All About Paraguay for Kids: Great Activities and Food From Paraguay

soyo soup from paraguay

Today we’re flying off and going to learn some fun facts about Paraguay! We’ll take the kids to Paraguay right in the living room and enjoy some fun activities and great food from this South American country. So hop on and fly away with us as we learn all about fun Paraguay facts for kids! … Read more

All About Guyana, South America- For Kids!

Guyana Flag

Take the kids to “visit” Guyana from home, see the Guyana flag, and learn all about this South American country! (Guyana flag picture Image by jorono) The information for All About Guyana was found in Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book (read why we LOVE these books here), as well as in Cultures of the World: … Read more

Around the World: All About Colombia (with activities and food!)


Our next stop in South America is Colombia. This stop is a fun one, as the kids did lots of fun, hands-on activities to learn about Colombia. They especially enjoyed this one. Have you taken a look at these? The awesome info in these Travel Books are what inspired the activities today! Check out why … Read more

Around the World at Home- Chile, South America. Fun Activities, Food, and History.

all about chile for kids

Image by hbieser Our next stop is to Chile, South America, the world’s narrowest country! It is also one of the longest. We grabbed our awesome travel books, and got to learning! Join along for some fun facts about Chile for kids, as well as some fun activities and food! Check out our post on … Read more

Around the World at Home- Brazil Activities for Kids

all about Brazil for kids Rio in background, blue water, orangish yellow sky

Our next stop Around the World- South America is Brazil! Brazil is a large, great place with lots to learn about. We had a great time in Brazil! Keep reading for fun facts, activities, food, and crafts in this All About Brazil for Kids! Don’t forget to look at these books! They have great info … Read more

Around the World at Home: Bolivia Crafts, Activities, and Food

All about Bolivia feature image

If your kids want to learn about countries around the world, this is the place! We are going through each country and learning fun facts, history, great activities, delicious food, and crafts! This week, we visit Bolivia! Read on to find out about crafts from Bolivia, a local cuisine dish, the Uyuni Salt Flat, and … Read more

Around the World At Home: Argentina

Iguacu Falls

Image by Werner Sidler from Pixabay We begin our around the world travels in South America, and decided to just move through the continent alphabetically. Argentina is first on the list. We didn’t use many materials today other than colored paper, food ingredients, and a ball! (And the awesome Lonely Planet travel books, of course.) … Read more