Top 10 Things to do in Breckenridge with Kids in Summer

Breckenridge, Colorado is one super fun mountain town. Some people wonder Is Breckenridge good for families? A resounding Yes! Often Breckenridge is known for its skiing, but what is there to do in Breckenridge beside ski? There are actually so many things to do in Breckenridge in Summer!

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In fact, we visit in summer when skiing isn’t even an option and find lots of fun family and kid-friendly things to do in Breckenridge. There is something for everyone to do, from outdoor enthusiasts, history lovers, and foodies.

The best part is that there are plenty of fun things to do in Breckenridge with kids. Breckenridge is both family-friendly and pet-friendly and full of enough fun to fill a weekend easily!

Some of the fun Breckenridge family activities in summer include going to unique parks, seeing a woodland troll, or riding the gondola. It’s easy to spend a few days in Breckenridge with kids!

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1- See Isak Heartstone, the Breckenridge Troll

Breckenridge Troll Isak

Finding the Breckenridge Troll is fairly easy to do and definitely among the most popular things to do in Breckenridge in summer. Plus, it’s out sitting in the woods, making a pretty cool scenery to find this woodland mythical creature.

Isak was first created for an art festival in Breckenridge, and he was kindly left behind for people to continue to enjoy. He has changed locations once already. Here’s how to find him:

Head through town on Main St. Turn left on Boreas Pass Rd. In about 1/4 mile, you’ll come to the ice arena. You cannot park in most of this lot; however, there is parking available for the troll on the far end of the lot. Read the parking signs carefully to make sure you are in a legit spot.

(Also- the town highly recommends using the FREE shuttle.)

Once you are in the parking lot, you’ll see a sign for the Illinois Creek Trailhead. Once you begin, there are signs clearly marking the short walk to the troll.

Seeing the troll is one of the most popular Breckenridge family activities in summer. It’s easy to access and really unique!

2- Explore at the Highline Railroad Park and Museum

Highline Railroad Park, large engine

The Highline Railroad Park and Museum is one of many fun things to do in Breckenridge in summer with kids. Here you’ll find retired trains and the main engine. A button on a pole nearby will bring sounds to life, allowing the kids to hear the chugging of the train. You can’t climb on the train, but it’s pretty cool to walk around and see the different sections.

Right there is also a small museum you can visit. The museum is free, but has a recommended $5 donation.

Have The Youngest Ones Play Seek-and-Find Around Breckenridge as you explore!

3- Climb and Splash Away at Blue River Plaza

Blue River Plaza, big boulders in the river, kids playing

Blue River Plaza features a nice open area, a few benches and picnic tables, and a super fun river. You can sit on the side in the nice grass and watch the fun, or you can hop in the chilly (okay, freezing) water and climb around the big boulders. It’s not very deep, maybe only a couple inches, making it perfect for kids of all ages. DO be careful as some rocks can be slippery. If you’ve got water shoes, I would bring them. We took our socks and shoes off, but other kids left their shoes on for traction. It may help to not slip, but may leave you with cold feet the rest of the day!

This was one of my kids’ favorite things to do in Breckenridge in summer to cool down a bit. Plus, it’s free!

4- Grab Some Gelato at I Scream – Downtown Breckenridge

iScream gelato choices

There is no shortage of ice cream and candy shops in Breckenridge. But why have ice cream when you can splurge on gelato? Gelato is Italy’s take on ice cream, and it is as smooth and creamy as they come. If you see a long line out the door, there’s a very good reason why. Try one of their many rotating flavors in a cup, a flavored cone, or splurge for a unique bubble waffle cone.

I Scream is just a short walk from Blue River Plaza, so get those wiggles out in the water and then reward yourself with a luxurious treat. This was obviously another of my kids favorite things to do in Breckenridge. Ice cream is always a crowd-pleaser.

Ice cream is a favorite pastime, so take the kids for a fun Breckenridge family activity this summer.

5- Eat and Play Away at Downstairs at Eric’s in Downtown Breckenridge

Downstairs at Erics in Breckenridge, kids doing skee ball, arcade room

Downstairs at Eric’s is a fun place for the family to eat. It serves up pizza, sandwiches, salads, etc. The most fun thing about this place is that there is an arcade right when you go downstairs. Filled with claw machines, Pac Man, arcade games, ski ball and more, this will be a highlight for your kids in Breckenridge. Play while you wait for a table, or save the fun for last after you’ve filled your bellies.

To play, simply buy a game card at the machine. Load it with however much you’d like, and then swipe it at each game.

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Looking for something more private and cozy? Check out these awesome Cabins in Breckenridge that can fit the whole family!

Continuing on to more fun things to do in Breckenridge in summer with kids…

6- Take the Kids to Pan for Gold in Breckenridge

There are a few places to pan for gold in Breckenridge. Depending on the type of experience you’d like, you can choose from a few.

Country Boy Mine tour costs a little more, but has lots of attractions to choose from. You can do a treasure hunt, a gold mine tour 1,000 feet down, or even meet some donkeys. You can also book a 1 hour time slot to pan for gold right in the water. Anything you find is yours to keep!

We were hoping to pan for gold at the Lomax Gulch Mine. Lomax Gulch Mine is part of the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance. You’ll get an overview of mining history and then get to pan for gold at the onsite stream. Must make reservations (unfortunately we didn’t make a reservation soon enough, so we missed out.)

7-Take a Ride in the Sky on the Breckenridge Gondola

gondola at Breckenridge resort

The Breck Connect gondola begins between Park Avenue and Main Street. It is FREE to ride the gondola in the summer, and a lot of fun. You’ll pass through gorgeous trees and be able to take in incredible views. The Breck shuttles stop here, so no need to drive and park (though there is a large parking lot.)

The gondola makes three stops. It’s final stop is at Peak 8. Get out and walk around, have lunch, enjoy the Epic Discovery Park, and then hop back on and ride down. Don’t miss the Breckenridge Gondola!

This is among the perfect things to do in Breckenridge in summer with the kids. It’s free. It’s fun. And it gorgeous getting all the great views from up high!

8- Get Some Adventure at the Epic Discovery Park at Breckenridge Resort

Epic Discovery park at top of the mountain

If you take the gondola all the way to the top, it’ll drop you in a fun, energized area of the resort. You’ll soon see the Epic Discovery Park, full of fun attractions. This is one of the more popular things to do in Breckenridge in summer and a perfect attraction for families!

Buy some tickets at the ticket counter before you continue on. You can buy a ticket a la carte, a pass for just a couple activities, or an all day pass.

Choose from attractions such as the alpine slide, the mountain coaster, mini golf, zip lining, tubing, bungee trampoline, and more. There’s a section just for kids if you walk all the way to the left with the just-right-size sky obstacle course.

9- Choose a Hike for Some Fresh Air and Great Views in Breckenridge

kids hiking through the trees in Breckenridge

There are so many hikes to do in Breckenridge. What’s even better is that there are so many kid-friendly hikes in Breckenridge. There are plenty to choose from, weather you are looking for forest, rivers, waterfalls, or lakes. Check out my post on Hiking with kids in Breckenridge for an awesome list of hikes to do with kids!

Make sure to check out a hike with waterfalls nearby, too!

10- Make a Splash at Nearby Lake Dillon

beach are at Lake Dillon with mountains in the background

Lake Dillon is located just a few miles from Breckenridge. Chances are good you’ll drive right past it as you drive to Breckenridge.

A couple years ago, they brought in millions of pounds of sand to create a large beach area at Lake Dillon. This was a really exciting addition, as it wasn’t there last time we visited.

The beach area is located right at the Frisco Marina. While you’re there, you can rent a kayak, play at the park, have a picnic, or bring a paddle board. You can’t full-on swim in the lake, but the kids can run around in the water at the shoreline.

Breckenridge Scavenger Hunt

Check out this print-cut-and-go hunt the whole family will love!

Have young kids? Then check out this seek-and-find style scavenger hunt. They can check off the pictures as they go!

Best Things to do in Breckenridge in Summer for Families

These are by far our favorite things to do in Breckenridge with kids along for the ride. It’s a great way to make some great memories while having fun.

What are you most looking forward to when you visit Breckenridge? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I know the skiing is wonderful in Breckenridge in the winter. I didn’t realize the range of summer activities there are and how many of them are great for kids.

  2. Breckenridge sounds like so much fun to visit during the summer! I would love to see the Breckenridge troll, ride the gondola and have that delicious gelato!

  3. I didn’t realize there were so many things to do in Breckenridge with kids. Looks like a really great time. It’s been on my list to visit, hopefully soon. Would love to see the Isak Heartstone for my first stop.

  4. Beautiful lakes, epic hikes, AND gelato?! What more could you need? Love this list and now I am adding Breckinridge to the list!

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  6. I would love to visit Breckenridge in the summer! I’ve only ever been in the winter, and I actually don’t ski or snowboard and much prefer warmer weather, haha. How did I never know about that troll?! And, I would love to take a ride on the gondola and see all the gorgeous views. Great post! Xx Sara

    1. Thank you so much! I use to ski a LOT, but not so much anymore. We really enjoy it in summer 🙂 And that troll is awesome. A definite “Must-Do”

  7. When I was a kid I would have loved the gondola ride. Any unusual method of transportation fascinated me (I’m still kicking myself that I forgot to ride the pasternoster last time I was in Frankfurt!).

  8. This looks like such a family friendly area, so many fun things to do! Isaac the Troll is probably my favorite – it’s hard to imagine having him moved – he looks so set in place!

  9. The gondola ride looks like so much fun! I’ll have to keep Breckenridge in mind for a family trip when I have kids. Thanks for sharing!

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