How to Host a Harry Potter Themed Party – Fun Activities and Food

We really enjoy the Harry Potter series and my kids have started listening to the audiobooks. Because of the grand-ol’-coronavirus, I was trying to think of fun theme days for my kids back when we were on lockdown. First I did Hawaiian Day, but then I thought a trip to Hogwarts would be super fun, so I planned this easy Harry Potter themed party!

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First, the kids each got a little suitcase to load up with supplies from Diagon Alley, and then we began!

Harry Potter Themed Party Decorations

Diagon Alley Back Drop

Diagon Alley from Harry Potter

I used this picture from when we visited the real Harry Potter WB studio in England. I used this as inspiration and drew Diagon Alley as best I could on some butcher paper:

Drawing of Diagon Alley

I use butcher paper for SO. MANY. THINGS. If you are planning to do a bunch of arts, crafts, projects, scenery, theme-days, etc. I highly recommend grabbing some. It has come in handy way more than I thought! Here are a few, from 100 ft, 176 ft and 200 ft.

Platform 9 and 3/4 backdrop

Platform 9 3/4 Harry Potter Day at home

Brick wall for platform 9-3/4 in the background

How to Make Platform 9 and 3/4

  • butcher paper
  • crayons or markers

I made a large brick wall out of paper and crayons. There are fun tapestries you can order off Amazon for this as well, but I figured it was easy enough to just draw some bricks. I cut two long pieces of butcher paper and taped them together down the middle at the TOP SECTION ONLY. Then I flipped it over and just started drawing brick patterns. Tip: turn the crayon sideways/horizontal to color quicker. It does take a bit of time to color it all!

Harry Potter Party Theme Activities – Preparing for Hogwarts

Girl painting a paper wand for Harry Potter Day at home

How to Make EASY Harry Potter Wands

For Wandmaking, you’ll need:

  • Piece of paper (preferably white)
  • Hot Glue Gun (used only by adults 🙂 )
  • Paint/brush/water- any color you choose

We started in Diagon Alley by picking out (making) wands. My kids were split between making a Harry Potter wand or a Hermione Granger wand.

Have everyone get a piece of regular printer paper. Then, starting at one corner, roll it diagonally. This will make it longer than what the paper really is. Then glue (or tape) it together at the edge.

Then take the hot glue gun and asked them what design they wanted on their wand. Most wanted just a swirly design down the length of the wand. I glued said-design and we let the wands rest for a few minutes until the glue dried and hardened.

Then the kids get to paint the wands. When you paint over the hardened glue, it makes a cool design as if the raised part is part of the wand already. Allow to dry! This was really fun.

harry potter azkaban Harry Potter Day at home

Photo Op: Harry Potter Azkaban Wanted Poster

This was a fun photo-op with the kids, and they got to make their scary faces for it.

Making this wanted poster was pretty easy. I used old cardboard (from a shipping box or from an old pizza box!) and cut out a frame. Then I just painted it white, and glued on the poster words!

origami owl for Harry Potter Day at home

How to Make Messenger Owls for Harry Potter Themed Party

To make Messenger Owls for your Harry Potter themed party, you’ll need:

  • colored paper
  • Youtube

Then we got some fun colors of construction paper and looked up a Youtube tutorial on making an owl. We put these in our suitcase. Since they took some time to figure out, our wands were mostly dry by now as well. We threw these in our suitcase and made our way to the train.

Breaking Through Platform 9-3/4 at the Harry Potter themed party

Platform 9  3/4 Harry Potter Day at home

Now that you have all your supplies from Diagon Alley ready, each person takes a turn with their suitcase breaking through the middle of the two papers (where it’s NOT taped together). On the other side, the Hogwarts Express was waiting!

Hogwarts Express train Harry Potter Day at home

Head to School on the Hogwarts Express

How to make the train:

  • butcher Paper
  • crayons

I’m no artist, but luckily the Hogwarts Express is just a long rectangle with circular ends. I realize this train doesn’t look like the one in the Harry Potter Movies, but…it was easy and the kids got the point!

I simply drew a train longways on the butcher paper, sneaking peaks at the picture I had of the actual Hogwarts Express. I lined up some barstools and hung the train drawing in front.

broomstick snacks Harry Potter Day at home

Now’s the time for kids to board the train with their luggage and Hogwarts Express ticket (printable from Pinterest.) After a few minutes, I walk around with the snack cart.

I served up cheese and pretzel brooms (string cheese that is frayed and stuck on a pretzel stick), and chocolates. They enjoyed their snacks until we reached Hogwarts!

Hogwarts is where all the magic happens 🙂

Harry Potter Themed Activities – Once you arrive at Hogwarts

Learn at Harry Potter Potions Class

To enjoy the potions class, you’ll need

  • recycled bottles/jars
  • Baking soda
  • vinegar
  • Funnel
  • food coloring
  • Cool Potion Labels to glue on (there are so many to choose from on Pinterest)
kids putting ingredients into funnel/bottle for potions class of Harry Potter Day at home

Upon arrival, I turned on a Harry Potter channel on Pandora and we quickly got to potions class!

I had saved up random bottles and jars and glued on printable labels (check Pinterest).

Ahead of time, I put a bunch of baking soda in once container and dyed white vinegar in another.

I brought them out with the bottles and the kids used the funnel to combine different colored vinegar in each bottle with some baking soda. They watched the colorful mixture fizz up inside their bottles.

This is a really fun Harry Potter themed party idea for having a little messy, but not too messy, fun!

More Easy Harry Potter Activities for a Harry Potter Themed Party

Next you can do a few simple activities, like coloring Harry Potter Bookmarks, coloring and playing with Luna Lovegood paper dolls, and a fortune-telling class by making paper cootie catchers.

Next, practice spells with your wands!

We ate some Pumpkin Pasties while we colored (very easy to make!)

Play a Game of Quidditch

No Harry Potter Themed Party is complete without Quidditch!

You’ll have to prep the game a little before-hand. Here’s what you’ll need to make a Quidditch game:

  • 2 Paper towel tubes
  • Leftover cardboard (shipping box)
  • paint
  • glue
  • Yellow paint
  • Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolate balls
  • feathers
  • small ball (those small, light ones with holes in them are good because they aren’t hard and don’t hurt to get hit with!)

We ended the activities with a friendly game of Quidditch. I cut out quidditch hoops out of old cardboard, painted them yellow, and attached them to paper towel tubes. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked!

For the snitch, I glued a wing printout on each side of a Ferrero Rocher candy. But feathers work well too 🙂

These little snitches make great party bag gifts as well!

kids playing quidditch at a Harry Potter themed party

We split into teams and some players just tried to get the balls through the other persons hoop. Each team had a seeker that was trying to find the snitch I had hidden somewhere in the room.

At the end, they all got their own snitch to celebrate.

Harry Potter Food: What to Eat at a Harry Potter Themed Party

Here’s what our Harry Potter menu looked like:

We ended the night with a feast! The butterbeer was so good. My kids were very excited to get both ice cream AND soda as their drink that night 🙂 And it was fun going back to watch the Harry Potter movies and see Ron eating the chicken!

We also sugar-splurged and made Knickerbocker glory. At least that had a bunch of fruit, too.

feast with floating candles at the Harry Potter themed party

Harry Potter Feast Decorations

Of course I had to decorate appropriately for the feast, so we saved toilet paper rolls for weeks and I ended up dripping hot glue out the sides, painting them white, and attaching invisible string to them.

I hung them from the ceiling over the feast area, and put a few tea lights in them. It is so hard to appreciate in the picture, but it was really cool!

How to Have a Harry Potter Themed Party

Our Harry Potter themed party day was a success! The kids had a lot of fun with this and asked to do it again soon! I made sure to save all the decorations so we can celebrate Harry Potter again soon! Will you be doing a fun Harry Potter Day at home?

Make Your Harry Potter Party Even Easier

Short on time to get decorations up? Check out these Amazon picks to speed up the decorations

Save this to Pinterest!

harry potter themed party at home pin

Have you been to the WB studio outside of London? It was the best suggestion we got when we planned our trip! It was so much fun! Make sure to see it if you are in the area!

Must do when in London! Harry Potter tours

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