60 Best Gifts for Beach Lovers

One of our favorite places to be is on the beach. When we aren’t ON the beach, we yearn and want to feel like we are. So I’ve compiled a list of gifts for beach lovers in your life (or maybe yourself!) so you can get the perfect beach themed gifts.

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There are gifts for everyone on here, overflowing with beach gifts for all.

Take a look and decide what will make the perfect gift for the beach lover!

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Beach Comfort Gifts

1. Lounge Chair

What better way to relax than in a chaise lounge chair? This one folds up for easy transport.

2. The Ultimate Beach Chair

This is the ultimate beach chair. It reclines, has a place to put up your feet, has insulated pockets to keep your drinks cold, and can hold up to 4 drinks. Relaxations at its finest! It is lightweight steel and can pack up for easy transport.

The umbrella offers SPF 50 protection as well.

3. Kids Beach Chair and Umbrella Combo

This kid-sized beach chair perfection and a great way to give the kids a little break from the sun. When you’re done, collapse it down and slip it into the carry-bag.

4. Beach Blanket

When you don’t want to pack chairs, beach blankets are a great alternative. Beach Blankets are lightweight, pack easier than chairs, and are oversized to give you and the family room to spread out. Plus they come in cool designs.

We bring towels to sit on and they constantly get wadded up and messy.

These beach blankets, however, can be staked down to stay spread out!

5. Beach Shade

These make great beach gifts for beach lovers as it helps them spend a longer day on the beach while staying cool and avoiding a burn.

Check out this highly-rated beach umbrella that provides UVA and UVB protection. It’s half-umbrella and half-shade shelter, leaving plenty of room for everyone to get some sun relief!

6. Beach Tent

Similar to the shade, this tent provides fuller coverage from the sun.

7. Ocean Lounger

Hop into the water to keep cool, but relax atop this floating lounger. Giving you both back support and support to stretch your legs, this is a nice way to relax in the water.

8. Kids Floatation

Even more important that relaxing is making sure the kids are safe. Gift your beach lover friend the gift of safety with top-rated and coast-guard approved kids floaties (<— these are the ones we’ve always used and always felt confident with our kids in them!). You could also try a life vest for higher-level protection.

9. The BEST Beach Towels

Towels might not be exciting to give, but these Turkish beach towels make for really fun gifts for beach lovers.

The designs are exciting, but the real charm here is the lightweight material and the quick drying time! No need to go to the beach with wet towels day-after-day.

10. Towel Clips

Any beach goer knows that windy days on the beach lead to your towel flying everywhere.

Fix that with these towel clips. Simply lay the towel on your chair or lounger and then clip it down on the edges. No more flying towel!

Gifts for Calm Beach Days

11. Journal/notebook

The beach is a great place to find inspiration. To when that inspiration strikes, these beach journals make great beach gifts for a friend!

12. Beachy Pen

Don’t just gift any pen.

If you’re looking for something really nice and luxurious, you can gift this beautiful Paua Sea Shell ballpoint pen (or a similar one with Mother of Pearl as well).

For smaller budgets and more “fun” pens, try a 10-pack of fun, colorful designs (including a mermaid design)

13. Beach Reads

The perfect gifts for beach lovers that love to read is a great, easy, light summer read while relaxing in the sun. If your friend has a beach vacation coming up, these books will be perfect for lounging around!

Here are a few top-rated light beach reads according to goodreads:

14. Audible Subscription

Another great beach gift is an Audible Subscription so your friend can listen with their eyes closed as they lounge on the beach.

15. Kindle Paperwhite

If your gift-receiver likes to read but would prefer not to haul books on their beach vacation, you can give the gift of a Kindle Paper white.

The Paper white version gives readers a more natural light setting without the harsh lights that typical screens provide.

Then, you can load books onto this lightweight eReader without the actual weight of each book.

Make sure when you purchase that you choose the option for 3 months of FREE Kindle Unlimited!

16. Meditation App

As if sitting on the beach wasn’t meditative enough. But maybe your friend can carry that relaxation everywhere with the Calm app, Insight Timer, or Headspace.

Check which brand of app store your friend has as you’ll need to know in order to gift it over (or, just buy a gift card for iTunes, Google Play, or the specific app store.)

Gifts for a Picnic Beach

17. Picnic Basket

This may not be ideal if your intended recipient is traveling to the beach, but if they already live near the beach, then this is one of those cute and novel beach gifts.

Check out this charming wicker beach picnic basket to make a fun, memorable beach day with the kids or a romantic beach picnic with a significant other. It comes with all the utensils and plates for 4 people, plus even has an insulated cooler compartment and a waterproof blanket!

Looking for something a little more convenient to transport? This picnic backpack has supplies for 2 people, a fleece blanket, wine holder, and insulated cooler compartment. This is a wonderful beach gift for couples!

18. Picnic Blanket

Stay dry and and free when you picnic on the beach with this picnic blanket. This specific blanket has pouches along the edges you can fill with sand to anchor it down, preventing the wind from flipping it up.

19. Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is always on of my top recommendations. Save money and save the Earth.

Make sure to get a stainless steel water bottle to make sure your water (or other beverage) stays cold and refreshing for longer. And make sure to bring a larger size so you don’t get dehydrated.

20. Insulated Cooler

Gift the gift of freshness with an insulated cooler for beach days! Keep the fruit and sandwiches cold so they help ward off the heat in the midday sun on the beach.

This cooler has a double decker feature so you can store more. It has an extra large capacity, but comes in under 2 pounds!

And if you eat everything out, it collapses to take up less space on the ride home.

21. A Little Beach BBQ Grill

This little portable grill is genius! It has a built in bamboo cutting board in case you have any last minute prep-work. It’s small and it can be used an just about any surface as it has a built-in base to provide heat protection.

It’s a charcoal grill, so no need to transport propane or gas.


Active Time on the Beach

22. Volleyball Set

There are so many options of volleyball sets, so I’ve tried to make it easy.

If your friends receiving these beach themed gifts is hard-core volleyball, you may want to spring for the regulation size net with a cable border. The down side is it’s just the net; you’ll still need poles and boundary ropes.

But if their volleyball goals are just for fun, relaxing beach days, check out the easy-to-use and adjustable volleyball net (which includes the poles and they are adjustable for badminton play as well!)

23. 4-Way Volleyball (Unique beach gifts!)

Or check out this new(er) idea of a 4-way volleyball net. You can play with 4 people and it’s everyman for himself, with nets on two sides. It’s almost like a mix of 4 square and volleyball. It comes with a carry bag and has everything you need to play, including a ball!

This is the perfect beach gift that is also unique as it’s a newer concept.

24. Frisbee

Is it really even a beach day without playing frisbee on the sand?

We have tried a lot of frisbees over the years, and we love these ring shaped flyers. They are so light and fly so much better than many frisbees we’ve tried.

Plus, they are very affordable, especially because they come in a two-pack.

Oh, and they float. So if you throw it into the ocean, you should be able to cool off and retrieve it.

25. Snorkel Gear (for the whole family)

One of our (and our kids) favorite things to do at the beach is snorkel. We have used the used snorkel gear on excursions…and decided we’d much rather have our own.

Each of us have US Divers snorkel gear and they work great. It’s a reputable brand that come in adult and kid sizes for the perfect fit.

There’s no better beach gift that being able to see the beauty of fish and coral on the ocean floor.

26. Body Boards

Things to do in Samara with kids boogie boarding

Our other favorite thing to do at the beach is body board. In fact, we took a trip to Samara, Costa Rica, and while 3 of our kids and I went on a horseback ride on the beach, my 4th kid really wanted to stay behind and body board.

It’s such an easy and simple way to enjoy the beach, isn’t too expensive, and provides hours of fun.

So basically what I’m saying is: one of the best beach gifts you can give is hours of fun.

There are so many options of body boards. The traditional boards are lightweight and work great and provide hours on the waves.

They also make inflatable body boards, which I haven’t tried before, but seem like they’d be a lot easier to pack for a beach vacation.

27. Spike Ball

Spike Ball is quickly becoming a popular activity all over the country, and what better place to play than the beach?

28. Corn Hole

Everything you need to play Corn Hole is included in this affordable, lightweight set. It’s easy to take to the beach since it’s structure is made of PVC that’s light and easy to put together.

29. Kites for Breezy Beach Days

Ahhh, there’s nothing more child-like on a summer day than flying a kite. Check out these cute Octopus Kites, the perfect beach gifts for adults and kids alike.

Lake Irwin Crested Butte

Paddle boarding in Crested Butte

30. Stand Up Paddle Board

We enjoy our paddle board more than we ever even imagined.

While there are many paddle board brands, we feel lucky to have discovered our specific inflatable paddle board. It’s easy (easier) to inflate than most, plus we can use the pump to deflate it as well.

How do I know it’s easier than most?

Well, because we’ll be done inflating it before all the other SUPers around us who started before us.

The different settings on the pump make it so you can pump easier at different stages of inflation.

31. Inflatable Kayak

This is so on our list (so if anyone reading this is looking for beach gifts for me, here’s a hint!)

The inflatable kayaks are kinda the same idea as the inflatable paddle boards. Carry them with you in a pack. Unroll it, pump it up, and jump in!

We love what we see about this one.

32. Metal Detector

Need unique beach gift ideas?

If your beach-loving friend also is an aspiring treasure hunter, gift them a metal detector to be able to find treasure in the sand!

So many things are lost in the sand. It may just be spare change or lost keys, but the treasure hunt is fun nonetheless.

This metal detector is great for kids so the whole family can participate!

Beach Gifts for Kids

33. Sand Castle Toys

A simple, yet worthwhile and fun beach gift idea for kids is to grab a fun pack of sand castle toys.

This kit is a pretty fun, basic set, while this kit will kick up the sand castle-making a notch or two with larger molds.

close up of a sand castle

34. General Sand Toys

Even if the kids don’t strive for sand castles, they still probably love playing in the sand. This kit is full of shape molds, shovels, and a big bucket and carrying case for it all.

35. Toss and Catch Velcro Game

My kids love this velcro-inspired game of catch.

Hold a round paddle covered in velcro in your hand. Then throw the tennis ball and it will stick! This is a perfect game for kids on the beach and a fun gift to open.

36. Seashell Carrying Case

This mesh bag is easy to carry with the long strap. And it comes in a pack of 4 so that kids can collect and collect seashells all day long.

My kids (well, and us adults) LOVE to collect seashells. We usually end up having to put them in a random bag or cup. And then we have to deal with all the sand from both the shells and our fingers.

So, these bags are on my list.

The mesh bag makes it easy to minimize how much sand gets brought home. It’s the perfect and practical beach gift.

37. Beach Balls

Another classic beach toy that will make any kid happy. Gift a pack of beach balls for the next beach day outing!

Beach Gifts for Convenience

38. Floating Dry Bag

We visited a beach in Costa Rica that was beautiful, but where we set up was such a narrow area of sand.

While we were in the water, a big wave came through and push all the way up over our tiny little area, taking all our towels and sandals with in back into the ocean.

We scrambled and eventually were able to find all our stuff (thank goodness our foam sandals float), but how nice it would have been to have a floating dry bag to keep all of our stuff dry and together!

39. Portable Lock Box

While we always try to leave someone with all our “stuff,” sometimes we all want to be in the water together,

When you can’t watch your stuff, you can at least protect the valuables with a small lockbox.

40. Wearable Waterproof Pouch

But, if you don’t want to leave your stuff alone on the beach, even locked up, you can take it with you into the ocean with this wearable waterproof pouch.

Think of it like a waterproof fanny pack (sorry, I believe now they are fashionably called “waist belts”.)

They can hold your phone, as well as any money, credit cards, room key, or other small valuables you may have on hand.

41. Collapsible Wagon

Have a friend with kids? They are going to have a lot of stuff to carry, which makes a collapsible wagon a perfect beach gift.

Make sure to purchase a collapsible wagon that has wheels meant for rolling on sand. This will make the trips from/to the car minimal so you can start enjoying your beach time quicker.

boy rubbing sunscreen on his face

42. Sunscreen

So basic, I know.

But so necessary.

Gift a sunscreen that doesn’t harm the ocean ecosystem and that doesn’t harm you!

We tried a lot of sunscreens, including one that I see recommended by everyone online. But we found it wasn’t very effective.

We did find Badger sunscreen, which is both reef-friendly and made with zinc-oxide, making it safer for you as well.

Oh, and it actually worked as far as us not getting burned.

43. FUN Lip Balms

Lip Balm can be a really fun beach themed gift, whether it’s for a stocking stuffer or just a little extra something to go with a card.

We’ve tried so many lip balms in preparation for a big trip we did. We (again) tried the same brand that everyone recommended and found it to be greasy and not hydrating at all.

Instead, we found we loved artNaturals which comes in lots of fun flavors and is made with organic, natural hydrating ingredients. This is better for after being on the beach when your lips are all dry and chapped, as it does not have SPF in it.

Beach Entertainment

44. Portable Charger

This is so important, not just for entertainment, but for safety. Gift a portable charger to make sure phones are always working!

While some portable chargers are meant for specific brands, this portable charger is universal with almost any USB powered device.

45. Underwater Camera

My son loves going underwater with our waterproof camera and filming what he discovers.

Unfortunately, he also likes seeing what different buttons do underwater, including the button that opens the battery compartment.

But before that happened, we loved having a waterproof digital camera so capture every memory at the beach.

46. Waterproof Speaker

Play some tunes while you relax or play on the beach, or even while you’re in the water. This JBL bluetooth speaker is highly rated and loved from tens of thousands of users.

And it’s such a giftable beach item!

47. Waterproof Phone Pouch

If you’re not wanting to splurge on a waterproof camera, like the one above, you can simply get a waterproof phone pouch.

This is basically all I use when we go to the ocean. I am able to keep my phone hanging in a pouch while I play in the water with the kids. Then I can snap pictures and videos at any moment, without worrying about damaging my phone.

Fashionable Beach Attire

48. Beach Bag / Tote

Beach Bags make great gifts for beach lovers since they are so fun and come in so many different designs.

Plus, they are very practical in helping haul all your stuff to the beach!

49. Floppy Beach Hat

Another fun gift is a big, floppy beach hat. These are another fun and practical beach gift since they are stylish and provide some sun protection.

50. Sunglasses

Because no one wants dry, burned eyes at the end of the day.

51. Swimsuit Coverups

For when you are walking around or even going to lunch. Dry off a little and throw on a coverup, which is way more comfortable than putting clothes over a swimsuit.

man touching tip of hit hat, wearing a colorful Hawaiian shirt

52. Beach Shirts for Him

These are great if you need beach theme ideas for the guys in your life. There are so many fun, beachy shirts that are totally fashionable in beach towns.

Whether it’s just a casual, white linen button-down or a fun and colorful Hawaiian shirt, there is a beach shirt for every man!

At Home Beach Gifts

53. Beach Scented Candles

When the time for the beach has come to an end, keep the feel alive with the scent of the beach at home.

For beautiful soy candles, try:

Salt and Sea

Ocean Breeze by 1 Oak

Ocean Breeze by Lulu

54. Beachy Essential Oils

Get all the senses involved in your gift with the smell of the ocean. I only use high-quality oils, not fragrance oils. This Beach House scent is from a high quality and pure essential oil brand I personally use.

55. Beach Themed Jewelry

I don’t own a lot of jewelry, but what I do have contains a lot of beach themes. Like, those bracelets with the turtles. I’ve got a few of those in different stones.

Beach themed jewelry is a fun way to add some fashion while honoring one’s love of the ocean.

56. Beach Sign

Bring the beach inside your home all year long with this flip-flop shape “good vibes” sign, or even this cute Beach Rules sign.

57. Ocean-Inspired Art

There’s no better way to transform your home to that beachy feeling than with art hanging on the walls.

Gift someone a beautiful piece of the beach that they can always appreciate.

58. Tropical Gift Boxes

Whether you’d like to gift someone some food or relaxation, you can find plenty of beach themed gift baskets for every interest.

59. Coffee Table Books

More great gifts for beach lovers, anyone will love these ocean themed coffee table books. Check out The Art of Waves, or flip through Coastlines. People also love the Smithsonian’s Oceanology book.

60. Beautiful Coasters

These Seashell Coasters are beautiful and durable. They are the perfect beach gift for anyone!

61. Wine Glasses

Last but not least is the ultimate beach gift for beach lovers.

To wind down at the end of the night and keep the beach on your mind before you head to bed, check out some beautiful beach wine glasses.

The Best Beach Gifts for Beach Lovers!

Hopefully you have been inspired with some beach gifts for those beachy people in your life. I personally would be happy to get any of these, as I love adding more beach into my life.

From relaxation, play, comfort and technology to bringing the beach home with you, there are perfect beach gifts for anyone!

Save This To Pinterest for inspiration when you need it!

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