Glenwood Hot Springs With Kids- Pool Review

If you are heading to Glenwood Springs, Colorado then you have probably already heard about the hot springs. The pool in Glenwood is the largest hot springs pool in the world! It truly is so big. I felt a little hesitant about going to Glenwood Hot Springs with my kids. Would it be fun for them? Would I get bored in a big crowded pool?

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Here I provide a full Glenwood Hot Springs pool review from a family perspective.

I’ll tell you right now, despite wanting to leave when I heard the price, we were so glad we stayed. It was SUCH a fun time, and the kids had a blast.

So if you are debating going to Glenwood hot springs with kids, read on to decide if it’s worth a stop for your family. (It is!). There are a lot of fun things to do as you spend the day with the kids at the hot springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

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Review of Glenwood Hot Springs

Let’s start out right away with a review of going to Glenwood Hot Springs with kids.

As I mentioned in the intro, I definitely recommend going here, whether you are traveling solo, with friends, or with kids.

Pros: more than just a pool

I was ready to just soak in a pool for an hour or so and be done.

But we got there are realized there was a splash area for toddlers, a cool lazy river/waterslide for kids (and adults), and a diving board area.

It was so much fun. We spent hours there and the time went by quickly.

Which is another Pro. There is no time limit to how long you can stay at the hot springs. Some other hot springs do have a limit of 2 hours before you have to leave.

When you visit Glenwood Hot Springs with kids, you can let them play all day!

Glenwood Hot Springs allow you re-entry the same day. If you’d like to go grab some lunch, just get your hand stamped before you leave and then you can come back when you’re ready.

eye level with water at Glenwood Hot Springs, large pool

Cons: $$$

This was not cheap, but we had this in mind going into our vacation and decided to just go for it. (We do a lot of free hiking, so it all evens out, ha!)

It costed about $200 for our family (of 6) to go to the hot springs. We brought our own towels (didn’t rent or buy any) and didn’t buy any food or snacks while we were there.

As I mentioned, I almost insisted we turn around when we got to the register and heard the price.

But I’m glad we didn’t. Expensive, yes. But I feel like we really got our money’s worth out of the amount of time we spent there and the entertaining activities.

Another con is that it gets really, really crowded. Luckily, the place is so huge that you never feel like you have nowhere to go.

Pros and cons list of Glenwood Hot Springs

Where is the Glenwood Hot Springs

401 North River St, Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Hot Springs is located right in the downtown area of Glenwood Springs. Glenwood Springs is a beautiful mountain town in Colorado, set within the Glenwood Canyon.

The town is right off of I-70, giving easy access to anyone wanting to stay the night, or even families driving by. The hot springs make a great place to stop while en route since it is so easy to access off the highway.

Arriving at Glenwood Hot Springs


When you arrive at Glenwood Hot Springs, follow the road down to the parking area. This is on the left (west) side of the building. You’ll then have to make the walk back to the other side where you can enter the resort and pay for admission.

Shuttle to Glenwood Hot Springs

If you don’t want to deal with parking, you can ride the free shuttle around Glenwood Springs, This will get you pretty close to the hot springs.

Check the routes and schedule of the Glenwood Springs shuttle


The Pools at Glenwood Hot Springs

Therapy Pool

The pool that is smallest and on the end is an adults-only pool. This is the hottest place to be (literally) as the water temperature reaches 104 degrees. This is considered the therapy pool since its temperature and mix of 15 minerals are healing for the body and mind.

large hot springs pool with lots of people

Main Pool

The main pool is the largest pool (its humungous). The temperature in here is kept at a warm, but comfortable 90-93 degrees. This pool also has the 15 minerals to help your body and muscles recover.

I usually find hot tubs too hot. I will spend about 10 minutes max in a hot tub and be done for the day. At Glenwood, I found the pool to be perfect. It was warm enough to feel the relaxation you came for, but not so warm that you want to get out. I was easily able to spend a while in the pool without getting uncomfortable.

Within the main pool is a large, relax/splash/play area (the typical pool area). Just beyond that are swim lanes that are roped off. And beyond that is the deeper area that accompanies the diving board.

The diving board area was quite a hit. There was always a short line with kids and adults alike all jumping off, doing tricks, and even belly flopping a bit.

Don’t make the same mistake I made. I wore a white swimsuit that is now light brown. Keep in mind that the minerals could stain light fabrics!

kids turquoise pool with waterfall coming down rock wall

Activity Pools (Things to do at Glenwood Hot Springs with Kids)

The kids will love swimming in the main pool area. But if they are really looking for some fun, head to one of the specialty kids areas.

Note that the waters within the kids areas are city water. They are warmed up, but do not have the mineral springs that flow through the 2 pools in the main area.

Note: These attractions have shorter hours. If you arrive for an evening at the hot springs, these may be closed for the night. Typical hours (during the open season) are from 11-6. Check the website for current hours.

fountain splash pad area on concrete at Glenwood Hot Springs

The Grand Fountain (great for toddlers)

The Grand Fountain is a splash area at the opposite end of the hot springs. If you are heading to Glenwood Hot Springs with toddlers, this is the place they will love to run around and play.

small water slide next to kids pool with waterfall coming down rock wall

Sopris Splash Zone

The Sopris Splash Zone is the perfect place for young kids. Here, they’ll get their own set of small waterslides, a pool area with a waterfall down the rock, and easy steps into the pool. The area is designed to look like Hanging Lake, a nearby attraction.

This is a great area for the younger ones to feel comfortable in the shallow waters, but still get to play a bit.

Sopris Splash Zone is a seasonal offering. It is open during the summer everyday, and on weekends in spring and fall.

two kids on a double inner tube going down a gentle waterslide

Shoshone Chutes

This is the lazy river you may have heard of. It’s not so much lazy as it is exciting.

The experience on Shosone Chutes will make you feel like you are floating down a river. Sometimes it’s nice and calm, other times it’s a fast and fun ride.

Older kids 42″ and taller can ride single on Shoshone Chutes. Kids at least 36″ can ride with an adult on a double tube. Or, taller kids can ride together on a double tube for fun.

(In our experience, our kids could ride together. The shorter kid didn’t have to be with an adult, they could just ride with a taller sibling.)

Shoshone Chutes was the highlight of our visit to Glenwood Hot Springs. The kids went in line over and over and over to ride this fun, but not too scary, water ride.

There is no extra cost to ride Shoshone Chutes. I mention this because at Ouray hot springs we have visited, we had to pay extra to get a wristband to ride the slides. At Glenwood Hot Springs, all the attractions are included.

kids playing in the hot springs pool, resort building in background

Safety at Glenwood Hot Springs

When visiting Glenwood Hot Springs with kids, safety is probably the forefront of your mind. Here are a few things to know about safety.


There are ample lifeguards all around the hot springs. The main area has a few that walk around. The diving area had a designated life guard, and the kids slides had a designated life guard.

The lazy river waterslide had a couple life guards as well, with one stationed in the middle where they could see the majority of the ride. There was also a guard at the top and one at the bottom.


The pavement at the hot springs can get sooo hot. I had to walk from the kids area (on one far end) to our chair (at the other end) quite a few times and the bottoms of my feet got so burned.

You’ll notice there are black rubber mats along the way. Unfortunately, these are not for temperature, but rather to prevent slipping on the wet, slippery concrete. The black mats are super hot too!

So just use caution as you walk around and try to find those wet pavement spots to step in. Or, just hop in the pool and walk to the other side in the water.

Eating at Glenwood Hot Springs

You can bring a reusable water bottle and fill it at the resort. However, you may not bring outside food or drink into the hot springs or resort.

If you are enjoying your stay but getting hungry, you have two options.

  1. You can get your hand stamped and leave to get something to eat. You’ll be allowed re-entry within the same day so long as your hand is stamped.
  2. Eat at the grill right at the Glenwood hot springs with kids with a few options. The Grill serves up hamburgers, fries, chicken strips, kids meals, and more. The Snack Bar is a walk up location at the hot springs and is open in the summer months. Here you can try some of the best ice cream you’ve ever had.

Where to Stay near Glenwood Hot Springs

Top rated
The Hotel Denver

Hotel Denver

  • A few minutes walk from the hot springs
  • Top rated hotel in Glenwood Springs
  • Posh decor, comfortable rooms
  • Walkable Location
budget friendly
Silver Spruce Inn

Silver Spruce Inn

  • Breakfast included
  • close to town
  • Extra bedroom options (sleep 6 comfortably)
  • Fridge, microwave, sink

FAQ Glenwood Hot Springs

Do You Need a Reservation to Swim at Glenwood Hot Springs?

No, you do not need a reservation to swim at Glenwood Hot Springs. You can walk in and pay at the entrance when you arrive. However, you can purchase your admission in advance for a certain day if you’d like on the website.

What are the Temperatures at Glenwood Hot Springs Pools?

The smaller therapy pool is around 104 degrees. The larger, main pool stays between 90-93 degrees.

Does Glenwood Hot Springs have Towels?

Yes, if you forgot your towel, you can rent one for the day for a few dollars. You can also rent a swim suit (or purchase one of your own in the gift whop).

Does Glenwood Hot Springs Smell?

While you could catch a whiff of sulfur, we did not smell anything when we visited Glenwood Hot Springs.

Can you Leave and come Back at Glenwood Hot Springs?

Yes! You can leave and come back within the same day. So if you’d like to go grab something to eat, just make sure to get your hand stamped. Then you can re-enter for free.

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool Review

With the fun, kid-friendly attractions like the splash pad, river ride, and small slides and pools, Glenwood Hot Springs with kids is a great idea! You’ll be sure to have a great time with all the fun things to do. Finish out your stay by just relaxing in the large pool as you wind down.

Glenwood Hot Springs with kids is such a fun was to spend part of your vacation to Glenwood Springs. Make sure to check out this large pool when you are in the area and have a great family day at Glenwood Hot Springs.

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