoor activities to choose from.

    1. I totally agree! I dream of staying in a 5 star some day, but am totally happy in places like this that offer so much to do and lots of space!

  3. This was such a great honest review! I think you are 100% right that you get what you pay for. It’s helpful to have realistic expectations. Thanks so much for the helpful information. Sounds like a good place to stay for a reasonable rate.

    1. Thanks for reading! The accommodations were definitely get-what-you-pay-for. And yet, totally everything we needed! Plus the amenities were a great bonus 🙂

  4. I love places that are affordable but have lots of amenities like this! As long as the room is clean there’s more bang for your buck.

  5. Missouri has become a great getaway lately I think the show Ozark has really shown that it has beautiful lake areas and wooded spaces, too bad all of that is filmed in GA LOL! But seriously it is a beautiful area with all of those things.

    1. I haven’t heard of that show! That is funny it’s called that though…and not in the Ozarks haha! Yes this whole area is so beautiful!

  6. Sounds like a great place to just kick back and relax! That waterfall photo looks so pretty too so def some eat areas to check out there too!

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