Best Roxborough State Park Hikes for Families

There are some beautiful Roxborough State Park hikes for kids. Luckily, if you’re staying in the Denver area, you don’t even have to drive too far to see one of the most beautiful Colorado state parks.

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Roxborough State Park in Colorado makes a great day trip from Denver. While Garden of the Gods is a beautifully stunning place to discover red rock formations, it might not fit in your itinerary.

If that’s the case, Roxborough State Park is an excellent choice. Actually, we find it just as stunning as Garden of the Gods, but in different ways. If you’re looking for fun, easy hikes to do with kids around Denver, make sure to check out Roxborough State Park hikes for kids, one of many beautiful state parks in Colorado!

We visited here two weeks in a row in order to try out multiple trails. We loved how different the trails were, offering different levels for all ages.

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Where is Roxborough State Park Located

How to get to Roxborough State Park from Denver

Roxborough State Park is about 45 minutes south and slightly west of Denver. It sits just beyond Chatfield State Park off of Rampart Range Road. The quickest way to access it from Denver is to take I-25 south to Santa Fe, to C-470, to Wadsworth. That will turn into Waterton, and then go right on Rampart Range.

Roxborough State Park Fee

The beauty of Roxborough is that you really can’t see the stunning formations without being admitted to the park area, so it’s a pretty special site as you don’t drive by it in passing everyday.

Upon paying admission ($10/car), you drive down a partly dirt- and then later paved road. There is only one area to park it, which is made up of 3 different lots all right next to each other.

Roxborough State Park Capacity

Roxborough State Park does reach a maximum capacity. If that happens, cars will have to wait in line at the entrance. As one car exits the park, one will be allowed to enter. Since there are only 3 parking lots, there’s really nowhere to go anyway if they are full.

If you end up waiting in line forever at the entrance, it’s because the park is full and they are waiting until someone leaves. While initially this sounds like a pain, it was actually quite nice to be walking around the park without huge crowds. We felt like we had tons of space to ourselves.

deer on grass in front of large red rock at Roxborough State Park

Visitor Center and Bathrooms at Roxborough State Park

After you park, head up the road where you’ll see the start of a short trail. This will lead you to the Visitor’s Center. At the Visitor’s Center, there are indoor bathrooms (including accessible) as well as a drinking fountain with a bottle refill station.

Outside at the Visitor’s Center is a great area with a few tables. Next time I visit, I’ll be bringing a picnic to eat at the tables, as they are accompanied by incredible views.

The Visitor’s Center is the hub and center of where all the trails start.

Roxborough State Park Map

You will get a map upon entry. If you’d like to look ahead of time, here is a map to plan your hikes.

Great Roxborough State Park Hikes for Kids

Here are a few great Roxborough State Park trails that are great for the whole family.

Fountain Valley Loop Trail

Distance: 2.6 miles

Difficulty: Easy

There is plenty of trail space for all abilities at Roxborough. We did the Fountain Valley Loop Trail and the kids did great on it. The Fountain Valley Trail is made of some dirt road, but quickly turns into a groomed gravel trail.

Strollers can easily participate on this trail (off-road strollers like a Bob stroller is what we used and will be easier than an around-town type of stroller).

Fountain Valley Trail at Roxborough State Park, gravel path with red rock formations to the left

A Packed down gravel trail is easy for kids to walk on or to push a good stroller on in Roxborough State Park

Shortly after you leave the Visitor’s Center area, you’ll come upon the Fountain Valley Overlook. While stroller can’t make it up here easily, it is a very short walk up to the overlook. The views are worth taking the kids up here, as you can really see the whole ridge of formations stretch far and wide.

kids admiring the red rock formations at Roxborough State Park
kids running on trail toward red rock formations in Roxborough State Park

Continuing on the trail, head to the left at the split (You can go either way really, it’s a loop). Here you will pass by all the stunning, red rock formations. The green grasses leading up to the red rock make the perfect, colorful backdrop for a few (or lots of) photos.

Take your time and really enjoy just how grand these rocks are. One sign pointed out that even though the rocks look strong and durable, they are actually quite fragile.

It’s amazing that they are strong enough to last and provide beauty for generations, and yet fragile enough to be able to be shaped by the elements. Make sure to stop and look back along the trail for incredible views as well.

family walking on the gravel trail in Roxborough State Park

The trail goes for nearly a mile along the red rock backgrounds before it begins to loop back to the start. At the point of return, there’s a little historical house called Persse Place. You can peek through the windows and find an old fireplace, tools, and a couch to bring it back to its historical glory.

historic home in Roxborough State Park

Good to Know:

Overall, the Fountain Valley Loop is a little over 2 miles and the easiest of the Roxborough State Park hikes for kids.

Bring Water! There is not really any shade along this trail and it gets hot.

Kids can totally do this trail. There are plenty of flowers, shiny rocks, and things to look at to keep the kids happy when they aren’t busy enjoying the scenery.

The Fountain Valley Loop Trail is pretty walkable for kids or anyone looking for an easier trail. It’s not a dirt single-track with rocks sticking up everywhere (exception is if you take the Overlook detours).

The trail along the formations is pretty flat. On the way back (the east side of the loop) it does ascend a little. The really young ones may want a stroller to take breaks in.

Lyons Overlook

Distance: 1.7 miles (if you only go to the overlook and back)

Difficulty: Easy

You can’t get a stroller up Lyons Overlook, but it really is an easy hike in Roxborough State Park for kids. You get some good climbing and great views.

As the Fountain Valley Loop trail returns back to the start, you won’t be able to see the red rock formations as much, but there are still beautiful views, wildflowers, and great scenes to appreciate. Along the trail back is a lookout point called Lyons Overlook.

This detour is a little over a quarter-mile and goes up, up to the top, but provides a great point of view for the red rock formations. And, on the way back it’s all downhill.

You can also access this overlook by beginning the Fountain Valley Loop in a counter-clockwise direction from the start.

Lyons Overlook trail:

South Rim Trail

Distance: 2.8 miles

Difficulty: Easy/moderate

I would say South Rim is the other main Roxborough State park hike that is pretty family-friendly. However, it is not stroller friendly.

South Rim Trail is about 3 miles and creates a loop. Begin the trail near the visitors center. The trail is very well marked, so it’s easy to follow the signs to stay on the trail. South Rim provides more great views of the red rock formations, but from afar.

view of Roxborough State Park from South Rim Trail

The trail is a dirt trail, often a single-track width. It runs through a bit of foliage and does incline for the first half. It’s not terribly steep though. For these reasons, I would make sure that your kids are old enough to walk it or that you have a carry pack / back pack to carry really little ones. My youngest was 4 when we did this trail, and she did just fine on this trail.

kids hiking on South Rim Trail in Roxborough State Park
kids hiking on South Rim Trail in Roxborough State Park

There are lots of benches along the trail to take a rest at and enjoy a snack. Plus, it’s great motivation to keep the kids going to pull out some food! Just make sure you pack up and carry-out every last thing that you bring.

This trail has some incline, but other than that, it’s one of the Roxborough State Park trails that are pretty easy for kids.

Willow Creek Trail

Distance: 1.4 miles

Difficulty: Easy

The Willow Creek Trail makes a small loop (under 2 miles) at the bottom of the park area. Beginning at the Visitor’s Center, follow the signs for Willow Creek. You will wind through a dirt trail covered in scrub oak.

While this trail is dirt, it has minimal elevation and is shorter than other trails, making it one of the great Roxborough State Park hikes for kids. You will also be able to walk across a small bridge over the creek. It will be fuller in spring and drier in fall. While this trail is pretty, short, and easy, it doesn’t necessarily get you the great views of the other mentioned trails.

small creek

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Mount Falcon Open Space

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Eldorado State Park in Boulder

Great Roxborough State Park Hikes for Kids

Those are the most family-friendly trails at Roxborough State Park in Colorado. It’s always nice to find some great hikes for kids before you travel.

Which Roxborough State Park hikes will you do with your kids? For more about park info and hours, check out Roxborough State Park’s webpage.

We personally loved the Fountain Valley Loop when our kids were really young. They did great on the South Rim trail as well, though a little harder. No matter what trail you go on, you’ll get a fun time filled with beautiful views while on Roxborough State Park trails.

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    1. Thanks Linda! Roxborough is a great alternative if you can’t make it down to Colorado Springs. Or great just if you have the time. It’s gorgeous!

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