Awesome Bejuco Costa Rica Rental for the Family

We spent 3 weeks in Costa Rica during the summer. We went from the jungle of La Fortuna, to the adventures of Liberia, beaches of Playas del Coco, and Family-friendly town of Samara. After all that, we decided to take a week at a home base where we could relax, immerse, and explore a little. We found a cool rental in Bejuco, a town between Jaco and Manuel Antonio, and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

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Here’s everything amazing about this rental in Costa Rica, and why you should check it out!

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Bejuco Beach morning

Bejuco Beach in the Morning

Location Location Location!

As I said, we wanted a place where we could relax a little, but still have plenty of fun things to do. We decided to stay in the town of Bejuco. Bejuco is not a tourist town. It is made of locals and expats. It is a strong community and safe area.

This rental was located in between Jaco and Manuel Antonio. While we didn’t have a desire to go to Jaco (not the most family-friendly town), we did make the 45 minute drive to Manuel Antonio. That was a super easy day-trip from this rental.

We also were able to see an awesome waterfall and swim hole about 40 minutes away another day.

This Bejuco rental is just a short drive (maybe 2 minutes) from a grocery store and tons of restaurants.

And mostly, it’s just a short walk from the beautiful Bejuco Beach. Bejuco Beach has been awarded a blue flag, which is given to the cleanest of beaches.

The town of Bejuco is quite small, but comfortable and quiet.

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Rental in Bejuco neighborhood

The Neighborhood- Costa del Sol in Bejuco

Costa del Sol is a gorgeous, well-maintained neighborhood in Bejuco. There are many ex-pat couples living here, deciding to retire somewhere safe and beautiful.

The neighborhood has 24/7 gated security, which you must go through every time you come and go. They guard the entrance, and ride their bikes around the neighborhood during the daytime as well.

The neighborhood streets are nicely paved and even landscaped in the medians of each street.

Bejuco Rental Pool
Bejuco rental community pool 2

Amenities at the Bejuco Rental

The Costa del Sol neighborhood has 2 beautiful community pools. They are right next to each other in the same pool area. They also have restrooms just steps away, as well as outdoor showers.

One pool is zero-entry, perfect for little ones to have a place to play safely.

The neighborhood also has tennis courts not far from the pool area.

Bejuco Rental exterior

The Amazing Rental House– Bejuco Rental

The home we stayed in was really beautiful. From the exterior design, to the landscaping, to the decor inside.

Bejuco Rental kitchen
Bejuco Rental Dining area

The Kitchen

This awesome rental in Bejuco has a great, fully-stocked kitchen.

I love that it really is stocked, too. We had plenty (a whole package) of napkins, towels, and even a new packaged sponge. That may not sound exciting, but when you’ve stayed at other rentals and had to use a used sponge, it’s a nice little surprise to have a new one.

The kitchen had a full-size fridge/freezer, plenty of dishes, a dishwasher, microwave, oven and stove. There was also a larger, tall cabinet that we used as our pantry. We chose to grocery shop at the nearby market and make all our meals at the home.

We especially loved having a separate dining area with a dining table that sat 6 people.

The Bedrooms at this rental in Bejuco

There are 3 bedrooms in this Bejuco rental. All are great sizes and comfortably fit everyone in our family.

The master has an en-suite bathroom, a couch and closet. It even had a little twin bed, so perfect if you’ve got a young one that you’d like to stay close to in the night.

Our youngest doesn’t need to sleep near us, but she was pretty excited and took it upon herself to have a couple sleepovers in our room in that little bed.

The Guest bedrooms also have their own bathrooms and closets.

Bejuco Rental Backyard pool

The Backyard at the Bejuco Rental

I have to say, there were a few homes available to rent in this neighborhood. While they all offer roughly the same things, we were won over by this home when I saw the backyard.

The backyard in this rental in Bejuco has a pool!

Yes, there are a few community pools a short walk away. But the times that I was done for the day, but my kids wanted to keep swimming, it was so nice to be able to say “go ahead!” I didn’t have to leave or pack up anything, and they got to swim.

They also really enjoyed waking up in the morning and going straight to the pool.

I kid you not, we pulled up to the house for the first time and before I was done bringing luggage in, the kids were changed into their swimsuits and in the pool.

Having a private pool at your rental is SUCH a huge bonus. My kids live for the pool.

Bejuco Rental backyard pool 2

Aside from the pool, there was a great patio area (that I could relax and sit in while keeping an eye on the kids swimming). We often served the kids’ lunches outside so they could swim, eat, swim.

In addition, there was a covered area (palapa-style) with a table and BBQ area.

This backyard was so beautiful and so functional! It was definitely the prize of this rental.


Virtual Tour of this great Rental in Costa Rica

Coolest Rental in Bejuco Costa Rica

Why Choose this Rental in Bejuco?

If you are spending a while in Costa Rica and just want a few days or week to relax, this is the perfect place.

This rental will give you space and amenities to hang out at home. It also gives you a few really fun activities within a short drive for when you want to explore a little.

My main reasons for choosing this rental were

  • non-touristy town
  • services nearby
  • proximity to beach (short walk)
  • proximity to a few activities

This Bejuco rental was the perfect place to end a busy vacation without completely calling it quits!

If you need the perfect rental in Bejuco Costa Rica, make sure to check this one out!

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  1. I would love to stay three weeks in Costa Rica. And this rental in Bejuco looks amazing! I will definitely pin this as a resource when I visit.

    1. Wow, what a great place to stay. The beach looks awesome and having a pool is great for kids! I would love that kitchen!

  2. What a perfect place to stay! It’s always nice when you find local areas (although I guess we make it slightly more touristy, just by being there!) Bejuco looks lovely and it’s fab that you had access to a the community pools!

    Now I need to see the waterfall 😉

  3. This looks like a beautiful rental to stay at. I love how big the pool is and there’s a lot of space inside the house too which is a bonus.

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