7 Best Places for Snow Tubing in Colorado Springs

Looking for the best places to go Snow Tubing in Colorado Springs? You may be a bit disappointed as there aren’t any proper businesses that provide full-service tubing. But if you are willing to travel just a little ways, you can find a great DIY tubing hill as well as a full-service tubing hill.

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So grab your tube to drive to where on is provided to spend a day snow tubing in Colorado Springs, or rather, a short drive away.

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Mountain Shadows Park

This is a DIY tubing hill meaning you’ll have to bring your own tube and haul it up the hill on your own. But it’s a great place to start snow tubing, especially for families with young ones!

Mountain Shadows Park is one great place you’ll find for snow tubing in Colorado Springs if you have little kids that are just getting the hang of it.

The park is located off Flying W Ranch road and offers space and smaller hills.

There are many hills throughout Colorado Springs that you could bring a tube to, but this one is great because it’s smaller and family-friendly.

Nearby Mountain Shadows Open Space offers slightly bigger hills if the littles want to advance to new territory.

Make sure to check your terrain before going down a hill and avoid trees.

You really could bring a tube to any of the great sledding areas in Colorado Springs (actually in Colorado Springs), but this is one of the great, popular places to go that the family will love.

Fine Arts Center- Downtown Colorado Springs

Looking for snow tubing in Colorado Springs in the downtown area? This is a great location so that you have plenty to do afterward.

Head to the Fine Arts Center where you’ll find a hill just to the west. You’ll find street side parking as well as green space and parks in the area.

This hill has a great, steeper angle to it, but allows time to slow down the ride by the bottom.

As this is another local hill and not a commercial hill, you’ll have to carry the tube back up yourself.

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Mueller State Park

From the center of Colorado Springs, Mueller State Park is located less that an hour away in Divide, CO. It makes for a perfect little day trip from the Springs, or just a quick getaway to get some tubing in.

A beautiful place to spend a warm summer day, Mueller offers great terrain for snow tubing in the winter.

This is the place where it’s a DIY snow tubing near Colorado Springs. There is no towing system set up…you’ll have to drag your tube up the hills on your own.

But it’s a great place with beautiful landscapes.

The best place to tube in Mueller State Park is Preacher’s Hollow. They also offer Elk Meadow, Peak View Hill, and School Pond as great places for tubing.

If you’d like some natural, non-commercialized snow tubing near Colorado Springs, try Mueller State Park.

Note: Bring your own tube. Mueller does not have tubes for rent.


Ski Resorts- Snow Tubing in Colorado Springs

If you are wanting to skip dragging your tube up the mountain, you’ll have to drive for it.

The best places to go snow tubing near Colorado Springs isn’t close. But the closest places where your tube can get a lift is at the ski resorts.

Monarch Snow Tubing

Monarch Mountain is down near Salida. It’ll take nearly 2-1/2 hours to get there. But then you can relax in the tube while you’re pulled back up the hill.

Kids over 6 (and over 36″) ride alone while younger/shorter kids ride with an adult.

Monarch’s tubing hill is open Fri/Sat/Sun and opens up for the season as soon as there is enough snow (typically mid December).

Keystone Snow Tubing

While many flock to Breckenridge for ski season, Breck does not offer tubing. However, nearby Keystone has a great tubing hill.

Keystone will take a little over 2 hours to get to from Colorado Springs for snow tubing.

The hill here is described as a place to “scream your face off.” So this is great for older kids. In fact, you have to be 42″ and at least 4 years old to ride, and must ride alone (no sharing tubes).

Frisco Adventure Park

Not far from Keystone is the Frisco Adventure Park. This isn’t a ski resort, but more of a fun winter activity zone.

Frisco Adventure Park offers tubing at a price that’s a little more affordable than the ski resorts, making it a great place for families paying for multiple tickets!

Riders must be 36″ tall and there is no sharing tubes (no lap riders).

The park offers a lift so you don’t have to drag your tube up.

It also offers varying steepness of hills, making it easy to find the just-right hill for each family member.

snow tubing hill, lanes made of snow with mountain ski runs behind

Photo by Kelsey, a local photographer

Copper Snow Tubing

Copper has a pretty well-known snow tubing hill. If you don’t mind driving 2 hours and 15 minutes from Colorado Springs for snow tubing, then you’ll have a blast here.

This is another place where you can’t share a tube with a parent. So the kids need to be at least 36″ tall and must ride alone.

Reserve a 1-hour time slot ahead of time to prepare for your snow tubing adventure.

Winter Park

Winter Park is another ski area that is about 2 hours and 10 minutes from Colorado Springs for snow tubing.

The cool thing about this tubing hill is that it’s open for a couple hours after dark with a special Glow tubing experience!

There are no age requirements for tubing, but you must be at least 36″ tall.

The hill comes with a covered conveyor belt lift back up the hill.

Check out Winter Park’s Coca Cola Hill.

Snow Tubing in Colorado Springs

While there aren’t any places for snow tubing in Colorado Springs specifically, you can find some great places if you are willing to drive a little.

If you have smaller kids that want to enjoy the adventure, head to Monarch where you can share a tube and everyone can join in the fun.

If you have older kids, save a tad bit of driving by heading to Keystone or Copper where they can ride in their own tube.

Or if you want more of a wilderness snow tubing experience near Colorado Springs with a much shorter drive, then Mueller State Park is the place for you!

There are many great activities to enjoy during winter in Colorado Springs. But snow tubing is always a great way to get outdoors in the beautiful coat of white snow.

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