DIY Flower Wreath for Kids

I’m always so impressed by fancy wreaths that talented individuals can make. I’m not quite that talented, but I’ve taught my kids how to make a flower wreath that looks pretty impressive! Making a flower wreath for kids is not complicated and can be done with a few, affordable supplies! Read on for how your kids can make a fun, festive flower wreath for Valentine’s Day, or any day!

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Supplies for a Kids Flower Wreath

I gathered all my supplies at Walmart. I feel confident you could find many, if not all, of these supplies at the dollar store as well, or of course Michael’s or Hobby Lobby or your local craft store.

Bring the kids to the store with you and they can help pick flowers they would like to include on their wreath! There were plenty of 97-cent options to choose from. The one stem that was “expensive” (more than a dollar) went really far for our project because it had so many flower on it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A foam, wreath-size ring
  • Hot Glue / Hot glue gun
  • Artificial flowers (lots. The smaller the flowers, the more you’ll need, and vice versa)
  • a sharp pencil
  • Scissors

That’s it! We used pink, red, and white flowers since we made this wreath for Valentine’s Day, but you can use any colors you’d like!

How to Make an Easy Flower Wreath

Warm up the hot glue gun, and make sure an adult is the one using it! We wouldn’t want any burns. That makes crafting not-as-fun. 😉

Detach Flowers

While the glue gun is warming up, pull off the flower buds from the stems. Most stems are created in a way where you can just pull them off. Some stems cannot be pulled off though. In this case, grab some scissors and snip off the flower bud with about 1/2 to 1″ of the stem remaining.

Attaching Flowers to Wreath

Take the pencil and poke a hole about 1/4″ into the foam ring right where you want the first flower to go. For best results, begin inserting flowers into the front face of the foam ring. Then, (adults!) use the glue gun and put a little glue inside the hole. Then, the child can take the flower and poke the stem into the hole. It should stay really well with the glue as extra enforcement.

Attaching red flowers into a foam ring

Take the next flower bud and decide exactly where that should go. You want it to go close enough to the first flower that it doesn’t leave a gap and expose the foam, but you don’t want it too close that the flowers are smushed. Of course, if a small child is doing this, then it doesn’t matter as much. It’ll look great to them either way 😉

When you’ve decided where to put the flower, poke small hole again with the pencil, add some glue, and push the flower stem in. Keep repeating until there is a row of flowers all the way around the front of the foam ring.

Using a pencil to poke a hole in the foam wreath

Next, repeat that whole process as you move in a layer to cover up the foam around the inside of the ring. Then, if necessary, repeat for the outside part of the ring. The more flowers you put in, the fuller it will look!

completed flower wreath with red, pink, and white flowers

Variations of the Flower Wreath

That’s all! It’s that easy! My son is the one who really wanted to make and keep this flower wreath, and he had a lot of fun creating it! He was particular about his flower placements and tried to make a pattern.

It would look great with patterns, without patterns, or any creative way the child chooses! In the end, it’s a fun craft they have made that is full of color and excitement!

Supply Recommendations

As I said, we bought our supplies at Walmart. The flower stems were under a dollar each (except some) and the foam ring was about $4. So all-in-all, it’s a pretty affordable craft for kids! Here are a few recommendations if you shop Amazon. They have cute wreath shapes and they come in multi-packs so each kid can have their own (or you can make your own, too!)

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