Seven Bridges Hike in Colorado Springs – Perfect for Families

If you’re looking for fun hikes for kids in Colorado Springs, you should definitely go to the Seven Bridges trail. This trail has all the things you expect in a Colorado hike and it’s great to bring kids along. Check out why the Seven Bridges hike in Colorado Springs is perfect for the whole family!

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How to Get to Seven Bridges Hike

Seven Bridges trail is located in North Cheyenne Cañon park in Colorado Springs.

The park isn’t too far from the famous Broadmoor hotel, so if you’re staying there, this is a great little day hike.

From I-25, exit on Tejon Street. Tejon turns into Cheyenne Blvd, and you’ll take this to N Cheyenne Canyon Rd. Then turn right on Gold Camp Road. This will lead you into the park.

(Tip: Gold Camp Road is a popular fall drive in Colorado!)

Cheyenne Canyon Rd will wind up the mountain for a few miles and then you’ll officially be on Gold Camp Rd just a short time before you see a large parking lot on the left. It’s where the paved road turns into dirt road.


Gravel road you’ll walk on .7 miles

Accessing the Seven Bridges Trail

North Cheyenne Cañon Park is FREE to visit. It is a city park run by Colorado Springs and open to the public.

Once you are parked, head to the back of the lot where you see porta-potties. Just to the left, you’ll see a large dirt road.

You’ll walk along this dirt road for .7 miles before you access the trailhead to Seven Bridges.

This dirt road has some soft sand and gravel, but is overall easy. There isn’t much shade on this part of the hike.

Make sure to be aware of mountain bikers and other hikers…there will be lots!

After about .7 miles, you’ll turn onto the Seven Bridges trailhead, which is also marked as trail 622.


How Long is the Seven Bridges Trail?

It depends what you read!

All Trails lists Seven Bridges as 3.5 miles.

The pamphlet from the Visitor’s Center lists it as 4.4 miles.

My GPS read just over 3 miles.

Why are these so different?

Well, it could be because each measurement turned around at a different place.

If you turn around and head back at the seventh bridge, then the hike is around 3 miles round-trip. This is a common place where many people used to turn around.

The trail does keep going, though, after the seventh bridge. It mainly just connects to other trails, so many people just turn around at the seventh bridge. So the other measurements could be from continuing on the trail and picking a different turn around point.


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Is Seven Bridges Good for Kids?

Yes, of course. (Or else I probably wouldn’t include it on my blog 😉 ).

Here’s why Seven Bridges trail is great for kids:

I love taking hikes that are broken up into smaller segments somehow. A waterfall. A ruin to stop and look at. A lake or great view.

Seven Bridges has, well, seven bridges. This really helped break up the hike into smaller sections. My kids kept count of the number bridge we were at, and this really made the hike go by faster.

Another reason Seven Bridges is great for kids is because there are a few spots where you can get right next to the creek. There is something about water that really calls to kids (and adults, I admit).

It also kept them motivated to keep going and see who could spot the next bridge first.

Difficulty: This trail is all incline on the way there. It’s not too steep that the kids had any trouble though. The terrain is fairly easy and the trail is easy to navigate, making it one of the easy, family-friendly trails in Colorado Springs.


Why Seven Bridges is so Beautiful

Seven Bridges trail in Colorado Springs runs along North Cheyenne Creek. We hiked this in September, and even then there was plenty of water in the creek to enjoy.

There are a few places where you can go right up next to the water. This is the perfect time to dip your hands in a cool down a bit on a hot day!

You’ll see plenty of small waterfalls along the way up, keeping a beautiful scenery the whole time.

Since there are seven bridges, you obviously make a lot of water crossings.

Between the water, trees, and huge rock walls, Seven Bridges is a gorgeous place to hike in Colorado Springs.

Once you are at the seventh bridge, there is a little bench up to the right in a shady area. This is a great spot to have a little snack, get a drink, and rest for a minute.

OR you could flip a U-turn down to the creek and sit in that beautiful spot while you rest.

We even saw a guy who brought a hammock and was just swinging under the bridge.


Make this hike part of your Colorado Springs 3 Day Itinerary!


Can I Bring My Dog to Seven Bridges?

Yep! This is a great hike for dogs. The terrain isn’t too awful, there’s plenty of shade once you’re at the trailhead, and there is a creek along the trail for a good part of the way. Your dog will love this trail!

Just remember to pick up after your dog and keep him leashed.

Hotels Near Cheyenne Cañon Park

The Broadmoor – A luxurious hotel that’s gorgeous. On a golf course and has pretty much anything you’d ever want in a hotel.

Cheyenne Mountain Resort a 4-star resort with gorgeous pools, views, and more.

Courtyard sleep up to 5 in this more budget-friendly option

Seven Bridges Trail hike for families

Seven Bridges trail in Colorado Springs makes a great hike for families. Our kids handled it well, and we saw plenty of other kids on the trail as well. It’s one of the many beautiful trails in North Cheyenne Cañon park.

I always recommend bringing a few snacks, plenty of water, a hiking pack, and hats/sunglasses. That will help keep everyone happy on this hike full of beautiful views and running water.

Want more hiking? Check out nearby Red Rock Canyon Open Space!

How long is Seven Bridges Trail in N Cheyenne Cañon

The trail is just over 3 miles round trip if you turn around at the 7th bridge. Some people hike a little further, making the trail slightly longer.

Does Seven Bridge Trail Cost money?

No, Seven Bridges Trail in N Cheyenne Cañon is free to hike. In fact, all of N Cheyenne Cañon is free for public use.

How do I get to Seven Bridges Trail?

From I-25, exit on Tejon Street. Tejon turns into Cheyenne Blvd, and you’ll take this to N Cheyenne Canyon Rd. Then turn right on Gold Camp Road. This will lead you into the park. Up a few miles on Gold Camp road is a larger dirt parking lot on the left. You will access Seven Bridges Trail here.

Are dogs allowed on the Seven Bridges hike in N Cheyenne Cañon?

Yes, dogs are welcome on the Seven Bridges hike. They must be leashed, and remember to clean up after them.

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