Preschool Valentine Lesson Plans

My little girl and I have so much fun celebrating Valentine’s Day together. We’ve already done some great baking and Valentine Crafts, and now I want to share some fun Preschool plans for Valentine’s Day! This Valentine’s Preschool lesson is full of fun. We love having a sensory bin in every lesson, so along with a sensory bin is some math, letters, and crafts! We’d love you to join us 😉.

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The History of Valentine’s Day

We always think of Valentine’s Day as the day to show and celebrate love. But do you know why? Where did Valentine’s Day get started?

There are a few stories or legends about how Valentine’s Day began. One is that St. Valentine was a priest who performed marriages in secret, even though the Emperor Claudius II had outlawed marriage in an effort to make more men soldiers.

Another story is that Valentine was an imprisoned man who fell in love with a young lady who visited him often in prison. He was sentenced to death, but before dying, he wrote a love letter to the young lady and signed it “From your Valentine.”

No one knows the historical accuracy of these stories, but the legend of them conveys both sympathy and romance!

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

I love using sensory bins in preschool. What seems like a really simple thing ends up being tons of fun for my daughter!

For this Valentine’s Sensory bin, we used some cotton balls, red beads, a red spiky toy, and a few scoops. As simple as this sounds, my daughter loves playing with the beads and “measuring” them out in her scoops.

Preschool Valentine Theme sensory bin, cotton balls and beads

We use some silver-colored scoops, as well as a protein powder scoop and they work great!

Valentine’s Day Themed MATH- for Preschoolers

Heart Shaped Counting

For this math activity, all you need is some red or pink paper, a marker, and some little counters. We used red beads, but you could use cereal, M&Ms, counters or anything else small (don’t use anything the child could choke on, of course).

First, fold your piece of paper in half and cut out 10 hearts, about the size of your palm. Then mark each heart with a number, 1-10. Give the child plenty of counting pieces and let them practice number recognition and counting as they place X number of counters on the corresponding heart!

This is a simple, easy, budget-friendly way to do some Valentine Math with your preschooler!

Preschool Valentine Theme counting activity

Math Lesson in Symmetry

This mini-lesson is fun because it involves a small amount of arts and crafts, which my daughter always loves! Prep by cutting out a heart (use the fold-the-paper-in-half method and cut out half a heart along the fold. This will ensure the heart is, in fact, symmetrical!) Then, pick out a color or two of acrylic paint.

Begin with a simple explanation of symmetry; symmetry is when you make an imaginary line down the middle of something, it mirrors itself on both sides!

First, point out how the heart itself is symmetrical. Then, let your little one make a couple dots of paint on ONE side of the heart. Fold the heart together down the middle and push around so the paint spreads.

Open the heart up and, wa-la! You have a beautiful, colorful, symmetrical heart!

Preschool Valentine Theme art activity for symmetry

Valentine Letter Recognition

Valentine Printable Alphabet Cards

I found these cute heart-letter cards years ago. They are fun and festive for Valentine’s Day, and my kids have all had fun using them! You can print two sets and play Memory (matching), finger-trace them, quiz each other with them, or anything else you love doing to help your child learn letters! Find these cute Valentine Letter Printables over at the Nurture Store website.

Valentine Letter Matching

This letter matching printable is great because it works with both capital and lower-case letters! Plus, your child can practice some cutting skills! The goal of this worksheet is to complete both halves of the heart! My daughter loved this one, and you can find this Free Valentine Letter Matching Worksheet from ABC Helping Hands on Teachers-Pay-Teachers.

Creative Valentine Crafts for Preschoolers

We do a lot of learning at preschool, but we mainly do crafts as that is what holds my daughter’s attention best (and, I think we can all agree that crafts are the most fun part of preschool!)

Penguin Valentine Craft

Preschool Valentine Theme penguin craft

Years ago, when I was doing preschool with my oldest child, I saw this adorable Penguin Craft in Parents Magazine. It looked really cute, and turned out not to be complicated at all! Unfortunately, the template isn’t on Parent’s website anymore (or at least, I couldn’t find it). So I’ve tried to free-hand a template using the cards we have already made to help. Take-it-or-leave-it 🙂 You can free-hand your own template as well. Here it is:

You’ll also need: Colored paper, Stickers, Google Eyes, Glue stick, a little prize or baggie of candy for the penguin to hug. (We used a flower, but have done candy bags in the past).

First- Print off and cut out the template. Then, trace the big piece onto a piece of paper (black or color of your choice). Then trace the smaller (figure-8-looking piece) on a piece of white paper. Glue the smaller piece on top of the bigger piece.

Next- Cut out little hearts from yellow paper. Use 2 little yellow hearts as the feet for the penguin, and glue them on. Cut out a yellow triangle (we did a double sided so it would look like the mouth was open, but you can do a 2-dimensional one) and glue it on as the beak.

Finally, glue on two googly eyes! Then you can set a little prize or bag of candy on the penguin, wrap the arms around like a hug, and use a sticker to connect the arms!

Preschool Valentine Theme penguin craft

Love Birds Craft for Preschool

This bird craft is pretty fun to make, but also fun to play with! It has quickly become one of my daughter’s favorite things to play with, and she even named her bird “Flappy” and runs around the house flying Flappy around.

Preschool Valentine Theme  love bird craft

You’ll need:

  • styrofoam balls
  • Acrylic Paint and a paintbrush
  • Wood popsicle stick (or toothpick, if your child is old enough to be safe with it!)
  • Colored Gems (or google eyes, if you’d rather)
  • Yellow Paper
  • Colored Craft Feathers
  • Scissors, glue bottle
  • A Potato or piece of foam (optional, for display)

How To Make the Love Birds

Take your popsicle stick and push it into the bottom of the styrofoam ball. This will make it easier to paint without getting your fingers messy, as well as making it easy to fly the bird around later and play 🙂

Choose which color you’d like to paint your bird. Squirt a little paint at a time onto the styrofoam ball and brush it all around until the ball is covered. Let dry completely!

While the paint is drying, cut out a little beak and two feet (we used heart-shaped feet) out of yellow paper.

Next, use a toothpick to “pre-drill” a hole on each side of the ball. Remove the toothpick and stick in a feather of your choosing. You can choose a feather similar to the color you painted, or you can get creative and make a colorful bird!

Once dry, glue on two sparkly-gem eyes and the beak on the front of the ball. On the bottom side, glue on the bird feet.

Preschool Valentine Theme  love bird craft demo

I made this alongside my child, so we had two birds when we were finished; a true set of love birds! We then stuck the sticks into a potato to display them. It didn’t last long though, as my daughter started flying her bird all over. Flappy is a great friend!

Did you enjoy these fun Valentine’s Activities for preschool? We hope your preschooler learned a lot and had some fun!

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