Fun Hands-On Activities for a Preschool Transportation Theme

Preschool transportation theme left- white cotton balls with colored planes, middle black paper with colorful cars, right container of yellow, red, purple boats on blue paper

We’ve done some fun worksheets, cutting practice, matching, and letters for transportation, but what I want to share with you are fun preschool transportation activities! These fun, hands-on activities will teach your child a little science, math, and creativity. Plus, we learned lots of fun facts about transportation. So hop on board this train…or bus … Read more

Preschool Valentine Lesson Plans

red and pink love bird craft, preschool math with hearts and beads, symmetry heart with red, white, purple, pink paint of both sides of the heart Valentines day preschool theme

My little girl and I have so much fun celebrating Valentine’s Day together. We’ve already done some great baking and Valentine Crafts, and now I want to share some fun Preschool plans for Valentine’s Day! This Valentine’s Preschool lesson is full of fun. We love having a sensory bin in every lesson, so along with … Read more