Waterfalls Near Breckenridge, Colorado

We are waterfall chasers through and through. But it can be hard finding some that the kids will enjoy going to, too. So here are some great waterfalls near Breckenridge, Colorado that are easy enough for kids to come along, and one that older kids can access as well.

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We have hiked in and around Breckenridge many times and know there is still more to explore. For now, enjoy these beautiful waterfalls while hiking.

pinnable image of the Best Waterfalls in Breckenridge, CO, kids standing in front of a distant waterfall
McCullough Gulch Waterfall, two waterfalls split by a large bush, kids in foreground staring at it

1. McCullough Gulch

Hike Required? Yes, about 3.5 miles roundtrip

McCullough Gulch is a great trail that’s located a little out of Breckenridge. You can access it by heading toward Blue River south on CO-9. Then make a right on Blue Lakes Rd / 850 and immediately a right on 851.

This trail has some incline to it and will bring you right to the incredible waterfall. There is plenty of flat rock area to spread out on and maybe enjoy a snack.

McCullough Gulch definitely gets crowded in the summertime since this is one of the popular waterfalls near Breckenridge.

2. Sallie Barber Mine

Hike Required? Yes, about 3 miles roundtrip

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For access, head east on Wellington Rd from downtown. Wellington turns into French Gulch Rd. After about 3.8 miles (from downtown), you’ll reach the trailhead.

The waterfall here isn’t a destination itself, nor is it large and stand-alone like the others mentioned. But if you want a cool hike (it leads to a mine remains) that has a small waterfall cascade along the way, you’ll find this trail valuable!

Waterfalls make a great way to break up the hike, even if it isn’t the final destination or ultimate showstopper.

Waterfalls near Breckenridge include Blue Lakes.  A boy standing on rock staring at the gentle waterfall coming down a huge smooth rock

3. Blue Lakes

Hike Required? Yes, to get close; 1 mile roundtrip. No, to see from a distance.

To access Blue Lakes, head on CO-9 south for just over 7 miles. Then turn right onto Blue Lakes Rd / 851.

Blue Lakes is a gorgeous area to just enjoy the scenery. And if you get out of the car and take the short walk down to the lake, you can see the waterfall in the distance if you look closely.

This is one of the easiest waterfalls near Breckenridge to see, especially if you’re visiting with kids.

For an even better view, take the very short 1/2 mile hike to the other side of the lake. You can get RIGHT up to the waterfall and hang out a while!


4. Continental Falls

Hike Required? Yes, about 5 miles round trip

Continental Falls can be viewed from the Spruce Creek trail on your way to the Mohawk Lakes. Access the hike by taking CO-9 south to Spruce Creek Road. Turn right and follow it for about 3 miles.

This trail is more difficult and experiences steeper inclines, yet one of the more popular Breckenridge waterfalls. For that reason, this is not recommended for little kids, unless they are in a carrier (and you can handle carrying them up).

But if you have older, experienced hiker kids, then this is about the best waterfall in Breckenridge.

Continental Falls crashes down between rocks as one of the most popular waterfalls in the area.

Waterfalls near Breckenridge

As you can see, there are a few incredible waterfalls in Breckenridge that are worth a visit. If you are traveling with toddlers, the Blue Lakes is a great choice. If you have older kids who are experienced hikers, Continental Falls is not to be missed!

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pinnable image of the Best Waterfalls in Breckenridge, CO, kids standing in front of a distant waterfall

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