Ultimate List of Valentine Ideas for Kids and the Whole Family

Fun valentine's day activities for kids

Whether you are looking for Valentine activities for kids, Valentine’s Day fun for the whole family, or great things to do to show the love, this post has it all! From Valentine kids crafts, to Valentine Baking, Valentine apparel, Valentine cards…well, you get the idea. Here is everything-Valentine’s Day you might be looking for to … Read more

Stained Glass Heart Art for Valentine’s Day- for Kids!

Young child holding a colorful tissue paper heart

This fun toddler craft is perfect for Valentine’s Day! It’s simple, yet colorful and exciting. This heart craft is perfect for toddlers because it works on fine motor skills and hand strength. Plus, the colors are exciting and toddlers have a great opportunity to practice “staying in the lines” with something other than coloring. This … Read more

How to Have a Chocolate Tasting at Home

How to have a chocolate tasting at home

Having a chocolate tasting at home is fun Valentine’s Day Activity! It’s also an affordable way to have a fun, family Valentine’s Day celebration without having to go anywhere. So this Valentine’s Day, grab your significant other, (or grab the whole family) grab these free printable tasting mats, and have your own Chocolate Tasting at … Read more

DIY Flower Wreath for Kids

Flower Wreath Completed with red, pink, and white flowers

I’m always so impressed by fancy wreaths that talented individuals can make. I’m not quite that talented, but I’ve taught my kids how to make a flower wreath that looks pretty impressive! Making a flower wreath for kids is not complicated and can be done with a few, affordable supplies! Read on for how your … Read more