Conversation Heart Kids Craft for Valentine’s Day

Conversation hearts are good for more than grammatically incorrect love notes! 🤣 Not only are those candy hearts inexpensive, but they are fun to decorate and craft with. Here, we’ll show you how to make a wall-worthy candy heart craft that you can use as a Valentine Decoration. And the kids will love the colorful appearance and, perhaps, a snitch or two while they create this fun Valentine’s day kids craft.

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Why Conversation Hearts Make Great Crafts

Kids are naturally drawn to colorful things, so this Valentine Craft is a lot of fun when it comes to colors. In addition, they love reading the cute messages on each heart (though I have to explain why everything is spelled wrong, ha!). Kids can be creative in choosing colors, patterns, or just going to town on creating their heart design. You can choose to just create this on paper or to insert it into a frame for a great piece of wall art that your child can be proud of when they look at it!

I bought some cheap, 8×10 poster frames from Walmart. The conversation hearts won’t fit behind the glass, so I simply removed the glass and hot-glued the paper to the frame itself. Or, if you’d like the glass, just make sure to buy a shadow box-style frame.

Is this a Good Craft for Toddlers?

Yes. This is excellent for toddlers, as is practices their pincer grasp and fine motor skills as they have to both pick up and place each heart. They can also learn and practice colors as they go! In addition, older toddlers can start practicing patterns very easily in this heart craft. My 3-year-old really concentrated as she placed each heart and was so proud of herself for the end product!

What About Older Kids?

Again, yes! My son is older and loved using every color but pink as he began. But then he realized that pink would only make it more vibrant and colorful and decided to fill the middle with pink. He really enjoyed this Valentine craft.

Supplies for the Conversation Heart Craft

supplies: conversation hearts, a large picture frame, sparkly gold paper
  • One bag of conversation hearts (you can get a few small boxes, but the price ended up being similar to just buy a bag!)
  • One piece of background paper (colorful, sparkly, plain white…whatever you want)
  • Glue bottle (not glue stick)
  • Frame, optional
  • Heart Template:

How to Make a Conversation-Heart Heart-Craft

This craft is pretty easy and is all about the child being free and creative. So just follow some basic steps to get a heart shape and let the child do the rest!

First, print off the Heart Template, above.

Next, remove the glass from the frame (adult! Don’t get cut on the glass 🙂 ) Take out the display paper in the frame and place it on whatever colorful background paper you are using. Trace the frame paper onto the background paper. This will ensure your picture fits perfectly in the frame. Cut it out.

Cut out the largest heart from the template and place it on your piece of background paper. Use a pen or pencil to trace the heart.

Remove the template and glue hearts onto the shape! For best results, begin with gluing hearts around the border of the shape. This ensures you’ll have a nice, clean heart shape when it’s done. Then move to gluing hearts inside.

Use patterns, glue hearts randomly, use their favorite colors…let the child be creative and free!

Finishing Touches on the Heart Craft

Let the glue dry completely! (My daughter made the mistake of excitement…she picked it up too soon and all the hearts slid down! We had to quickly slide them back up as best as we could.)

After it’s dry, an adult can use some hot glue to adhere the paper to the frame. Gently place the paper/heart design into the frame.

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