New Year’s Goals for Kids

New Year’s goals can be fun to come up with, or they can seem a little challenging. I decided to make a fun New Year’s goal printable for the kids this year so they can see the fun in setting goals! While I’m sure kids can have fun and be creative in setting their goals (“My goal is to get a new puppy!”), I decided I should provide a little guidance in goal-setting.

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While thinking about the kinds of things that would make the coming-year a little more worthwhile and a little more fun, I decided on 3 main categories for goal-setting: health, learning, and home. These are simple categories that kids can easily come up with some ideas for and areas we can all improve in.

Goals for Better Health

With COVID going on all year, extracurricular activities have been far-and-few-in-between. Going to school has changed, which means less recess and PE and less playing with friends. I’ve noticed my kids haven’t moved quite as much (with the exception of my son, who is always moving.) I realize that they need to be a little more physically active lately, which is why our first goal prompt includes thinking of ways to take care of your body. Whether they would like to choose to eat healthier, move more, get more sleep (this could be a great goal for older teens!), or drink more water, they can pick anything to help them feel better and healthier!

Note: when setting goals with children, try not to choose “lose weight,” as we always want the child to have a healthy body image. Instead, try a goal that promotes a healthy behavior.

Goals for New and/or Improved Skills

I’ve already mentioned how extracurricular activities may have taken a slide during the past year. That doesn’t mean your child can’t keep learning at home. Learning a new skill can be fun and improve a child’s confidence. What’s more, some skills cross-over into other areas of life! For instance, learning a musical instrument can really help with math skills!

There are so many opportunities to learn a new skill at home. Your child can learn to cook or bake and maybe have a goal of making dinner for the family (hey, win-win for everyone!) There are lots of kid-friendly cookbooks to get started with. We have quite a few kids’ cookbooks. Our favorites are the Disney Princess Cookbook (my daughter can make the best bread from this cookbook) and my son loves this Star Wars Cookbook (he loves the burritos and Sandtrooper Sandies). My younger daughter enjoys smoothies and muffins in the Sesame Street Let’s Cook Cookbook, and they all love cooking from the Young Chefs book.

They can work on learning a new language (my daughter is teaching herself French from a FREE website called

They can practice athletic skills by playing soccer in the back yard or try to beat their time on a running sprint. If they don’t know how yet, they can set a goal to learn how to ride a bike and practice every week.

Kids can learn a new instrument, too! If you have an instrument at home, pick that and find some great tutorials on YouTube, or find a local music teacher. I play the piano, so I’ve been teaching my two older kids. They have really enjoyed being able to play Christmas Carols on the piano all season. We also picked up a child-size violin off of VarageSale (a local buying/selling app) and went to to learn some basics. No instrument? Look up some voice lesson instructors and find someone doing Zoom or in-person lessons.

On a more educational level, kids can work on their coding skills. Coding skills are always in demand, so why not start early in a fun way? My kids have used, but there are so many sites you can use. Coding classes are also becoming a popular local-class. Look up where your local coding program is, where many offer a free-trial class.

There are so many skills and talents that you can learn, both at home or at a nearby location.

Making Home a Better Place

Lockdown has been hard on everyone for lots of reasons. One thing I’ve noticed is all the together-time we’ve had. I absolutely love being together and having the kids home all the time. But…because they are home all the time, they are with each other all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. When they don’t get their time away from each other or from home, they get a little stir-crazy. Whether it’s fighting or not listening, the level of peace in the home has decreased. I hope it’s not just me. Please tell me it’s not just me.

So thank you, COVID, for making inspiring me with this guidance in goal-setting for making home a better place.

Some suggestions for goals to make home a better place might be finding a way to help a sibling with something everyday, being the first to volunteer to help mom or dad everyday, making sure your room is clean every day (okay, that might be a stretch for some kids), stepping-up with chores, doing chores without being asked, really the sky is the limit here. There are so many ways to be helpful and make home a more peaceful place.

Get the Free Goal Sheet!

Hopefully these suggestions have been helpful in finding great New Year’s Goals for Kids. Do some brainstorming, and then get to the fun of writing down everyone’s goals on their goal sheet. Then, each week you can print out a new goal tracker page to reflect and keep track of how each child is keeping their goal!

Grab a goal sheet (you can set some goals with the kids, too!) and celebrate the New Year by making some goals the whole family can participate in!

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What goals will you be striving for this year? Share below!

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