Best Durango to Pagosa Springs Shuttle and Driving Options

Durango and Pagosa Springs are both beautiful towns worthy of a visit. Plus, they are not very far from each other, making it easy to visit both in the same trip. If you are trying to find a Durango to Pagosa Springs shuttle or if you’re driving and just need a great stop on the way, this is your guide!

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Find an available shuttle and transport options for both Durango to Pagosa Springs, and even round trip bringing you from Pagosa Springs to Durango on your return.

a yellow/orange train along the side of a cliff drop off, smoke coming out the front is a great activity from Durango to Pagosa Springs

Transportation from Durango to Pagosa Springs

Here are a few options for getting from Durango to Pagosa Springs.

Rent a car

The most efficient way to get from Durango to Pagosa Springs to to rent a car and drive yourself. If it’s just you, this may or may not be the cheapest option. But if you are taking the family, then this can cost less than booking a shuttle per-person to transfer you.

Compare car rental prices from the Durango Airport.

Take a Shuttle from Durango Airport to Pagosa Springs

If you are flying into Durango and need a ride to Pagosa Springs from the airport, this is a great option. It can take you, a friend/spouse, plus kids if they are coming since the shuttle can hold plenty of people.

You can book a shuttle in advance from the Durango airport to Pagosa Springs. The cost covers 2 people, then there is a fee for additional people. You can book just one leg of service or a round trip transfer.

Book a Taxi from the Durango Airport to Pagosa Springs

This taxi service actually provides service all around the area, but they can specifically take you from Durango to Pagosa Springs.

This may not be ideal if you are traveling with a family as it can’t hold as many people and may be more expensive (you get charged by the minute during your scheduled time, even if you haven’t gotten in the car yet. Understandable, but can add up quickly.)

Those are the main ways you can get from Durango to Pagosa Springs. Of course, ride shares like Uber or Lyft may be available as well.

How Far is Durango from Pagosa Springs?

The distance from Durango to Pagosa Springs is 60 miles. Driving will take about 1 hour and 10 minutes to get from Durango to Pagosa Springs, or vice versa Pagosa Springs to Durango.

Mesa Verde National Park Square Tower House, structures carved into a rock mountainside

Things to do on the way from Durango to Pagosa Springs

The drive from Durango to Pagosa Springs is a little over an hour. If you’ve decided to rent a car, there are a few fun stops you can make and activities to do to pack in more fun.


There are plenty of things to do around Durango. It’s a great place to go white water rafting, take the Narrow Gauge Railway (incredibly scenic!), go zip lining nearby, participate in the many outdoor adventures, or even take a day trip to Mesa Verde National Park.

Here are a few things to do as you drive from Durango to Pagosa Springs.

As you drive from Durango to Pagosa Springs, you’ll head over the mountains as you travel east on US 160.

You’ll pass through a few small towns, but the most notable place to stop will be Chimney Rock National Monument.

Chimney Rock National Monument

Chimney Rock National Monument in Colorado is a place where you can see tall rock formations that look like chimneys rising up from the ground. These rocks were formed naturally over a very long time. People visit this area to learn about the Native American history and culture linked to the site. It’s a mix of beautiful nature and important history all in one spot.

The area was once inhabited by Ancestral Puebloans. As such, the 7 square miles is home to 200 ancient homes and buildings like kivas and pit houses.

America the Beautiful/Interagency passes are accepted here. Otherwise, you’ll need to reserve ahead of time or pay cash at the entrance ($20 per car).

Chimney Rock is only about 30 minutes away from Pagosa Springs, so it makes a great stop that’s just past half-way.


Driving and Shuttles from Durango to Pagosa Springs

Whether you are taking a shuttle from Durango to Pagosa Springs or driving, this guide can lead you to the right resources.

If you are driving, make sure to stop at Chimney Rock National Monument to get a great historical experience.

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