Fun and Easy Family Christmas Party Ideas

Every year, the kids get the week of Christmas off school. We are always busy busy busy, but in ways that try to bring in the spirit of the season as it approaches. One of my favorite ways to prepare for Christmas is finding ways to connect and spend time together. That’s why planning a family Christmas party is one of my favorite things to do around Christmas. The kids love getting snacks, playing games, and even getting prizes. Here’s a bunch for fun family Christmas Party ideas and everything I do to plan a memorable day together!

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Christmas Minute to Win It Games for a fun family Christmas Party at home

Minute-to-win-it games are always a fun Christmas Party idea. There are so many minute-to-win-it games if you do a quick google search. We tried to keep our games Christmas themed and simple to prepare! Here are a few we played:

Roll the Snowball

To keep it winter-like, grab some ping pong balls. However, we just used the orange balls we had on hand for this minute-to-win-it.

To play, use some tape to attach 2 big, red Solo cups to the table. They should be hanging off the table so that the top of the cup is level with the table. Then sit on the other side of the table with the balls. Two people will go against each other and try to get all their balls in their cup!

Shake Out the Snowballs

This minute-to-win-it is pretty fun (and funny). Grab an empty tissue box and put some small balls inside. Carefully cut some slits in the bottom of the box; one at each end. Then thread a belt through. Put the belt on someone, with the balls in the box, and give them 1 minute to shake out the balls! I wrapped our box in Christmas wrapping paper to make it a little more festive.

Build a Snowman minute to win it

For this minute-to-win-it game, you’ll need chop sticks and large marshmallows. Each person has one minute to use the chopsticks and stack as many marshmallows on top of each other as they can. For the younger kids, we just had them move as many marshmallows as they could into a pie tin. Our record was 5 marshmallows stacked. Can you beat it??

Rudolph Nose Transfer

This Christmas minute-to-win-it game is a hit every year, and there is a lot of laughing. To play, you’ll need 2 pie tins (or other shallow dishes. Paper plates will probably work fine), red pom pom balls, and vaseline (and probably a hair tie.) Set a large handful of red pom poms in one dish. Then, a person puts Vaseline on their nose. When the timer starts, the person tried to stick a pom pom onto their nose (No Hands!) and move it over to the second dish. This is hard to do! You’ll need the just-right amount of Vaseline. It’s tons of fun, though.

The Christmas Cookie Drop

This minute-to-win-it game is hilarious, and much harder than it looks! Grab a Christmas cookie (any cookie will do), and place it one the person’s head. They then have 1 minute to get it from their head to their mouth…NO HANDS!

Gift Exchange for a fun family Christmas Party at home

If you’re looking for family Christmas party ideas, this one is a hit. This activity is your typical gift exchange. We played it white-elephant style. For use, that means we pass out numbers and go in that order of who picks a wrapped gift from the pile first. Then the next person (#2) can either steal the first person’s gift, or pick a new gift from the pile, and so on. We made a rule that a gift could only be stolen once or twice.

Also, I bought all the gifts. I just bought cute, affordable things with each child and parent in mind. That way at the end, once they’ve opened the gifts, they end up trading for the gift I had intended for them.

The idea of getting a little gift before Christmas is really fun for the kids and helps with all the anticipation!

The Multi Layer Prize Game with Dice for a fun Family Christmas Party at home

This is a popular Christmas party idea for a good reason. Perhaps you’ve played this one as well. To prepare, but a small prize or even a large candy bar. Then, wrap it up in cling wrap (Saran Wrap) many, many, many times until you can not even see what prize is in the middle. You’ll also need 1 die, a winter hat, and a pair of gloves.

To play: One person starts with the wrapped up prize. They must put on the hat and gloves, and then they can go to town trying to get that cling wrap peeled away. Meanwhile, the person after them is rolling the die over and over until they roll a 6. At that point, the hat, gloves, and prize must be passed to the person that just rolled the 6. They then have a chance to unwrap the prize while the next person rolls the die, trying to get a 6. Whoever ends up unwrapping the prize gets to keep it (or, of course, share it.)

Alternate way to play: you can also wrap up your prize in many, many layers of wrapping paper. This makes it easier for if you have really young ones playing. We have done both cling wrap and wrapping paper. The wrapping paper went much faster.

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Decorate Sugar Cookies for a fun family Christmas party at home

Prepare this activity ahead of time by baking some sugar cookies. Try these fun Christmas cookie cutters to make it nice and festive!

Make some buttercream frosting, prepared in different colors. Scoop each color into a different sandwich plastic bag and cut a tiny piece of the corner of the bag off. Now you can use the bag as a piping bag to decorate.

Other fun additions are sprinkles, colorful ball decorations, chocolate chips, M&Ms, or other Christmas baking items.

This Christmas party idea is a fun way to make some cookies for Santa!

Name that Tune for a fun family Christmas Party at home

This game is simple to prepare: cut up some slips of paper and write down a Christmas song on each slip. Put them in a large bowl and break into 2 teams. One person at a time comes up, takes a slip of paper from the bowl, and hums or whistles the song. Their team has to guess what song it is.

Christmas Charades for a fun family Christmas Party at home

This fun Christmas Charades game is set up similar to the Name That Tune game. Cut some slips of paper and write a Christmas word or idea on each slip. To help with guessing, you could make a theme of the cards. For example, you could do Christmas Movie Charades and write down the name of different Christmas movies. Or the theme could be Decorating the Tree and you could write things like “star”, “ornament”, “angel”, “present,” “lights,” etc.

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Christmas Active Time for a fun family Christmas party at home

My kids love to do this little active-activity. It’s especially great for them to do while I clean up a bit from the party! I found free printables and printed/laminated them. (Unfortunately, I found them about 8 years ago and can’t find the same ones again, but here is another link with similar ones!) Then, lay them around in a path, spread out. Each sign has a different Christmasy task to do until you reach the next sign. My kids look forward to pulling these out each year. It’s especially fun to have this Christmas activity when it’s too cold to go outside, but they’ve got energy to burn.

Fun and Easy Family Christmas Party at home

Hopefully you’ve gotten some fun and easy ideas to have your own family Christmas party at home. We have such a fun time with this and it’s a great way to add a little holiday spirit to our week.

Let me know which your favorite game is, or what you’re most excited to try in the comments!

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