3 Ways from Albuquerque to Santa Fe: Train, Car, Transfer

Albuquerque and Santa Fe are two great towns in New Mexico that are both worth a visit. With plenty of activities and history in each, it’s worth heading from Albuquerque to Santa Fe on your next trip to make sure you get both great towns.

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We went from Albuquerque to Santa Fe on our last visit and were pleased that these towns were not far apart, allowing for plenty of time to make Santa Fe a little day trip. If you have the time, I’d take an extra day to explore.

From how to get there, where to stop, and alternate modes of transportation, here is all you need to know about getting from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Basic Info

Distance from Albuquerque to Santa Fe: 64 miles

Drive time from Albuquerque to Santa Fe: 1 hour 4 minutes

Route: The majority of the drive is on I-25

Transportation Options: Train, Shuttle, Car

the Rail Runner, a white and orange train coming toward you with a little track still left, large brown barrel structure on the right on stilts

Albuquerque to Santa Fe Train: Rail Runner

One of the most popular ways to get between Santa Fe and Albuquerque is to take the Rail Runner. This is a pretty affordable way to make the journey, as well.

If you are traveling as a family, then you’ll love that kids 9 and under can ride for free. Otherwise, riders only have to spend around $8-10 to make a one-way trip. Not bad for a fun way to transport around!

There are a few stations around the Albuquerque area that you can board, but the main ones are in downtown Albuquerque at 100 1st St SW.

Rail Runner to/from the Albuquerque Airport

Station: 100 1st St SW at the Bernalillo station (with bus connection)

If you plan to fly into the Albuquerque International Sunport, you can purchase a Rail Runner ticket online. This ticket will also grant you a free bus/shuttle connection from the airport to the train.

If you haven’t purchased your ticket ahead of time, it will just cost $1 to ride the shuttle.

You can then ride the Rail Runner from Albuquerque to up north in Santa Fe.

If you need transportation that takes you closer to your destination, you can always use the local busses to get you from somewhere more specific to the train.

Check the Albuquerque to Santa Fe Train Schedule

Albuquerque to Santa Fe Shuttle

Private Transfers

To get from one city to the other, you can hire a private shuttle. This gives you the option of a sedan or SUV for larger families. The shuttle can take you from the Albuquerque airport to Santa Fe or wherever your hotel is on your time table.

Shared Transfers

You can also look into Groome Transportation. This is a shuttle/small bus that runs on a schedule to take people to/from the Albuquerque Airport to Santa Fe. They have standard drop off and pick up areas, but if you make a reservation in advance you can arrange to be taken right to your hotel.


Driving from Albuquerque to Santa Fe

Driving is often the most convenient way to make your transfer. The route from Albuquerque to Santa Fe is pretty easy and direct.

From Albuquerque, hop on I-25 and head north. You’ll drive just under an hour on the interstate before you exit on NM-466 / Old Pecos Trail. Then navigate to your specific destination.

Things to do from Albuquerque to Santa Fe

The drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe is pretty short, so check out this one cool stop to make a day of as you drive between ABQ and Santa Fe.

Of course you should start by spending some time in Albuquerque if you haven’t already.

After you get on the road, here is a fun stop to make:

Coronado Historic Site

485 Kuaua, Bernalillo, NM

Just west of I-25 is the home to the ruins of Kuaua Pueblo. This was one of 12 cities that Francisco Vásquez de Coronado encountered while on his quest for gold treasure. The indigenous people here had been living in the area for thousands of years. Today, the city is abandoned, but the people live in surrounding areas.

Finish the Drive

Unless you’d like to drive way out of the way, the next best place for fun is Santa Fe itself. The drive is pretty easy, so just relax, snack a little bit, and enjoy the short connection.

Driving from Albuquerque to Santa Fe

That’s about it! The drive isn’t long or complicated, so that’s all you need to know. If you don’t have a car, or you’d like to leave your car in Albuquerque, try out an affordable ride on the Rail Runner. It’s a comfortable and economical way to make your transfer.

Airport transfers are easy with the train or with private transfers.

And once you arrive, just enjoy your time in Santa Fe!

For an awesome, budget way to explore Santa Fe, check out this fun, self-guided walking tour!

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