Review of Las Espuelas Hotel in Liberia, Costa Rica

When we took our family vacation to Costa Rica, we decided to stay a night in Liberia. As Liberia is one of the main airports in Costa Rica, there were plenty of places to choose from to stay. We decided to stay at Las Espuelas hotel in Liberia. Here is my complete review of Las Espuelas so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your family vacation to Costa Rica.

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Budget Hotels in Liberia

We mainly chose Las Espuelas because it was very affordable. We are a family of 6, so we had to get 2 rooms, but even 2 rooms was more affordable than other hotels.

Where is Las Espuelas Hotel in Liberia Located?

Las Espuelas hotel is located right in Liberia off highway 1. It is just south of the main downtown area.

Check-in Experience at Las Espuelas

Check-in was very easy and quick. The girl at the desk was friendly as well.

At the check-in desk, there is a QR code for getting access to the internet. You can do this while checking in or at any other time if someone else in your party needs access. The property isn’t huge, so it’s easy to walk from your room to the front desk if you realize you need internet.

There is a lobby area for your kids to sit in while you check in.

I’ll also note here that the whole staff at Las Espuelas was very kind and responsive. We had a few minor issues in our rooms (burnt out lightbulbs, etc.) and they were quick to respond and fix the issue.

Las Espuelas hotel Liberia room

The Rooms at Las Espuelas Hotel in Liberia

The rooms had exactly what we needed and nothing more (well, it had a TV too).

The rooms at Las Espuelas are small. We got a room with a double bed and a single bed. The front wall had a small desk/counter area, coffee, and a TV. There was even a little closet with hangers inside. Rooms also had A/C that worked great.

The bathroom was a typical but smaller bathroom. The shower had a soap dispenser, but no shampoo/conditioner.

I wouldn’t call Las Espuelas a chic or fancy hotel. It definitely could use some basic upgrades. However, remember that is was a budget hotel, so we didn’t feel disappointed by any lack of upgrades.

Extra Amenities at Las Espuelas Hotel in Liberia, Costa Rica

Once we stepped outside our rooms, we were pretty impressed at what Las Espuelas offered.

Las Espuelas hotel Liberia pool

The Pool at Las Espuelas

The pool at Las Espuelas was pretty big. It was nice and clean and had a cool river-rock look on the bottom (it was not actually rock). There was a kiddie-pool and a shower to rinse off in before.

Las Espuelas hotel Liberia gardens
Las Espuelas hotel Liberia turtle

The Gardens at Las Espuelas

All throughout the interior of the hotel, which is open air, we found little gardens. It really made the hotel feel pretty and cared for. We even saw a garden area with turtles in it.

Las Espuelas Hotel Liberia playground

Kid’s Play Area

Las Espuelas is located right off the road, so while outside you will hear a little traffic.

We thought it was really nice that trees were all around the outdoor area, though. There was even some swings and a great outdoor area for walking and running around. This is such a great space for kids to get some wiggles out.

The Restaurant at Las Espuelas

We didn’t eat out at typical restaurants in Costa Rica (we usually just ate at Sodas). But when we drove over to Liberia, we didn’t feel like going out again, so we chose to eat at the onsite restaurant.

We thought since it was a budget hotel, we would get budget-hotel food. But the restaurant was actually really good!

The menu had a great selection on it. You could eat inside or in the open air area.

Las Espuelas hotel Liberia breakfast

Breakfast at Las Espuelas

I love finding hotels where breakfast is included. The day starts out so much easier and quicker…plus, it usually saves money.

The breakfast at Las Espuelas has two choices. You can go to the small buffet which offered breads and cereals. Or you can order the hot breakfast.

The hot breakfast (for us, anyway) included eggs, rice and beans, ham, and plantains.

We all ordered the hot breakfast, and then a couple of my kids went over to the buffet as well.

Las Espuelas pros and cons

Should you stay at Las Espuelas in Liberia, Costa Rica?

If you are visiting Liberia and hoping to find a resort-style experience, Las Espuelas probably isn’t for you.

But if you are visiting Liberia and planning to be out all day and use your hotel solely for sleeping, Las Espuelas fits the bill, literally. It’s a great price-point for getting you what you need.

It’s a great budget hotel in Liberia with extra amenities outside your room.

Is Las Espuelas hotel in Liberia a place you would stay?

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  1. We traveled to Costa Rica about 10 years ago and loved it. We hope to go again in the next year. The Las Espuelas sounds perfect for us: we’re always looking for affordable options, and we barely spend any time in our room other than when we’re asleep.

  2. Convenient, clean and inexpensive; all you need. Las Espuelas Hotel in Liberia is definitely a place we could lay our heads.

  3. This sounds like a perfect place to stay for someone like me! I haven’t been to Costa Rica. I definitely will be adding this place to my future travel plans.

  4. It looks like a good affordable hotel and it’s always good when the staff are helpful and responsive. Breakfast looks yum and always a good way to start the day when you can stuff your face when it’s included!

  5. I definitely appreciate a good budget hotel – this seems like exactly what I would’ve looked for if I’d stayed in Liberia when I visited Costa Rica. There are so many resort options but it can be hard to find good affordable places that aren’t hostels!

  6. Las Espuelas sounds perfect to me! I just need a budget-friendly bed to sleep in because I don’t spend much time in my hotel room 🙂

  7. What an excellent review of the Las Espuelas Hotel in Costa Rica. We have not been to that destination, and it looks phenomenal.

  8. Great review of Las Espuelas Hotel. Sounds like a perfect option when visiting Liberia. I know I’d be doing lots of exploring, so room size wouldn’t be as important.

  9. That’s awesome that their food ended up being really good too! I’d love to go back to Costa Rica someday and don’t plan on spending much time at the lodging other than sleeping, so this looks like a great budget find!

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