15 Best Christmas Books for Kids

I love reading books to my kids. For years, I was a bit of a sucker every time a book order form came home from school. We now have multiple book shelves filled with kid’s books. I always thought, “there are worse things we can spend money on,” and continued filling them.

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Christmas books for kids are no exception. Here, I will list my favorite Christmas books. Some are Christian Christmas books for kids that give a little more meaning behind the story of Christmas, some are funny Christmas books for kids, and all are fun and enjoyable and help bring the festive spirit of Christmas. I have tons of kids Christmas books, but I’ll only show my favorites.

Christian Christmas Books for Kids

These books have more of a religious meaning in them, presenting either the story of Christmas itself or some Christian aspect of Christmas in the story.

1. Humphrey’s First Christmas by Carol Heyer

This book has beautiful illustrations. It is a story of a camel who has lost his treasured blanket that keeps him warm. He makes plans to get his master to finally get him a new blanket, only to feel inclined to give it to a special baby at the end of his journey. This is one of my favorites!

Best Christmas Books for Kids

2. The Small One by Alex Walsh

This is another favorite Christmas book of mine. It even has an introduction by Kathie Lee Gifford, who instantly loved this story when she was introduced to it.

Small One is a donkey who can’t quite pull his weight, so it is decided that he should be sold. But the child who takes care of him loves him so much and wants to make sure he is sold to a good person who will love him like he did. The boy goes around Nazereth, trying to find someone to sell his old, weak, and lovable donkey to.

Best Christmas Books for Kids

3. Santa’s Favorite Story by Hisako Aoki and Ivan Gantschev

This is a great story for reminding kids about the true meaning of Christmas. When some forest animals find Santa napping, they are worried that Christmas won’t happen this year because Santa is tired. But Santa wakes and tells them that Santa and presents have nothing to do with what Christmas is about, but instead shares the Christmas story.

Best Christmas Books for Kids

4. God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren

There are a lot of “God Gave Us…” books, and this Christmas one is great. Little Cub wants to find Santa, but Mama explains that God is much easier to find than Santa. She and Little Cub then embark a journey where they see God everywhere they go in the beautiful and powerful things around them.

Best Christmas Books for Kids

5. The Legend of the Candy Cane by Lori Walburg

This story also has beautiful illustrations (by Richard Cowdrey). When a man moves into town and buys a small shop, it’s a mystery to the town what he is turning it into. But one young girls offers to help and finds her wishes have come true; it’s a candy store! When she finds a candy cane, she questions what the strange candy is and the shop owner explains all the symbols of the candy.

Best Christmas Books for Kids

6. The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving by Jan and Mike Berenstain

Berenstain Bears books were always a favorite of mine, and now I am always excited to share them with my kids. This particular Christmas book tells a story about how giving is better than receiving, while also sharing the Christmas story in a play in Bear Country.

Best Christmas Books for Kids

Inspiring Christmas Books for Kids

These books share values of love and kindness, but don’t have a religious component to them

7. A Wish to be a Christmas Tree by Colleen Monroe

Every year, families come to choose and cut down their Christmas tree. But there is one tree that never gets picked and is quite sad about it. The animals of the forest come and explain that even though the people don’t pick him, they benefit in so many ways from him being there year-after-year. This is a beautiful story of the value and worth of one tree who sees himself as lonely.

Best Christmas Books for Kids

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8. The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

This particular fish is stressing about what he should give his friends for Christmas. He has very high standards for a gift and only wants to pick the perfect one… until his time is up and he still hasn’t found a single gift. Then a wise friend teaches him that it’s not about the gifts, but about love and joy!

Best Christmas Books for Kids

9. Gingerbread Mouse by Katy Bratun

This one doesn’t have a very strong, inspiring theme (it does display kindness!), but I’m including it because my younger kids love this story. The story is cute, for sure. I think it is the colorful illustrations that they really enjoy. They keep this one by their bed year-round!

A little mouse finds herself homeless after a tree branch falls on her home, so she hitches a ride on a Christmas tree into someone’s warm home. There, she builds her new home. On Christmas, both Santa and the girl who lives in the house bring her a present that brings little mouse happiness.

Fun Christmas Books for Kids

These stories are just plain fun and even magical for kids to read around Christmas time.

Best Christmas Books for Kids

10. Santa’s Christmas Train by Helen Foster James

This book is an easy, fun, colorful, magical book about kids who hop onto the Christmas Train and head to the north pole. They see trees, Santa, elves, and sing songs and eat cookies on the train. The book is set to rhyme and is a fun way to celebrate.

11. Santa’s Sleigh is on its Way to My House by Eric James

The illustrations in this Christmas book are colorful and fun, making it a great one for kids! Everyone is getting ready for Santa to come tonight by decorating and setting out treats. He goes everywhere except one house, because the child can’t seem to fall asleep! The kids will have fun finding where Santa is hiding when he finally comes in, but has to sneak around while the child remembers to go set out cookies.

Best Christmas Books for Kids

12. A Night in Santa’s Great Big Bag by Kristin Kladstrup and Tim Jessell

When Santa arrives at Louis’ house, Louis is asleep and his little lamb stuffed animal decides to peek inside Santa’s bag at all the different toys. He accidentally steps too far and spends the night meeting other toys as Santa finishes his route.

Best Christmas Books for Kids

13. Hello, Christmas by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Hello Christmas is a fun, simple book that goes through all the snowy, wintery, Christmasy things in a fun and simple way. This book would be great for beginning readers, as it uses repetition in words and also uses rhyme, which helps with sight reading.

14. The Wish Tree by Kyo Maclear

Charles and his sled, Boggan, set out to find a wish tree, despite everyone telling him it doesn’t exist. The story shows page after page of them unable to find the tree, but instead finding forest animals that need a little help. As a team, Charles and his sled are able to help lots of animals, while they are on their journey to find the tree. This is a cute story with really pretty illustrations.

Best Christmas Books for Kids

15. The Last Christmas Tree by Stephen Krensky

Families come to the Christmas tree lot all season long, but never choose this little Christmas tree. The little Christmas tree has some imperfections, which leave it as the last tree standing in the lot without a buyer. But on Christmas Eve, a magical visitor comes, who can provide this tree the perfect home. The Last Christmas Tree is a cute story with colorful illustrations that the kids will enjoy!

That’s the list of the best Christmas books for kids! We have many, many more, but these are the ones we really enjoy. These kids books really help make the season a little more magical and fun! Whether you are looking for Christian Christmas books for kids, fun Christmas books, or inspiring Christmas books, all of these will add a little magic to your Christmas season!

What is your favorite Christmas book? Comment below!

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  1. I hadn’t heard of any of these books. They are all so cute and fun for Christmas – thanks for sharing a great list and gift ideas.

  2. My husband and I read about 5 books a day at least to our 2 yr old and love getting more and more. One of my sons favorite Christmas book is “Don’t Shake the Present” it is a great interactive board book for toddlers and fun to read.

  3. I love these Christmas book suggestions! I love Pout Pout Fish books, so I’ll have to look for that one. Also, The camel book, Humphrey’s First Christmas looks like one I NEED to have too!

  4. Love this list! My kids have a couple of the books already… but I may have to use this list to shop for next year! I love buying books.

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