Stained Glass Heart Art for Valentine’s Day- for Kids!

This fun toddler craft is perfect for Valentine’s Day! It’s simple, yet colorful and exciting. This heart craft is perfect for toddlers because it works on fine motor skills and hand strength. Plus, the colors are exciting and toddlers have a great opportunity to practice “staying in the lines” with something other than coloring.

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This craft is not limited to toddlers, though. My son is 8 and really enjoyed making this stained glass paper heart design as well. He stuck with one color throughout and decorated around it to create a scene.

Creativity is key! As long as they have fun, you’ll end up with a fun, decorative piece of Valentine’s art!

Stained Glass kids craft pin

Supplies for a Stained Glass Heart

  • Tissue Paper– lots of colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue (stick or bottle, but I recommend stick for younger ones)
  • Sharpie
  • piece of glass (we used the glass that went unused in this Conversation Heart Craft)
  • Heart Template, the largest one:

How to Make a Stained Glass Heart Craft

First, cut out the largest heart template (in the supply list above). Hold it centered onto the glass, and an adult can trace the heart using a Sharpie.

The rest is all for the kid to do! Tear some tissue paper into smaller pieces. Use lots of colors to make it bright and vibrant!

Using the glue stick, glue a small spot of the glass, then stick on a piece of torn paper. Repeat until the whole heart is covered in colorful paper!

Valentine Crafts

This heart is perfect for small hands and something easy a toddler can do mostly on their own! They will love the colorful display. Once it is finished, you can set it in a frame stand, or anywhere else it can safely be displayed without falling and breaking.

My kids loved making these, especially my youngest who got lost in amazement of all the fun colors.

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