Around the World- at Home!

I’m really excited about this new post series we are starting. Especially in these times of travel being a little more difficult and stressful (thanks Covid), I thought this was the perfect time to get this project going. I’ll be taking my kids around the world and exploring different countries and cultures from home!

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Each post will have a fun activity, perhaps a craft, some good food, maybe some language practice and great info from each country we study. It’s going to be fun.

One thing (okay, technically two) that I really LOVE and has made our around the world experience great is these travel books by Lonely Planet:

I searched long and hard for a great travel book to use along side our Around the World journey. Here is why I love them and strongly recommend them.

Why go around the world?

I have always loved exploring different cultures. When I was in high school, Spanish was my favorite class. And when we watched videos about Spain and flamenco dancing, I knew that Spain would always be on my bucket list. We were going to go to Spain this fall, but again, thanks a lot Covid.

I believe exploring other cultures is not only educational, but incredibly fun. I love seeing how people live in other parts of the world. I love discovering what other places have to offer in nature and music. I love connecting and getting out of my day-to-day comfort. There’s just something special I feel when I visit a far-away place. Do you feel the same?

Our journey around the world is going to start in South America. We’ll go country-by-country and then see which continent we land on next! I hope you’ll join us! It’s going to be fun, educational, and a great way to “travel” through the world!

Don’t forget to check out why we love these travel books!

To follow along, click on the “Around the World” link in the main menu at the top and select a country! We’ll be adding to the list continually!

So hop on board and join us as we travel around the world- from home 🙂

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  1. What a cool idea to travel around the world without really having to travel. Especially during this pandemic. This is really an enriching experience for the family.

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