Ultimate List of Valentine Ideas for Kids and the Whole Family

Whether you are looking for Valentine activities for kids, Valentine’s Day fun for the whole family, or great things to do to show the love, this post has it all! From Valentine kids crafts, to Valentine Baking, Valentine apparel, Valentine cards…well, you get the idea. Here is everything-Valentine’s Day you might be looking for to celebrate with the whole family so you can have your own Valentine’s Day party at home!

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These ideas are filled with love, fun, creativity, and sometimes even a little sugar 😉

Take a scroll and see what fun Valentine ideas you want to use to celebrate this great day with those you love!

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Valentine Crafts for Kids

Crafts are great for kids as they can express their creativity! The younger ones can also work on fine motor skills, all while having fun! Here are some fun crafts that any age can do and enjoy!

Conversation heart craft

Conversation Heart Art

With just a few easy supplies, kids can enjoy this colorful work of art!

stuffed heart craft

Stuffed Heart Decoration

An Easy and Fun heart stuffy for the kids, that they can make themselves!

white, pink, red flowers on a wreath

Easy Flower Wreath Craft

Choosing and arranging flowers in this fun wreath is fun for every kid…and adult!

String art craft

Heart String Art

Just a few supplies and you’re on your way to a fun design, made of string!

paper heart wreath craft

Paper Plate Heart Wreath

Even the littlest hands will have fun choosing colors, patterns, and gluing so they can have their very own wreath!

paper heart 3D craft

Paper Heart Wreath

Or, opt for a 3D heart wreath! Lots of fun, lots of colors!

3D Paper hearts

3D Paper Heart Decorations

On the same link as above, you can also find some fun 3D paper heart decorations to make any space a little more loving!

3D pop up heart decoration on a card

Valentine Cards

Find some fun colors and supplies to make your own Valentine Cards! Lots of ideas on this link 🙂

Young child holding a colorful tissue paper heart

Stained Glass Heart Craft

This colorful craft is great for toddlers and exciting to display!

Paper heart garland

Paper Heart Banner

Just some colored paper, a hole punch, and some string or twine is all you need to make this festive heart banner! Cut some hearts, hole punch the tops, and thread the string through!

Family Valentine Activities

What better way to show you love each other than to spend good, quality, fun time together? Check out some of these fun activities the whole family will love!

chunks of different chocolate bars on a tasting mat

Have a Family Chocolate Tasting

Get all the instructions and free printables here! This is a fun, tasty way to spend an evening!

paper hearts all over a door

Heart Attack a Door!

Whether it’s a neighbor, a friend, or each other, cut out a bunch of hearts and go tape them to someone’s door to show you love them! Bonus: write positive messages on the hearts!

Printable Valentine Cards in Space, Unicorn, Superhero, and Hearts

Send Valentine Cards

Whether the kids trade them at school or stick them in an envelope and send them snail mail, it’s always fun to send Valentine cards (and receive them!) Check out this free printable for cards every kid will love!

red paper heart with scavenger clue on it

Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Hide clues around the house on hearts while the kids run around looking for the prize at the end!

a Printable mat with hershey kisses

Have a Chocolate Pull

A bunch of Hershey Kisses and Hugs can be turned into a twist on a lollipop-pull. Mark the bottom of a few candies and take turns picking a chocolate. If they get a marked chocolate, they get a prize! (Or whoever pulls the most marked chocolates earns a prize!) Download a Hershey Kiss pull mat here:

graphic image of a package

Participate in Random Acts of Kindness all Month Long

What better way to show love than to do small acts of kindness all month! Whether it’s for friends or strangers, check out this Random Acts of Kindness Challenge for lots of ideas kids can do!

Family Valentine Art Projects

drawn heart people on a card

Watch a Drawing Tutorial Together and Draw

Find a great YouTube tutorial for drawing flowers and spend the night drawing together! Try this Hugging Hearts video

paintings of birds on branches

Do a Painting Tutorial Together

Grab a canvas (or card stock!) and look up a fun YouTube tutorial to paint a fun Valentine Picture! Try this Love Birds Valentine Day painting.

paper rose

Learn how to make Origami Roses

Try the Simple Origami Rose video and make some fun flowers together! (It’s simpler than other videos, but still pay close attention to the folds!)

My Painting Supply Picks

I always buy a value pack of canvases so there are plenty to use! For the younger kids, I let them use cardstock as they go through a lot. But the adults and older kids love using a canvas to really make us feel like real artists!

These are the acrylic paints we use (Amazon pick below). They come in a value pack, so you get the most bang for your buck. And as we are not professional artists, it’s nice to have a lot of colors ready-to-go when our blending skills aren’t on par.

And, it’s nice to have a big pack of brushes with lots of sizes and shapes. Again, we are not professional artists, so an affordable pack works great for us 🙂

More Valentine’s Family Activities

There’s plenty more Valentine’s Day fun to be had!

Grab a fresh bouquet of flowers and work on flower-arranging skills.

Or, pull off some petals and make a piece of petal art with them (or grab some artificial petals for long-lasting art).

Create a window display of hearts using colored papers!

girl blowing heart shaped kisses on a window

Make a fun love bug craft

Love Bug Craft Kits

Go on a scavenger hunt around town to see how many hearts you can find!

Valentine’s Day at Home

There are plenty of fun Valentine’s Day Activities to do with the family! Hopefully you’ve found more-than-enough ideas to make your Valentine’s Day special this year!

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  1. These are great! Even with older kids, totally getting the whole family involved since it falls on a Sunday this year! Time to have fun together!

  2. Omg, why I saw this post only now when Valentines’ day is gone? Here are some amazing ideas, that I would love to do, but… hmm, maybe it’s not necessary to have a Valentines’ day to do something sweet and surprise others! 🙂

    • Thank you, Sandra! You’re right, you can do a lot of these fun things anytime! Especially the chocolate tasting 😉

  3. So many terrific ideas for fun things to do with the Valentine theme! I would have enjoyed doing these things with my kids when they were little. Great resource for moms with kids at home!

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