Preschool Apples Theme Lesson Plan- Hands on Fun!

At the beginning of the school year, I love starting preschool with a fun Apple Theme. Here are a few hands-on learning activities about apples your preschooler will love. There are tons of cool apple printables and work pages to do if you do a quick search on Pinterest. In addition to many of those fun pages, here are some fun hands-on activities to learn about apples. Check out the fun apple tasting, apple science activity, and fun books about apples for preschool.

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apple theme preschool pin green apples in left box, cut apple top right, black apple seeds on white paper towel in middle, chopped up apples on bottom

Apple Science Activities for Preschool

Apple Chemistry

There are a few things you can do for a fun apple science activity for preschool. In the past, we’ve done reactions with apples using this cool blogpost from Pre-Kpages. This is fun to see what happens to the apples in different solutions.

Preschool apple theme science experiment, chopped up apples going into containers

Apple Anatomy

We also make sure to look at the anatomy of an apple. To do this, buy any kind of apple you like (that way you can eat it). Talk about the anatomy of an apple and what your preschooler should look for. You can use this little apple diagram from Ms. Rivas blog Then slice the main parts off around the core. Keep slicing until you break through to the seed pockets. Once you’ve reached the apple seeds, show your preschooler the inside and talk about the seeds, stem, core. The seeds grow inside the fruit, the core provides structure and a place for the seeds, and the stem is where it was attached to the tree. This is a fun hands-on preschool science activity about apples that really keeps their attention, plus they get to have a snack 🙂

Preschool apple theme cross sectioned apple exposing seeds

Apple Tasting Activity and Printable

Apples is a really fun theme because kids love to eat, so there are plenty of eating activities where you can also learn! I created this apple tasting sheet so we could have another little, delicious science experiment. To do this, buy as many different kinds of apples as you can find (or want to) at the store. Just one of each will do. Then print off the free apple tasting printable (linked right below here). Cut each apple into slices, keeping track or labeling which is which kind. Then one at a time, take a bite of each apple and rate it on the tasting sheet.

Preschool apple theme taste test, 7 cut up apples

Kids will have fun trying new varieties of apples. There are a few I hadn’t even tried before, so it was fun to branch out a little!

Enjoy tastings? Check out my Chocolate Tasting Free Printable!

Cooking with Apples in Preschool

My preschooler loves to be in the kitchen. All my kids have loved it, so it’s always fun to incorporate some sort of cooking into a preschool unit. Having an Apple Theme Preschool Unit made it easy to find a recipe! Find your own favorite recipe and let your preschooler help measure, dump, and mix as you make an apple recipe. We did a few recipes with apples, including cinnamon apple chips (all my kids LOVED these), apple muffins, and homemade apple sauce.

girl stirring apples in a slow cooker

Stirring the applesauce

Sensory Bin for a Preschool Apple Theme

I love sensory bins. I love the creative, active play that all my kids have done when I create a new bin. They have quickly become a favorite activity of my kids as well. Even the older ones will come home from school and play with my preschooler.

Preschool apple theme sensory bin, black beans with toilet paper roll trunk trees

The Apple Theme Sensory bin was a fun one! This fun apple orchard sensory bin has been really fun for my preschooler, and she’ll play with it for a while. We made some little trees out of toilet paper rolls, green foam, and red fuzzies. Then we put them in a big bin with a bunch of dry black beans, creating the “soil” in the orchard, or it kinda replicates a bunch of apple seeds. The black beans really come in handy with a lot of the printables we do as well, since we use them for “apple seeds” for counting.

Too add more elements, I added full-size, fake apples. I also bought little mini metal buckets to scoop up the beans. My kids love having something to scoop with, and these little buckets seemed to fit the apple theme.

Preschool Books about Apples and Hands-On Activities

There are so many books about apples for preschool that you can choose from! I like to do both some just-for-fun books, as well as educational.

Preschool apple theme books

Educational Book about Apples (and an activity)

For an educational focus on apples, we read Johnny Appleseed. This is an easy, educational story about who Johnny Appleseed was and his role in all the apple orchards across America. As an activity to go with it, we then planted some apple seeds of our own. Apple seeds can have a low germination rate, so it is recommended to wash and dry the seeds and place them in a zip-loc bag with a wet paper towel for 6 weeks. Since the germination rate is low, make sure to put a lot of seeds in for better chances. This should help the seeds begin to sprout. After the 6 weeks, you can plant them in a small pot with dirt like any other seed.

Preschool apple theme science, seeds in a plastic bag

Obviously, this is also a great lesson in patience! If you are able to plan ahead (and are reading this well in advance of your preschool lesson), start the seeds now so there isn’t as much time to wait for your preschooler.

Here are a few other educational books about apples:

Fun Books about Apples

My daughters love Fancy Nancy. Luckily, there is a book about Nancy’s class visiting an apple orchard, so we read this a lot. The book talks about apples in a general sense, but also teaches a great lesson in listening and following rules to stay safe.

There are lots of fun books about apples, here are a few others to check out at Amazon (or of course, at your local library!)

Note: Ten Apples Up on Top! is a good one to have because has lots of fun activities and worksheets to go along with it with a quick Pinterest search.

Hands-on Apple Activities for Preschool

Hopefully you’ve gotten a few, or many, ideas for hands-on learning. Doing a preschool apple theme is a lot of fun. There’s plenty to eat, read, and play with with a Apple Preschool theme!

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