How to Make a Stuffed Heart Decoration

Are you looking for a fun Valentine’s Day craft that the kids can do themselves? This fun, snuggly heart decoration is super easy to make and uses just a couple supplies! This kids craft is fun and easy and leaves the kids with a fun prize at the end!

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With only a few easy, cheap supplies, your child can make this cute stuffed heart within about a half-an-hour. The younger ones might need a little help, and the older ones should be pretty self-sufficient when it comes to making it.

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We used felt sheets to make this heart. It was cheap and easy, though if you’d like a bigger, softer heart, you can also buy large pieces of fleece. When the heart is bigger and softer, it can be used as a cute stuffed-heart pillow instead of just a decoration. I think we’ll definitely buy fleece and batting next time to make a big, snuggly heart. But for a stuffed heart decoration, the felt worked just fine 🙂

Supplies for a Stuffed Heart

stuffed heart supplies: red felt, pink felt, scissors, pen, template
  • Two Pieces of Felt- same or different colors OR large pieces of fleece
  • A couple handfuls of cotton balls for small decoration OR cotton batting for larger hearts
  • scissors
  • heart template below: (or free-hand drawn heart for extra large size)

How to Make the Stuffed Heart

These directions are for making a small stuffed heart decoration. If you are aiming for a large pillow, the directions are the same, except you will cut out a much larger heart that you need to draw free-hand.

Trace the template

First, print out the heart template and cut out the largest heart. Place the template on top of the fleece and trace. Then, draw 2-inch lines that extend out from the heart tracing all around the outside of the heart. (3 to 4 inches for larger, fleece hearts.) These lines should be about a half-inch apart. Connect all the lines on the outside to make a larger heart outline.

Cut the Heart

With the two pieces of felt together, cut out the largest perimeter of the heart. You need to keep the felt pieces together so that they are the same exact shape and size. Felt sticks together pretty well, so it should be pretty easy to keep together.

girl cutting out felt for Valentine's craft

Keeping the now-cut hearts together, cut along all the lines that extend out from the small heart to the larger heart shape. These will be the pieces that we tie together.

felt heart with notches in it

Tying the Heart

Be careful to keep the hearts together, and begin to tie the two pieces of felt together using the cut-out strips. Tie two knots with each set of strips.

girl tying fabric
girl tying fabric stuffed heart
kids putting cotton into a stuffed heart

Once you about 3/4 of the way around tying, stuff in some cotton balls so the heart has a good, plump shape to it.

Finish tying the rest of the heart.

view of stuffing inside fabric

This cute heart decoration can be hung on the door, set on the couch, or played with like a soft ball or bean bag for games.

This craft really works with pincer and fine-motor skills and is great for developing hand strength in kids. It’s also a great craft to do together to get in the Valentine spirit!

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