Amazon Black Friday Deals 2022

Here are some of the best Black Friday Amazon deals going on this week!

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Pricing is as of November 22, 2022 and are subject to change.

***NOTE Prices that appear may not be the final discount!***

Amazon Fire Tablets – up to 50% off!

Sometimes on those lonnnng plane rides or car rides, it’s nice to have something for the kids to pass the time. For the fraction of what an iPad costs, get the kids the gift of entertainment with an Amazon Fire tablet.

LCD Doodle Tablet – 40% off (plus a 30% coupon!)

This is one of my little girl’s FAVORITE things to play on. She can draw pictures over and over and hit a button and start over again. The LCD screen gives a cool background to all your drawings.

40% off today, plus you can snag an additional 30% coupon when you click the coupon box.

Dinosaur Toys- 40% off

Have a dinosaur lover? When we went to Moab, we saw all sorts of prints, fossils, and dinosaur paraphernalia. This is the perfect way to give some creative play time to that dinosaur lover. Dig through the eggs, or enjoy the giant dinosaur truck and toys. Both are around 40% off today!

Ring Cameras and Security – up to 30% off

Know what’s going on while you travel! We have a few Ring cameras so we can always keep an eye on the place while we are gone. They offer hard-wired or wireless options. View the cameras even from 1,000 miles away and have peace of mind.

Massage Gun – highly rated and almost 75% off

These massage guns have become all the talk of the town. And it’s the perfect way to feel better after a long day or week of hiking. What is usually a well-spent investment can now be bought at almost 75% off!

At Home Covid Tests- 30% off

Know before you go! Grab a few packs of these FDA and EUA authorized at home Covid tests at a discount.

We use this brand and they are pretty easy to use. Swab your nose, stir the swab in the tube with liquid, squeeze it out. Put the cap on, squeeze 3 drops into the test strip, and wait 15 minutes for the final result.

The sale price puts this box of 2 tests at about $6/test.

Garmin Watches- up to 53% off

We LOVE our Garmins. We wear them daily to watch our step count and miles. But I especially love them for when we go on family hikes. Hiking with kids can take a little longer, so it’s harder to keep an estimate of how far we’ve gone.

With a Garmin, we can easily tell the kids how far we’ve gone and gauge how long it will take!

See All The Garmin Deals Here

Airpods- up to 50% off

Enjoy your flight a little easier with airpods. Listen to music, a book, or (the feature I really like on the Pros) turn the noise cancellation on and forget about all the engine noise below you!

Survival Toolkit – 29% off

For the man that has everything, or the man for whom you never know what to get. If your family goes hiking or camping often, this toolkit has 29 practical accessories. Plus, you’ll save around $10 during the sale

LifeStraw – save almost 75%!

RUN and get this deal before it’s over! LifeStraws are so practical! Whether you are camping, hiking, or heading to another country where you want some reassurance that the water you’re drinking is safe, LifeStraw is a lifesaver!

Two Way Radios- 40% off

No cell service? No Problem. Stay in touch with each other while you cruise, hike, or camp with these two way radios. These ones come highly rated.

Merrell Hiking Shoes – up to 50% off

This is a great deal to get some HIGH quality hiking shoes and boots. Find great deals on select men’s and women’s shoes.

TSA Approved travel Containers

Want to bring your favorite lotions but can’t get them past TSA in their giant bottles? Try these perfectly-sized travel containers. You get plenty of options, whether you need a spray bottle or twisting cap.

At around $12, you’ll get to enjoy them over and over without spending a ton!

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