Fun and Unique Costa Rica Coloring Pages – 3 Packs

Costa Rica has so so many cool things to see that we decided to make some fun Costa Rica coloring pages.

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About these Costa Rica Coloring Pages

These coloring pages were actually designed by my daughter. She loves anything creative, and she teaches herself how to use different design tools to draw coloring pages by hand.

(Yes, she does receive a portion of the profits 🙂 )

My daughter looked through and found some our favorite pictures from Costa Rica, and she shuffled through her own memories to create exciting scenes that were basic enough, but unique enough for little kids to enjoy.

If you are looking for unique coloring pages, these work great!

When to use Costa Rica coloring pages

These Costa Rica coloring pages are great for kids when you announce to them that you are taking that fun, bucket list trip.

You can also use these fun Costa Rica coloring pages while you are getting ready in the days leading up to your departure, helping the kids to get excited for their trip.

The flight to Costa Rica can be long. These fun Costa Rica coloring pages are a great way to help pass the time on the airplane. They don’t take up much space. All you’ll need is to print out the pages and bring some crayons or colored pencils (or markers) and these will entertain the kids on the plane ride.

La Fortuna Coloring Page picture

How to get these Costa Rica coloring pages

To access the coloring pages, click on the one you’d like below.

What do the Costa Rica coloring pages contain?

The first is a pack that takes you down Peñas Blancas and the animals you may see (I highly recommend the river safari when you visit).

My daughter has designed a float down the river in different stages, with different animals you may see along the way.

These are many of the animals we saw while on our river safari.

The second pack focuses on Arenal Volcano. This is great to get the kids excited if you plan to visit Arenal on your trip.

Arenal is presented in different perspectives. See it from Arenal National Park, where it’s up close. Or color the volcano from a perspective that you see in La Fortuna, with the town and shops and restaurants in view with the volcano in the background.

The other pack covers Costa Rica in general, including a page from both the Arenal and Peñas Blancas coloring pack, plus a few others.

This is my favorite pack and the most detailed. You’ll get a river safari page, an Arenal volcano page as in the packs above. You’ll also get detailed coloring pages of kids horseback riding on the beach (based on our ride in Samara), a cool waterslide from the jungle hotel in La Fortuna, and a detailed waterfall landscape with water cascading into a swim hole and trails up the sides (based of our visit to an amazing waterfall near Bejuco)

After purchase, you can enjoy these unique, Costa Rica coloring pages!

Penas Blancas Costa Rica Coloring Pages

Coloring Page Legal Uses

Once you purchase, you are free to make as many copies as you’d like for your family! So if you have 3 kids, you don’t need to purchase 3x. Each purchase is good for a family to use as many times as they’d like.

I do ask that if you enjoy these Costa Rica coloring pages that you share a link to this page with your friends and extended family to purchase as well.

Thank you, and enjoy!

We hope to have more unique coloring pages coming your way soon 🙂

Here are the coloring pages. Simply click through to the pack you’d like, and enjoy!

Have a great trip to Costa Rica, whether in real life, or through coloring.

Pura Vida!

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pin image of Costa Rica coloring pages, green background with small thumbnails of the coloring pages

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