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We love to travel. That’s probably obvious by now. But of course, sometimes schedule, budget, or other factors mean we can’t constantly be in another place all the time. I still want to teach kids about different countries, though. That’s why I love the Lonely Planet “The Travel Book.”

Each of these books include 1 or 2 full pages of EACH country in the world.

I started searching for ways to expose my kids (and myself!) to the world, when traveling around the world isn’t always possible. I decided to take my kids around the world in at-home experiences and learning. As I sifted through different books I could buy to help with this journey, I settled on the Lonely Planet books. The great thing is that there is one that is geared toward adults and one that is geared towards kids. I ended up buying both though.

travel books

They are great because “The Travel Book” (adult one) has lots of facts, where to visit, when to visit, terrain, things to do, etc that you would need for planning a trip. It works out well because I use this information to plan our “trip” at home, and also share fun facts. My kids soak that up. And each country listed has amazing photos.

The Lonely Planet Kids “The Travel Book” is great because it’s a little more kid-friendly. It has real photos, as well as graphics to share information. A lot of the facts shared in this book are more like short tidbits instead of straight, dry fact.

Together, you get a real, comprehensive look at what each country is like. The kids version and adult version often have different facts so it’s not redundant.

Travel book inside preview

And finally, they are just really fun to look at. I love exploring and learning about other cultures. I love that my kids love to do the same. Sometimes they will just sit down and grab the book if it’s out and start looking through it. They learn and discover things all over the world we wouldn’t have learned otherwise. (Did you know a dinosaur 7 times bigger than a T-Rex was discovered in Argentina?)

I can’t recommend these books enough! To complete your journey around the world, check out Lonely Planet’s “The Travel Book” for both kids and adults!

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