How to Make Heart String Art for Kids

A fun and easy Valentine craft for kids is making a heart string art design! This fun craft is great for kids! String art is fun, vibrant, and creative for older kids. It also works on fine and gross motor skills for younger kids. I wouldn’t recommend this for a toddler, but this string art is great for preschoolers, grade school, and teens!

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What Supplies are Needed for String Art?

If you are going for high-quality, great quality, I recommend using a piece of wood and some nails (pounded in by an adult, of course!) In our home, this project was done with minimal, easy, affordable supplies. We used:

  • embroidery floss
  • cardboard and / or foam
  • sewing pins
  • A piece of Colored paper for a colorful background
  • heart template found here:

We kept it simple for a fun, festive, Valentine’s Day display. The top of an old shoebox works great because the pins will go in easily, and will provide a stable material that will stay in place while you pin. Foam will work great for the same reason. Aim for a dense piece of foam, as the pins will hold better. Or, feel free to grab a piece of wood board and some nails.

How To Make Heart String Art

Now that you have some supplies gathered, you can begin crafting! Choose a colored piece of paper and glue it on top of your surface (we used a box).

red paper

Print and cut out the heart template (above). We used the largest heart, but you can use smaller if you’d like. Just make sure it will fit on your piece of cardboard. Use a couple pins to hold the template in place. Then, push in some sewing pins into the cardboard. You don’t want to push them all the way in; just enough that they will stay in place. We pinned ours about 1/3 to 1/2 inch apart.

red paper with pins around a heart template

Once all your pins are in place, remove the template from the paper.

pins in the shape of a heart on red paper

Next, take the embroidery floss and make a slip knot and tighten it around the bottom pin. If you can’t make a slip knot, just tie the string carefully around the bottom with two knots.

string attached to a pin

Designing the String Art

Next is the fun part. Randomly pull the string around one pin to another and go to town! Just make sure the string doesn’t pass through any “out-of-bounds” space, such as from the top of the heart on the left side to the top of the heart on the right side, as this will ruin the shape of the design.

Tip: sometimes the thread can slip around, so use one finger to hold the string down while you wrap from one pin to another.

string zig zagging across pins in a heart shape
strings crossing over each other to make a heart shape

It looks a bit of a mess while making the string art. Just keep going, making sure that you get string around each and every nail! Eventually, it will all come together and look like a beautiful heart! Just tie off the string, trim the tail from the original knot, and you’ve got a great, Valentine’s Heart String Art!

completed heart string art

This craft is great for kids! They will have fun watching the design come together. I love that it doesn’t cost a ton, can be done with supplies on hand, and creates a fun decoration.

My daughter has tons of embroidery floss for when she makes friendship bracelets, so we had some on hand already. But if you are need of some, here are some great packs, both small and large.

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