10+ Places to Eat Gluten Free at the Denver Airport

Staying gluten free while traveling can be a challenge, especially if you are not familiar with where you are traveling. Sometimes it’s easier to plan ahead so you know exactly where to go before you arrive. I’ve been gluten free for a few years, so I know the struggle of trying to find something while you travel. If you come to Denver, rest assured you’ll be able to find something. Here is a guide of where to eat gluten free at the Denver Airport.

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Please note, these restaurants may not be certified gluten free and may have cross contamination. Make sure to ask about cooking methods if you have Celiacs or another condition where you cannot have trace amounts.

These are also just suggestions for gluten-friendly meals, meaning they have meal options with ingredients that don’t have gluten. They may require further questioning to make sure your specific choice is gluten-free.

This list is meant to help the general gluten free traveler find their way through restaurants at the Denver airport. Not necessarily those with Celiacs.

*Denver has a main terminal and 3 concourses for flights. Check out how to navigate the Denver airport so you have a better idea where the restaurants are!

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DIA (Denver International Airport) has a lot of great restaurants throughout. But if you are looking to cut gluten in your diet, here are a bunch of great options:

Denver Chop House

Located in Concourse A

The Denver Chop House is a nicer, sit-down restaurant filled with luxurious salads and tender meats. It’s styled like a ’40s pub with a brass bag and Big Band tunes playing.

Those looking for a lighter, gluten free option can choose the chopped salad or the wedge salad.

Heartier appetites can go for the Filet Mignon or Top Sirloin which both come with a side dish or side salad.

hand holding a chick fil a bag against green grass


Located in Concourse B

Chick-Fil-A is a great option for finding gluten free options at the Denver airport. From grilled chicken nuggets to grilled chicken sandwiches (with a gluten free bun), Chick-fil-A is a great gluten free option.

Many of the sides and sauces are gluten free as well.

Exactly where is Chick-Fil-A in the Denver airport? It’s located in the B concourse in the main area. That’s convenient if you are flying United or other airlines in B terminal. But if you have a long layover (or a lot of time before your flight), you can jump on the train to terminal B and just go upstairs to the restaurant. Then go right back to the train and to your gate.

City Pho

Located in Concourse B

City Pho serves up Vietnamese dishes and is great for people trying to eat gluten free at the Denver airport. They serve up dishes like Banh Mi, Pho Bowls, and Noodle Bowls. For gluten free eating, choose a Pho bowl. You’ll get your choice of protein and toppings in the bowl of rice noodles and broth.

Aviator’s Bar and Grill

Located in Concourse B

Aviator’s has a selection of smoked meats as well as some salads. In addition, they have starters if you are just wanting a snack. Try the meat and cheese board for a quick snack before your flight.

Cantina Grill

Located in Concourse B and the Main/Jeppesen Terminal

Cantina Grill is a Mexican restaurant in the B concourse.

They are open for breakfast, giving you mouthwatering options to appease your early morning hunger.

Most breakfast dishes come with a corn tortilla (and just sub a corn tortilla on what doesn’t). You’ll get options like a Torta with eggs, potatoes, and your choice of protein. Or go for the chilaquilies, corn tortillas/chips with all sorts of goodness on tip.

You can enjoy lunch and dinner as well.

Grab some tacos with pork or chicken or sofritos for vegetarians. Or grab a house salad with chips and salsa.

Garbanzo Mediterranean

Located in Concourse B

Garbanzo is a delicious, healthy, Middle Eastern restaurant available with great gluten free options at the Denver airport. This is one of my favorite fast-casual spots to eat with plenty of healthy options (that are very filling).

Like many restaurants at the airport, they have a shortened menu compared to their outside locations. Stay away from the pitas, and then enjoy the many veggies on salads and rice bowls.

Modern Market

Located in Concourses B and C

Modern Market is just about my FAVORITE restaurant ever! As someone who tries to eat healthy and gluten free, Modern Market is the golden ticket. Anytime we go to Colorado Springs, we make sure to stop at the Modern Market there.

Luckily, there is one at the airport too. Modern Market has an abbreviated airport menu, consisting of Salads and chilis that are so flavorful. Choose from a Mexican-inspired salad, a Thai coconut flavor, or a hearty steak salad, among other delicious options.


Located in Concourses B and C

Smashburger is a famous burger joint, serving up gourmet burgers. They also have chicken sandwiches and salads. The salad is a safe, natural GF options. If you’re really wanting that burger, ask for a gluten free bun or even a lettuce wrap instead!

Big Bowl

Located in Concourse C

Big Bowl is a Chinese restaurant specializing in bowls and sushi. While many of the dishes have flour or soy, they offer sushi which, depending on how you select, can be gluten free.

Big Bowl is a great option for breakfast, too. They serve up breakfast bowls of egg and sausage, giving you a nice hearty meal in the morning without the gluten.

La Casita

Located in Concourse C

Here is another great Mexican restaurant option for eating gluten free at the Denver airport.

At La Casita, you build your own meal like you would at a Chipotle or Cafe Rio. Decide between a bowl, taco, or salad. Then select your meat (or veggies) and salsa.

You can also select one of the menu salads, including a quinoa salad, for healthy options.

Root Down

Located in Concourse C

Root Down also has a location in Denver and it is one of my favorites. It’s known for flavorful dishes made from high quality ingredients. Now there is one at the airport to enjoy, albeit with an abbreviated menu.

These flavors pack a punch and shout creativity.

They actually have specific gluten free items on the menu, even sandwiches and burgers (beef, veggie, and turkey burgers.).

Try the Colombian Griddled cheese, packed with unique cheese and poblano. Or try the gluten free cheesesteak sandwich.

*Note, make sure to specify gluten free to get their GF offering.

Bonus: They even have a kid’s menu with gluten free options.

Superfruit Republic

Located in Concourse C

Superfruit Republic is a healthy, refreshing choice to travelers seeking gluten free restaurants at the Denver airport.

They serve up the ever-popular Acai bowl with fruit and delicious toppings. Yes, even the granola is gluten free here.

This makes a great place for breakfast, lunch, or a healthy smoothie before a flight.

Tips for Staying Gluten Free at the Denver Airport

While there are so many restaurants at the Denver airport and so many choices on each menu, it can be hard to find gluten free items. Here are a few tips for finding gluten free options:

Look for Mexican Restaurants

Besides the flour tortillas and sopapillas, Mexican restaurants naturally have so many gluten free ingredients. Most meal combinations are made of rice, beans, salsa, veggies, and meat. Stay clear of burritos and use a corn tortilla on anything else (like tacos).

Look for Asian Restaurants

Asian restaurants often use lots of veggies, meat, and rice (or rice noodles, depending on which cuisine). This is another cuisine that offers naturally gluten free options. The struggle can be at Chinese restaurants, which contain soy sauce in many of the dishes.

Don’t Forget About Sauces

While many ingredients are gluten free, sometimes it’s easy to forget about the sauces that come on them. Some are thickened with flour.

If you are sensitive to gluten, make sure to ask if the sauces are thickened with flour or corn starch.

Steakhouses Have Great Offerings

As long as you aren’t vegetarian, steakhouses often have plenty of basic (but delicious) meats on the menu. Combine this with a salad sans croutons and you’ve got a hearty gluten free meal.

Smoothie Shops are Great

Like the Superfruit Republic listed above, smoothies are great, natural gluten free options. Making it into a smoothie bowl is even more satisfying and satiating. Watch for the granola if you are very sensitive to gluten, as not all oats are certified gluten free (but some are, so just ask what oats they use, if needed!)

Coffee Shops for the Quick Win

When trying to eat gluten free at the Denver Airport and you are really short on time, head to a coffee shop. Denver has a Caribou Coffee in every terminal, a Starbucks in concourses B and C, and other coffee shops as well.

Often, coffee shops will carry a few gluten free items like yogurts, parfaits (check the oats, if you need), or sometimes even GF sweet breads. They also have grab-and-go salads.

Eating Gluten Free at the Denver Airport

I know how tricky it can be finding GF items anywhere, especially finding food that gluten free at the Denver airport. This is especially hard when you are new to eating gluten free.

If you are just eating gluten free as a lifestyle to limit gluten (and don’t have worries about cross contamination), then you’ll now see there are plenty of options for traveling gluten free at the Denver airport.

So browse the list above and decide where you’ll eat at your next layover or visit to the Denver airport.

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