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Updated September 30, 2021

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The holidays will be here before we know it, and one of the most fun things is to buy presents for those we love. One of the most stressful things? Choosing presents for those we love. (Okay, sometimes it’s easy. But sometimes? Not-so-easy.) I’ve put together a list of the best gifts for travelers, so you can pick something for the traveler in your life!

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BCozzy Travel Pillow

I went to Europe last year and I was stressed about being able to sleep on such a long plane ride. I bought 3 different travel pillows that I read about in reviews. Once they all arrived, I chose the best one which was the BCozzy travel pillow. It was the most comfortable AND it wraps all the way around and over laps, which means your head won’t fall forward if you are sitting straight up. You can shift/turn the BCozzy so it overlaps on your shoulder and lay your head to the side as well. The overlap raises the height of the pillow so you don’t strain your neck. It really helped me to take some naps on the plane! Available in adult and toddler sizes, and in various colors.

The ergonomic shape of the pillow has thicker parts where your head might naturally fall, reducing the amount of “bobbing” your head and neck may do! It’s great for leaning your head side-to-side, as well as forward and down.

pink neck pillow
Same brand, old logo stitched on

Eagle Creek Compression Sacks

These come in handy when you have more clothes than what space allows for. Eagle Creek Compression Sacks can be manually compressed to get rid of air that causes clothes to expand and take up space. Simply put your clothes in, sit on the bag and push the air out, and seal it up! That easy!

The Eagle Creek Compression Sacks are made with a heavy duty plastic so they don’t tear easily (mine have never torn yet!) With these sacks, you can really make the most of your luggage space. Look how everything compacts:

Noise Canceling Headphones

I had never used noise canceling headphones until a few months ago. I got on an airplane for a little weekend trip and brought mine for the first time. Turning on the noise canceling function on an airplane was incredible! I never realized how noisy airplanes were, even when no one was talking. These made the plane ride much more comfortable and peaceful.

I have the Apple Airpod Pros, which have the noise-canceling feature in them and it’s awesome.

Sony makes earbuds that are compatible with Alexa. Bose, a leader in sound and speaker technology, makes some too, that have over 10,000 high reviews, living up to its reputation.

Garmin Fit Watch

We love the Garmin watches. They are intuitive (after a quick read-up) and helpful. The newer models, like the Vivoactive 4, can measure not just heart and steps, but PulseOx, stress, sleep, cycle, and hydration. Plus you can download music onto it.

The Venu model has many of the same function, plus it comes in a sleek style. Many color options, too!

Scratch Off Maps- World and US

To keep a aesthetic visual of the many places your traveler has gone, grab a cute world or US Scratch Off map (click each picture for buying details on Amazon). They can scratch off each place they go and make new travel goals to get the rest scratched off!

Put-A-Pin-In-It Map

The person that gets this gift will love tracking their adventures! This Cork Board and Canvas Print Wall Art displays the whole world in a fun way and it comes with 50 pins to stick in. Choose from a bunch of different colors and styles of maps and then they stick a pin in the places they have traveled! It makes for beautiful decor and a fun travel piece!

Or, make it a family gift and track where you visit when you do Around the World- At Home!

Or if you’d rather give something a little more dimensional, try a Globe Trekkers Cork Globe that they can stick pins in to track their travel!

National Parks Pass

One of our favorite ways to vacation is to explore National Parks around the U.S. Entrance fees for one-time is $35. If you have an upcoming year with National Parks in the plans, this pass will pay itself off in just over 2 visits. At $80, the America the Beautiful pass is a great value and makes easy entrance into the US National Parks. You’ll get a pass as well as a mirror tag to hang when you enter the park.

If you head to Oregon, there are 3 National Parks within a few hours of each other. California? Plenty of parks. Wyoming? You can hit Grand Teton and Yosemite. See how fast this pass can pay itself off?

Go to the official USGS site to purchase and allow a few weeks for delivery.

Travel Posters

A unique and beautiful way to decorate, these travel posters can spice up any room, office, or hall. Give the gift of travel inspiration or travel memories with these posters. Take it one step further by grabbing some frames for a clean look (make sure to check the size of each poster)!

Click below for more details from Amazon.

Give an Experience

If one of your / the receiver’s goals this year is “less stuff, more time,” then consider gifting an experience instead of an object.

Whichever major city you’re near, you can find plenty of fun, unique experiences!

Give the Gift of Hiking Comfort and Preparation

From finding the right hiking backpack (affordable and comfortable) to the perfect hiking shoes, there are plenty of hiking-inspired gifts. Check out my post on the best hiking gear for the whole family for my favorites.

Best Travel Books for Leisure Reading

In order to plan their next trip, or maybe just to dream, grab your traveler these awesome travel books. With inspiration and amazing pictures and facts, they can travel across the globe all while sitting on the couch!

We have 50 States 5000 Ideas and it’s awesome reading about gems in each state. Have a big road trip coming up? Grab this book and make the most of your drive! Or Wanderlust, a book to dream by!

We also have Lonely Planet: The Travel Book and it is amazing. It goes through every country in the world with history snippits, foods, places to see, and of course great pictures. Check out this post for more details.

travel books
There’s also a kid’s version that we love!

More Ideas- Gifts for a Traveler!

National Parks Movie

For more leisure time, consider learning about national parks, right from the couch! Ken Burns and team is phenomenal in putting together this documentary. With thousands of 5-star reviews, check out PBS’s Ken Burns: The National Parks- Americas Best Idea, where you’ll learn about the history of those who were passionate enough to get each park established, and more history about how National Parks system came to be.

Best Travel Accessory Gifts

For travel gifts with a little more of a personalized touch, browse through some cute, travel-inspired tote bags, planners, and journals! These are items that can be used everyday, not just when you have big plans.

This cute Travel Planner Journal has organized planning for six trips included. From accommodation planning, transportation organization, and areas for journaling during the trip, your traveler can plan in style!

MyMealivos Canvas Weekender Bag has over 1,000 high ratings, and many stylish patterns and colors. Grab this weekender bag (which is approved for carry-on!). Easily store shoes in the bottom compartment where the faux leather is, and everything else in the spacious interior. It makes the perfect travel gift for anyone who loves to get away for a long weekend!

Get this color changing coffee mug for the explorer in your life! As the beverage heats up the cup, the outer picture changes to reveal a map of the earth in the daytime!

Best Gifts for Travelers (especially now!)

And lastly, the gift that is practical for anyone in your life, a face mask to carry them through the day. They can go everywhere in style displaying their favorite destination. With many options, there’s a perfect mask for everyone.

Check out the masks displaying Italy, England, Hawaii, or a simple airplane design.

That’s the Guide to Best Gifts for Travelers!

Hopefully you found a fun, unique, and perfect gift for the traveler in your life!

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