girl wearing shorts that say "beach bum" on back

Welcome to Let’s Jet, Kids! Obviously, we love to travel. We love that our kids love to travel and explore as well. The best part? Years later, our kids still talk about certain trips. These are the memories that stick out in their minds and we are always referring back to and reminiscing about.

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Traveling as a larger family can be expensive sometimes, as well as just logistically challenging. What we’ve learned is that we can make travel work by always finding places within our budget, and the logistics are worth every quality moment. Throughout our time together on the blog, you’ll be able to find lots of travel inspiration. We always plan trips based on what would be fun for the kids, AND us! With four kids of varying ages, there are always fun things for everyone!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you stick around a while…and then go explore!

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