15 Best Travel-Themed Gifts For Kids

Check out these fun, creative, and unique gifts perfect for any kid who loves to travel, explore or learn about the world!

Updated September 19, 2021

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The holidays are rapidly approaching, and we have the perfect gifts for kids that love to explore! We posted about the Best Gifts for the Traveler in your life, and now comes the kids edition! Does your kid(s) love to explore? Travel? Learn about the world? This is the list for you!

Find inspiring ideas and fun ways for kids to feel like they’re always traveling. From travel games, toys, and practical travel gear, to entertaining ways to make time pass on a road trip, there’s something for every kid! So check out the Best Travel Gifts for Kids in 2021!

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Perfect Gift Ideas for Kids who Travel and Explore

Entertain Kids While Driving (or Flying. Or anywhere.)

1. EZDesk Travel Activity Kit

This activity kit has so many ways to keep the kids entertained on a long car ride! With great ways to store crayons, markers, pencils, and more, you won’t have to find supplies all over the car that have fallen en route. My daughter takes this everywhere with her. She takes it when I need to meet somewhere and bring her. She brings it to church. She brings it when I am volunteering at the school. It keeps her more than occupied, and she loves it!

2. HXN Erasable Drawing Board

This is a cute, 10″ reusable drawing board! They can use erasable markers to color to their hearts desire on 14 pages. Then, get the cloth a little wet, wipe everything clean, and start over! Perfect for little ones.

3. Wikki Stix Traveler

Wikki Stix are a popular item recently, and now they have a cute traveling case! You get 144 sticks, covered in safe, food-grade wax that you can bend and get creative with! If their creative juices slow down, they can use the 12-page idea book to keep creating. Take them on a long car ride, or just take them to appointments, restaurants…wherever you want for some screen-free, entertaining time!

Fun Travel Games for Kids

4. Continent Race -game about the world!

This game is the Creative Child Awards 2019 Game of the Year winner. Race around the globe to see who can collect the most countries from each continent. They’ll learn about continents, countries, flags, and more! This game makes learning fun! Fun Fact: Continent Race was created by a kid, for kids, during a long hospital stay. He loved geography and wanted to make a game so other kids could grow a love of geography, too!

We enjoy this game and find it to be a fun way to learn about the world!

Continent Race game

5. Wood Board Travel Game for kids

This take on Tic-Tac-Toe will remind the kids of their day at the beach! Using weathered seashells shapes in place of X and 0, this game can be taken anywhere! Made of wood and resin. Approximately 9″x9″

Or if camping and mountains are more your child’s style, check out the Bear Decorative Wooden Board Game

6. Melissa and Doug Children Around The World Floor Puzzle

We have this one and the kids think it’s really fun. I love it as well because it opens up a conversation about how others may have different traditions and cultures, but how they are all kids just like them! We love studying cultures and other countries (check out our Around the World posts!), so this puzzle was a natural fit for us!

World puzzle for kids

7. Trekking The National Parks

This game is quickly gaining popularity. This game is both fun and educational. The whole family can play and enjoy competing for Park Cards and collecting trail stones. Everyone will learn fun facts as well as enjoy beautiful photos from each park. With over 1,000 5-star reviews, this game should be on everyone’s list!


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Travel Themed Toys for Kids

9. Building Sets from Around the World

One of the most fun gifts a kid can get is Legos (right? Or is that just us?) One of the cool things about the Lego brand is that they have lots of destination and landmark-style Lego sets. We’ve got a few that were really fun to build, plus they remind us of travels we’ve done or travels we have yet to do.

We love to bring back travel memories, and these sets are such a fun way to reminisce.

10. Flags Around the World

There’s something about learning about flags that is so entertaining, not to mention educational! During the Olympics, we hang a large banner of flags back-and-forth across our kitchen. My kids love looking at the flags, playing I-Spy with them, and looking up a list of flags online and seeing if they can find them in the mix.

Here are a few fun flag ideas for kids that love to learn about other countries and their flags.

  • This flag game is a bit like modern flashcards. A flag appears in the window and you have scrambled letters below to give you a hint as to which country it is. Once you’ve taken your guess, slide over the switch to see if you’re right! There’s also a version where you can guess states and capitols if you’d like to work on US geography.
  • Younger kids will love this flag sticker book. The 250 stickers are reusable so the fun never has to end.

11. Shifu Orboot: Augmented Reality Interactive Globe for Kids

Kids can learn all about cultures, monuments, animals, and more with this globe! With over 400 highlights and over 1000 fun facts, the kids will be learning all while they have fun playing. Note: Orboot app is free on iOS and Android. See compatibility note in product description for compatible devices. Thousands of 5-star reviews!

12. Mitcien Kids Camping Tent

Little kids can go on their own adventure at home in this cute camping tent with a play grill, lantern, stove, and other accessories. The tent is 33″ at the tallest, and collapses for easy storage.

13. Safari Kidz Outdoor Adventure Set – fun travel gifts for kids!

The kids can set out for Africa with everything they need for a pretend safari! With a rangers best, binoculars, hat, bug net, and more, they will enjoy using their creativity skills for their own adventure!

Fun Travel Accessories for Kids For The Trip

14. GO! A Kid’s Interactive Travel Diary and Journal -great gift for traveling

This journal looks so fun for taking on trips! Inside, the kids have all sorts of tasks to perform to really immerse themselves wherever they are traveling. From asking a local simple questions about the location, to earning badges, your child will really gain appreciation for wherever you are!

15. Tubbs Snowshoes for Kids -great kids gift for adventure

These are the perfect surprise for the perfect time of year! These kids snowshoes are high quality and make it so kids can join in the fun when you head out snowshoeing! We purchased these for a kids snowshoe trip this past year, and they really enjoyed them! (link updated to newer model for availability)

kids snowshoes

16. Rockland Luggage

Perfect for the older child! With thousands of highly-rated reviews across the line, Rockland luggage is perfect for your little traveler! This kids luggage has a telescoping handle and four wheels, making it easy for your kid to independently roll it around. Rockland is a highly rated product line and comes in many different designs! My kids love packing up their very own suitcase AND being able to roll it around themselves.

Is luggage really a fun gift?

My kids were gifted luggage last year for Christmas, and it was one of their favorite. Not only are they excited to pack it up when a trip comes around, but they play with it and go on pretend trips for make-believe all the time!

17. American Tourister Kids’ Disney Hardside Luggage

These are cute designed pieces of luggage for the younger kids. Pick their favorite Disney character and give them their independence with these hard shell luggage. This kids luggage is 16″ (and up to 20″, depending on chosen design), so it’s the perfect size and it will carry-on! While they are sturdy enough to handle being cared for by a toddler, they also come with a 10-year limited warranty, should anything happen. These have thousands of high reviews as well! Choose from Princess, Mickey, Minnie, Frozen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and more!

18. BCozzy Kid’s Travel Pillows

We recommend these for adults as well (see THIS post). After testing out a few different travel pillows, these were our favorite. They come in kid sizes in a bunch of cool colors, too!

pink neck pillow
Same brand, old logo. We loved these pillows!

19. Garmin Vivofit, Jr. – Best kids gifts!

This active watch has changed my son’s life. He lives to move, run, jump…anything that doesn’t require sitting. We rewarded him with this watch during the year, and he finds it SO important to watch his steps and active minutes everyday. This is probably my son’s favorite thing he’s ever been gifted!

You can use the watch to count steps, watch active minutes, assign chores, do challenges with others who own a Garmin, and earn virtual coins when completing milestones that can be used for new stickers and games (on the phone app).

He especially enjoys his watch when we go hiking, as he really sets some records on those days.

Kids Movies that show you the world!

20. Movies around the World

Some of my kids favorite movies are movies that are set in other countries around the world. For example, their recent favorites include Coco and Luca.

Coco is a perfect way to teach kids about Día de los Muertos, a day celebrated in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. The storyline is fun, the songs are catchy, and the message of family and remembering those who have passed is beautiful.

Luca doesn’t have as much cultural education, but it is fun movie that is set in Italy. It is said to be set in a town part of Cinque Terre, right at the coast where Luca, a fish-turned-human, takes on his adventures.

21. Learn about the World!

National Geographic books are always filled with amazing photos. This kids version of First Big Book of the World will teach kids about languages, cultures, animals, and more from far parts of the world. It even has activity ideas!

That’s the list! We have some of these things and love them, and the others we think just look amazing. I had my daughter help out, so I know they are all kid-approved! What great gifts for kids will you be looking for this year?

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